Wednesday, May 28, 2014

One Of The Hardest Months Of My Life

To say this first month of taking care of 4 kids under the age of 4 has been difficult would be an understatement!  Yet, I'm pretty sure it would be difficult even without Cruz. Cruz has been the best baby I could have hoped for! It's the other three that haven't been such a dream.  An almost terrible two and two trying three year olds, that's 3 toddlers under one roof!....testing the boundaries, hitting, fighting, time outs, the list goes on.  I'd like to say that I handle every situation perfectly but that would be such a lie! I'm a little sleep deprived these days too and I think for most when sleep is in a shortage so is patience.  There are times where I talk calmly with my boys and explain things nicely and pretty much rock the teachable moments.  And then there are times where I couldn't have handled it worse if I tried.  I'm know that I am doing my best and I keep praying for the patience and wisdom I need to make it through the day.  The Lord will help me guide these young peeps, I am confident in Him.

Then there are these moments that they all get along, crack me up with their creativity and imagination or are so helpful and immediately respond with an "okay mommy!", these are the moments that just melt my heart and re-energize me daily.

On mother's day we dedicated Cruz.  We had dedicated Vincent & Landen on Mother's day 2011 and Jacob on Mother's day 2013 so it was perfect to be able to dedicate Cruz on that special day too.  It was kind of hard being only 2.5 weeks post partum and only a week since my hospital stay but it meant a lot to us to celebrate on that day. 

Most of our family was able to help us celebrate with a lunch at our house afterwards.  Uncle Stephen and his collared shirt sporting buddy....

Cruz's cord took 4 weeks to fall off! FOUR! That thing was starting to stink AND I couldn't give him a regular bath until it fell off.  Pour guy kept getting sponge baths and I'm sure that little nub of a cord bothered his little belly button.  So here he is a month old and FINALLY getting a legit bath.

He can lift his head up like a champ 

All clean!

He has settled into such a nice predictable schedule! He is constantly stretching his night time out! (He is actually 5 weeks old today) Last night he went 7 hours in between feedings! I think I have hope for sleeping through the night sometime in the next couple of months.

You can find Cruz in a total of 4 places in the house.

1. His pack-n-play in the living room

2. The swing in the living room

3. His bouncer in the living room

4. Or sleeping in the pack-n-play in our room (at night time only)

Every once in awhile he gets couch time or floor time but that's only if Ryan or I can be right next to him.  Toddlers aren't exactly gentle people when it comes to babies.

Vincent and Landen just love their baby brother!

But not quite like Jacob.  Jacob pays so much attention to him.  He is always talking to him "look Cruz! It's okay Cruz. I'm sorry Cruz."  And he says Cruz so darn cute. I hope these two become best buds.  Because they will be sharing a room!! (Which I will post pictures of as soon as it's done)

Using him as a road for his fire engine

A few things that have made this month especially hard have been the times where I breastfeed or bottle feed Cruz.  It's like the boys know I can't get up right away so that is when they test the boundaries the most! My mom bought them some play food and money and I only bring it out while I'm feeding Cruz.  This has helped so much! They prepare food for me and give me "tastes" of what they make and they buy things from each other using their money.

Another thing that makes my life juuuust a littttle be harder....This guy, Jacob, clipping the straps on the swing and the bouncer. EVERY time he walks by them he checks to see if they are clipped or not.  This is all fine and dandy until I go to put the baby in them and I have to unclip them one handed while I'm holding Cruz.  Thanks but no thanks Jacob!

And of course the fire season makes my life harder!! Ryan was gone for a week and a half this month to the San Diego fires.  I can handle 3 days by myself but 11 days, not so much! We are ALL missing him by then!  This is just the beginning of a very busy fire season I'm sure! 

And he misses us!

I am happy to say that even though it is hard, I have survived that first month! This cute guy and my other 3 kiddos make it all worth it.

Here is proof that I DO manage to get out of the house! 2 on the bike, 1 on the tricycle and 1 in the stroller....I got this!

I'm pretty much recovered from all things medical. My c-section incision is all healed up and I see my cardiologist on Friday for a follow up appointment but I pretty sure I'm all recovered in that aspect as well.
Thank you to all of you who kept me and my family in your prayers! And a big thank you to all of my family of friends who have brought us meals, things for the boys or just come over to hang out with me.  Your love and kindness is appreciated!

And just something funny, These two couldn't be MORE different but they sure do sleep the same....

*** In efforts to keep my blog public but still a safe place to document my life, I will be watermarking my photos. Just for safety purposes***

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