Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Trying to Remember

I'm not going to lie....these past couple of months have not been that great.  Physically, I am drained. I'm sore, I walk with a wobble, I wake up 4 or 5 times a night to turn over in my sleep or use the restroom (both of which require way too much effort to do), the list can go on and on.  But I'm trying my hardest to remember my family as they are right now, right now as a family of 5 before we welcome the next member into our world as we know it. 

I just downloaded my pictures off my camera, gotta have enough memory and battery power for the hospital!  I picked a bunch of my favorite pictures from March and April and wanted to write down some memories along with those pictures. You know, those memories that will be the "right before the baby was born" memories.  

(on a side note....I noticed in a lot of the pictures my boys do not have their hair done.  I don't know why that is a big pet peeve of mine but it is! I mean, I don't do their hair every day, but I make sure to do their hair if we are going to leave the house. So I guess that tells me one thing....there were a lot of days in the past two months that we did not leave the house! So please ignore their messy hair-dos)


I'm trying to soak in Jacob as much as I can.  He will no longer be the baby of the family.  Although he makes it pretty hard to view him as the baby these days anyway.  

He LOVES to wear underwear even though he is not potty trained.  

He speaks as well as a 2 yr old would, seriously, he talks a lot.  He is a little shadow to his brothers. Copies EVERYTHING they do and say. 
He is getting quite the tan.

He sleeps with 3 blankets, his lovie, a pillow, a stuffed animal and a book.  He is a great sleeper and I hope he's prepared to share his room soon! And learn to be quiet in the morning when he wakes up!

He is stubborn. We are working on his bad habit of hitting. (It's hard to discipline a child when he's just so darn cute, but cuteness does not excuse bad behavior!.....I keep telling myself this!)

Watching morning cartoons with my Jakey buddy
His eyes are officially green.  Looking back on baby pictures of him they were a bright blue color but some time in the past 6 to 10 months they have changed to a green color exactly like mine are.  He is still a blondie but I think his hair is getting darker. 

He is almost done with his teething.  He has the last two broken through the gums, they are just working their way out.  
Jacob has brought so much joy to our family, I can't imagine how much joy baby boy number 4 will bring. 


My boys are no strangers to the sound of the ice cream truck slowly making its drive around the neighborhood park.  They RUN to the gate to see it drive by.  One day Grammie was over and decided to buy the boys their first "ice cream"! Luckily for me, they think only Grammie can buy from the ice cream truck!  Landen the other day says "Mom, mom! The ice cream truck! Grammie not hear. She can't buy me an ice cream!" You're right son....only Grammie has that ability (or I mean money...haha)


These boys can play and play and fight and play and argue and play and fight.  Usually Vincent and Landen play great together and have the twin bond and poor Jacob is left out or left to tag along behind them.  But don't let that make you feel sorry for him. Oh no...he can hold his own and instigate his fair share of fights.

Juice break with Daddy in his garage

But for the most part they are each others play mates and entertainment.

We enjoy lunch outside more often than we do inside.  They are pretty good eaters especially when they have worked themselves up an appetite playing outside. I'm going to have to get another kids foldable chair!

Vincent has started calling Landen, "Land".  "Come here Land! Check it out!" He also calls Jacob, "Jake"  We rarely call him Jake so its cute to hear Vincent come up with his own way of calling his brothers.  Jacob calls them both Landen.  He knows how to say Vincent, but I guess chooses to make it easier on himself and just call them both by the same name.  And Landen still can't say Vincent. He says "Bin-cent" instead.

They are trying to master the art of laying out their towels.

They are ready to meet baby brother! Especially now that there is a lot of baby stuff sitting out around the house.  I think they kind of know what I'm talking about but I don't think they will really understand until we bring the new baby home.


Easter was pretty low key. Lunch at my sisters and BBQ with Ryan's family in the evening.

My handsome 3

Lunch at my sister's was great!  She had coloring and side walk chalk out to keep the boys occupied and then we did a little egg hunt.  The boys loved their eggs. Most of them had toys in them or stickers which kept them busy while we had some adult time with the Family.  Always love hearing about Mission to Mexico from my brother-in-law.  And my mom had just taken a trip out to see my brother's family in Wyoming so it was fun to hear about her trip as well.

Ryan gets this delicious seasoned chicken from a nearby meat market so he BBQ'd that for his family Easter gathering.  My nephew Ethan and the boys played in the little swimming pool and on the slip-n-slide.  They had a blast.

After dinner the guys hid Easter eggs. So the boys got to do a second hunt! There were a ton of eggs!  I didn't get a picture of Vincent hunting eggs but at one point he tried to give me his basket because he said it was too heavy.

The hiders didn't take into consideration the height of the hunters!
Landen and his stash!

Ryan and his two brothers....and the crazy 4 boys.

 Okay, I guess I should wrap this up. Enough procrastinating, I need to get things done.  (Who really sleeps the night before their c-section anyway?!) I guess I will go pack my hospital bag now.  But first I will go watch my little men sleep for the last time before our family changes again!

Please be praying for us and the next 48 hours.  We are praying for a safe and healthy delivery. Also, Jacob came down with pink eye!! We got him some eye drop antibiotics today from prompt care. I'm hoping this house stays sanitized as much as possible and that the pink eye germs are gone by the time we bring baby home!! Thank you for your prayers! I am looking forward to meeting our new man and then introducing him to all of you.

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  1. Your boys are so handsome. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. I can't wait to see picture of the new baby Holguin!