Sunday, March 23, 2014

I will regret asking this when it's 100 degrees....but is it summer yet?!

More specifically, is it the end of April yet?! I'm sooooo ready to be done being pregnant...but in the meantime we have been enjoying some awesome weather.

We have spent ALL of our afternoons outside.

The boys LOVE their bikes they got for Christmas and I think their snazzy helmets are so cute.

The boys get up from their nap anywhere between 3 and 4 in the afternoon and then they go straight outside, and most of the time it's just in their underwear.  We have been running through the sprinklers, playing in the water table and last week we busted out the slip and slide.  They can only play in the water for about an hour before it starts getting too cold.  That's why I'm looking forward to warmer summer weather because they just have the best time playing in the water (and plus also a big wears them out for bed time!)

(on this particular day they put their underwear by themselves....that's why they are on backwards. hee hee)

Vincent and Landen had their first T-ball game this weekend.  I keep stressing to Ryan, they are the YOUNGEST on the team of 3 and 4 year olds.  Ryan gets frustrated that during the game and practices they wanted to pick flowers and play in the dirt.  

For the first part of their game they did great, and then Landen checked out and wanted nothing to do with it.  His attention span is just not there yet.  They will get the hang of it. 

A big thank you to Ryan's dad for coming to the game and helping with the boys out on the field.  My grandma happened to be in town for a visit and she made it to the game too. 

Good thing we bought a mitt for he can CARRY it! 

 Their hitting in the game was pretty good.

The look of a 3 year old's determination

 My little Reds who was more interested in the band-aid on his finger then he was looking at the camera.

 Learning how to give the other team high-fives... (the entire game and process is really more like organized chaos.  But very fun to watch)

 This is how we roll back to the car....Vincent and Landen's wagon riding days are numbered because there is no way we are fitting four boys in that thing!

Baby Boy #4 will be here in one month from today!! HOORAY!!! HOORAY!!

I just made a "to do before the baby gets here" list. Lets get it done!

It is driving me crazy that we don't have a name for this little guy yet.  Well we have it narrowed down to two and we are waiting to see him first to see which one fits him best.  For all the other kids we had the names picked before they were born so this is a new approach for me and it's driving me nuts!! I want to make things with his name or initials on them! I just have to wait 30 more days!

We are all getting super excited!! In the meantime, I will lounge this big belly body with a sore back on my patio chaise loungers while I watch my boys play the days away.

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  1. Such cuties you have!! And I would prefer it to be the end of August! Cause this summer is gonna be a long and hot one for me! Yikes! I can't believe baby #4 will be here in a month!! SO exciting!!