Wednesday, March 5, 2014

3 Years Old

I Can't believe our little men are 3 years old! They have grown up so much this past year. In one year they went for barely talking in sentences to talking NON-STOP! Wearing diapers 24/7 to big boy underwear.  From toddler beds to big boy twin size beds. From size 7 shoe to a size 10.   They have grown about 4 inches and have mastered the art of riding a bike (with training wheels)

They had their yearly check up at the doctor this week.  It was so fun bringing them! They are excited to have a "check-up" and the dr. was going listen to their "harp beat". They both got a shot and there were NO tears!! This gives me hope for the PPD skin test they have to have done before starting preschool in the fall.  At their appointment, they checked their eyesight with this nifty little machine.  Unfortunately Landen did not pass the screen.  They were saying he can see far away but not up close.  We are being referred to a pediatric optometrist and we really covet you prayers.  We pray it isn't serious but its never easy hearing any kind of news like that at the doctors.

I really want to have yearly pictures taken around the time of their birthday but lets face it....who has the money to do professional pictures every year for every child!? (especially when you are like me and will have 4 to be doing that for!) So I attempted my own photoshoot.  They are far from professonal but they turned out better than I expected and captured their little personalities perfectly! (I may or may not have bribed them with a trip to frozen yogurt if they smiled for the camera wink wink)

They come up with the funniest little sayings and most of the time it leaves Ryan and I wondering how did they come up with that?! They are the best of friends and at the same time they couldn't be anymore opposite.

I love these little dudes:

Their birth day, February 23rd, is always a bittersweet day for me.  I always get really emotional the days leading up to it.  It landed on a Sunday this year. We started the day off with church.  V and L moved up to the 3rd grade sunday school class! 
Then we visited Karissa's grave. This is the best picture I got with the boys and her....

I'm sure they will soon understand what it is all about but for now it's a lot of work keeping them from being too noisy, stepping on the graves of all the other children near by and touching all of the flowers.  We put them back in the car with a snack so we could have a few moments with just her.  
Then we enjoyed some family time at a nearby park to let off some energy.
That evening we had family over for a Toy Story themed birthday party since we have Toy Story 3 on REPEAT at our house! Almost everyday we watch some or all of that movie! I'm not a huge fan of character themed parties, or really anything character themed for that matter, but when your kids LOVE its hard not to.

It was a fun distraction from a very hard day for me.  Not only was Karissa weighing heavily on my heart and mind but I am 8 months pregnant, have three little kids running around, hosting a gathering at my house and trying to feed everyone! Can you say CRAZY!? Our families helped out a lot which was such a blessing.

This is the ONLY good picture I got of the boys....I didn't even get one with Jacob.  Just getting one kid smiling and looking at the camera would be hard enough, getting two to look in the same direction is alway a challenge!

Karissa is ALWAYS apart of the festivities.  Here she is represented by Jessie, Landen is Woody (booty as he says) and Vincent is Buzz (buzz lipe-year).

Landen, Karissa & Vincent

We are gearing up for T-ball starting this month. So the boys got some good baseball gear.

My Grandma, Aunt and her friend John came to Visalia for the paaarrtaaay. My aunt didn't want Jacob to feel left out so she got him this magnet set which he LOVES!

Singing happy birthday...

It was a nice small family party but so FUN watching my boys celebrate turning 3!

We ask them how old they are and Landen says "thumb and pinky, 3" as he tries to hold up 3 fingers while holding down his pinky with his thumb.

We are at about 56 days or less until meeting our newest member.  Ryan and I have the names narrowed down to our two favorites....I think.  I'm soooo looking forward to meeting our little man. The boys say he is in my belly playing toys and watching T.V. so he's not ready to come to "our" house yet.  I know they are going to just love him.

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