Thursday, February 13, 2014

The reason why I will survive 4 kids

Okay so I realize this post comes at a sappy, gag me, lovey dovey time being that it's the day before Valentines day but I just really have to get this out there.

The ONLY reason I will survive 4 kids (well one of the two reasons) is my husband Ryan! This guy right here....

(the other reason of course is my Lord and savior. He gives me the patience I need, the peace that passes all understanding and the overall joy that both life and motherhood bring)

This years drought has threatened my husband's winter "vacation" to get cut short.  Luckily for me he is still home for the off season.  (his normal fire season starts around mid April)

Currently he is a full time stay at home dad and he ROCKS at it!  I come home from work to a picked up house, all of the boys are in bed for a nap and the counter is clean, not a dirty dish in sight.  I don't think I've done but one load of laundry in the past month.  I could NOT survive working full time, my third trimester and taking care of three toddlers without him!

Sorry if this is eww mushy gushy but I love this guy and all he does for me and my family. He is the BEST dad to our boys.

We are gearing up for t-ball! Games start in March. I think Ryan thought about this day the very moment we found out we were having boys!

So to Ryan...if you read this....Thank you for ALL that you do!

A quick 18 month update on Jacob

Photo Cred: Vincent using mommy's iphone

First of all.....Look how much he has changed!! This was taken last February...

Jacob thinks he is already 2 yrs. old. In fact if you ask him how old he is he will say "two!"
He is stubborn! And he gets away with way more than he should since he is the "baby" of the family.
Although that will be changing here in a few months! He knows "brudder" is in my belly. And he gives baby brother kisses goodnight.  I have started hanging up some baby clothes and Jacob will point at them and say "brudder"!

He is talking up a storm! WAY more than V and L were at this age. He is starting to say little two word sentences. Like if he falls down he says "I okay!" If he burps he says "'scuse me" He copies everything Vincent and Landen say (and do for that matter) including "no like it!" ya, some of the things he has picked up from his older brothers are NOT good things.

He weighs 31 pounds! and he's 33.75" tall.  
He can out eat his brothers at almost every meal. He is the opposite of a picky eater.
His eyes aren't really blue anymore, they have turned more of a greenish blue like mine.

He is telling us when he has #2 in his diaper...I see potty training on the horizon!  Maybe around the time he turns 2! fingers crossed.

He has to have a sippy cup of ice water in between bath time and bed time.

He is starting to fill in his gaps with teeth.  He has 3 out of the 4 teeth that are left popping through the gums.

We just recently took the pacifier away.  For about a week we did STRICTLY only bed time and nap time for the pacifier. It never left his room. Then I did the same thing as I did for V and L. I cut the tip off. The first night he cried for about 20 minutes and every time I went in to quiet him down he would hold the pacifier up at me and say "broken".  The next night he only cried for about 5 minutes.  The next day after his nap he helped me put the broken pacifier up on the high shelf in his room and he hasn't asked for it since!  

the broken pacifier

He is very independent! He wants to do everything himself.

BUT he is the best hugger and snuggler.  If the boys are giving him a hug (usually when they are saying sorry to him for something) Jacob hugs back and gives them a little pat pat pat.

One of his favorite things to do is cover stuff up with a blanket or a towel.  If he's being quiet, I usually find him laying out a towel and then picking it up and laying it over the chair and then laying it over a toy and then he will go lay it over our feet while we are sitting on the couch and then he will go up to the tv and spread it against the TV screen. Ya he's a little weirdo.

I hardly have any pictures of him at this age compared to the massive amount I have of Vincent and Landen. I fear for baby boy #4....he may not have any pictures at the rate I'm going!

Next weekend we celebrate Vincent and Landen turning 3!
I can't believe they were Jacobs age now, 18 months old, when Jacob was born!!  I often think to did I survive that?!?!....only to then realize I have to do it again in a couple of months. And by have to....I mean GET to. (and I also know that I WILL survive it.....because of who I was just talking about, RYAN)  I'm so excited. It will be our families new norm.

Time keeps on passing and my kids keep on growing....way too fast!

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