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(prepare for picture overload!)

We will probably never be that family who owns annual passes to Disneyland and I'm okay with that. So for the handful of times we go during my boys' childhood I will make it a HUGE deal! I've been talking to them about this trip for weeks, telling them we were going to Mickey Mouse's house and that he lives at Disneyland. I talked about it so much that every time I said "guess where we are going tomorrow?" They would say Mickey's house! Even though it was just to the park or a playdate. 

This was their first trip and they LOVED it!

Back in June my sister asked if I wanted to do a Disneyland 5K with her. This was shortly after I just ran my first 5K and I was stoked to have another one scheduled. We signed up in July and then a month and a half later I found out I was pregnant. The first thing I thought of was the 5K, figured out I would be about 6 months along and knew I probably wouldn't be running it but I still wanted to at least walk it as fast as I could.

We drove down Thursday to check in and get our bibs for the race friday. We went to dinner at the Rainforest Cafe there in downtown Disney.  The dinner was great! The thunderstorms were fun! The boys accidentally broke a plate...not so fun.

The boys were ready to go in their Dusty the Airplane shirts. (they didn't realize that downtown Disney wasn't actually Disneyland so they were super stoked at this point)

Thursday night in our hotel. The boys were showing off their Mickey Mouse jammies.

My sister and I had to be at the 5K starting line by 5:30 the next morning and my parents were going with us to take pictures and cheer us on. (Ryan stayed with the boys in the hotel)

Us before it started.... (some blurry cell phone pictures)

Waiting on Main street with hundreds of other racers. Some of them were dressed up in fun Disney character costumes.

A mini firework show for the runners. Tinkerbell even showed up!

We started off by the castle, went through some parts of DisneyLand and behind some of the buildings so we got to see some behind the scenes places and then we went out of Disneyland and finished in California Adventure.

Just finishing mile 2...

"running" through the finish line (we only ran the last bit)

our "medals" and racing bibs.

After we finished we went to the hotel to change and get Ryan and the boys and then head back to Disneyland for a full fun-filled day in both parks.  We were at the gates by 8:30 ready to go!

The boys got their "1st visit" buttons and without Ryan's permission I got him a birthday button since his birthday is January 29th. The lady dared him to count how many employees said "happy birthday" to him.  By the time we were done with the first ride 3 people had already said it to him.

Without giving a play by play of the days events I will just mention the highlights and let the pictures do the rest of the talking.


even Red the fire engine tooted a little "happy birthday" song to Ryan while we took our picture with him.

The boys got to meet Lightening McQueen!

They said Ka-chow! and gave him kisses (and the car was talking to them!) They also got to see Mater driving down the street and talking to people but we weren't able to get a picture with him.


The wait for all of these rides wasn't more than 15 or 20 minutes!! It was such a nice day! And the weather was great! Warm but not too hot.

We saw the 3D show "It's tough to be a bug"  Landen got a little frightened by the grasshoppers and black widows and climbed up on my lap. And I don't blame him for being scared! That show would have given me nightmares as a kid! Vincent loved it! My boys couldn't be more opposite!

My 3 bugs:

While my parents and sister went on Soarin' over California and on another big roller coaster ride, Ryan and I took the boys on the merry-go-round and the ferris wheel. The ferris wheel had moving cages without seat belts! I will admit....Ryan and I got a little frightened on the ride.  I will try and post this video but I'm not sure it will work.

The boys crashed in the stroller for an almost two hour nap.  So we enjoyed some cool drinks from Starbucks (in the California Adventure park) and then walked over to Disneyland while they were sleeping.  We walked around and waited for the boys to wake up.  When they woke up our first ride was Pirates of the Caribbean.  ARRRRRGH!


At this point the boys needed to burn off some much needed energy.  We found Goofy's playhouse and let the boys run loose.

Grammie and Grandpa enjoyed the few minutes they had to sit down and watch them play.

AND THEN! ....Goofy showed up. Landen gave him a HUGE hug!

Probably one of the biggest highlights of the day was going to see Mickey's house.  I had been talking about this for soooo long.  The boys were excited!  The sign on the front of the house said Mickey was home but I was worried that maybe the boys' hopes were up and there wasn't going to be any Mickey. But as we made our way through the house we found ourselves in a short little line.  They were taking  small groups of about 10 people to a little room.  The door opened and THERE HE WAS!! Landen could hardly wait his turn to go give him a hug!

And then they said the birthday boy had to take a picture with Mickey too....

We caught It's a small world and the Tea Cups on our way to space mountain.  (The Adults had picked up fast passes earlier in the day for that ride.)

After they were done with the ride we didn't really have a plan on what to do next and as we walked out of Tomorrowland we saw everyone lined up.  The firework show was going to start in 10 minutes. Perfect timing!! We found a nice spot. And the boys loved it! What an amazing firework display they put on! And Tinkerbell was there of course.

We then headed to California Adventure to watch the World of Color show.  On our way out of Disneyland we got some family pictures taken.  After a long day we were kind of a hot mess but at least we got the infamous family picture in front of the mickey flower bed.

The boys didn't last very long during the World of Color show. At this point it was 10:00 p.m. and they were beat.  Landen watched a little bit from on top of Grandpa's shoulders but then he joined Vincent in the stroller where they enjoyed their own little light show with their Planes souvenirs.

On our way out of the park the boys CRASHED! We were back at the hotel by 11:00. We quickly changed the boys and put them in bed, they hardly even work up while we were changing them, back to snoring they went.

Other than my foot hurting and me having to limp the entire day (Ryan thinks it might be stress fracture) the day was FABULOUS! I was worried about their behavior, about if they would be frightened from the characters or too scared to go on the rides.  All that worrying was for nothing! They did GREAT! (with the exception of one or two major meltdown by each of them)  

They will remember this trip for a long time! and if not...I have the pictures.  We might go again in 3 years or so before this new baby turns three.  Until then....we will be talking about how fun it was to go to Mickey's house!

While we were gone Jacob had a grand ole time with Ryan's brother, his wife and our nephew Ethan. They ate at yummy restaurants and even went to the zoo. I don't think he even noticed we were gone.


Candice was so nice and sent me pictures here and there of Jacob.  It was so hard to leave him but I'm glad we did. He is just too young to do a day at Disneyland.  You get to go next time buddy!

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