Saturday, January 11, 2014

A New Years/Life Resolution

Okay so I lied, I said this post would be about DisneyLand. It's not. But the next post will be....I promise.

New Years Resolutions....
I would say a majority of people who make a new years resolution, make it about their health. Whether it be giving up a certain type of food/drink, joining a gym, going on a diet etc. And while I will for sure be concentrating on those things post pregnancy in May, they were not apart of my new years resolution.

And I dont' think I can even consider this a resolution so much as something I want to work on for the rest of my life.

I've mentioned before that one of my worst qualities is that I worry too much about what other people think.  My resolution is to STOP!!

Do they like me?
Do they think my kids are well behaved?
Do they think I dress "in style"?
Is this a "cool" song or do I look dumb for listening to it?
Do they think I'm a horrible mom?

This type of thinking never did me any good.

In high school it just made me insecure.

As a mom it's ten times worse.  Constantly worrying about what other people think.  What other moms think.  Comparison, comparison, comparison.

I need to let go and focus on what I have, what I like, how I feel and stop caring about what other people think. Live my life for the Lord and for my family.

Two things in my life right now are pushing me to grow and to stop worrying...

First thing pregnancy.  God has blessed me with 3 boys and another boy on the way.  When I tell people I will have 4 boys,  I get a lot disappointed faces. Or get this....some have actually said "I'm sorry" to me!  So instead of going off on how blessed I am to have these 4 boys, or how I had to burry my daughter so I know how to be grateful for the children I do have yada yada.....I just nod and move on. At least that's what I'm working on....not caring whether they feel sorry for me or sad for me. Just move on. I'm not sorry. I'm not sad. I am actually super freakin excited! So why does it matter how anyone else feels?!  This is the family God had planned for me...So I'm working on what really matters....raising my family...and not caring or focusing on the opinions of others.

And another thing......I am now a proud owner of a 2014 Honda Odyssey VAN!! That's right I'm a van mom. I don't care if people cringe when I tell them I drive a van. I don't care if its not the "cool" ride to have.  It was what was financially smart for my family.  It fits the needs of my 4 small children. And I don't care what other people think.....I LOVE IT!!

I just got it last night!!

My best friend just recently got one and hers impressed me so much with how family friendly it was, what great gas mileage it gets and it has a ton of features I've never had in a car: blue tooth, push start, remote start, dvd system, seat warmers, and the list goes on. I LOVE IT. So my friend and I are "oddy buddies". Any one else want to join the club?!?!

This is from the manufactures website but look at the room.....(no this doesn't make me want to have more kids to fill it up...but we can add friends and cousins to the mix! The more the merrier!) post...Disneyland!!! (and I'm super excited because now we get to drive our van down to southern California! I'm thinking the Cars movie will be requested to be played while we travel! )

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