Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Few of my Favorites

Rather than listing out in detail all of the events that have happened in the past two weeks I just wanted to highlight a few of my favorites. That, and I was horrible this year with getting my camera out! Not very many pictures were taken....bad...I know.

*Christmas down south....

Pomona, CA. At my Grandma's house.  Definately not the same without my Grandpa there.  He was sorely missed!  It was the day of the Las Vegas Royal Bowl.  Fresno State vs. USC.  Poor Ryan was the only bulldog in the house, out numbered by all of my cousins....BUT the kids were even 3 vs. 3!

3 Bulldog fans vs. 3 USC fans
I LOVE this picture of my family (even though it's a little blurry)
Cousin Natalie was making them laugh.

Corona, CA at my aunts house.  My boys LOVE our cousins Morgan and Chandler!

It was a short visit but so fun seeing family that we don't get to see often enough!
My Dad's side...2 sisters and 1 brother....all of their kids and their kids kids. (missing my sister and my brother, and my cousin Jace who is currently serving our country!)

Homemade Christmas decor

I bought the supplies for a stocking idea and tree skirt idea way back in January when things were on clearance.  And like a lot of things lately, my mom comes over to help me....and I end up running out of time and she ends up finishing it for me.

I recycled my old silvery tree skirt and turned it into a red burlap/fabric one. (and by I, I mean: I started it and then my mom finished it)

And then my mom made these stockings! (I had every intention of sewing them myself...but who am I skills pale in comparison to my Mom's!)
Don't worry, she made 6 of them so I am prepared for next year.  And She's going to embroider our names on them too! I love them.

Kid Craft!

My sister had been watching the boys in the mornings a few days a week the past few months until Ryan got off work for the winter.  One of the mornings she did this little hand craft with the boys.  I LOVE them!! One of my most favorite decorations up this year.

Having kids brings a whole new excitement for Christmas!! We enjoyed watching them open their gifts and I feel so blessed to have a family that showers them with love.

Christmas Eve - Holguin Christmas

Grandma Kettle and Pie-pa (Ryan's parents) got them these awesome jackets!! Vincent opened the box and said "oooooo, I be a fireman!" 

Christmas Morning - Our little family of 5 (and a half)

The big gift we got the boys were bikes! I got their reaction on video so no pictures. But they love them!

They LOVED helping us open our gifts too.

My hubs totally rocks! He spoiled me by getting me an ipad! This wasn't on my list....and it was so unexpected. He done goooood. 

Christmas day - Rollema Christmas

My mom prepared a yummy lunch! We skyped my brother and his family who live in Wyoming.  And enjoyed playing out in the grove with my sister's dog Roxy.

My Parents (Grammie and Grandpa) got the boys the Planes duplo sets. So fun seeing them flying the planes around. We are ALL looking forward to our trip to Disneyland in a few weeks! I was super excited for Christmas....but now I am WAY SUPER excited for Disneyland!!!  The boys are going to LOVE it and they have no idea what magical place awaits them!

I got some thoughtful and meaningful gifts.  Here are a couple of my favorites.

This one from my friend Vanessa... Makes me look forward to meeting our newest member even more!

This gift was from my parents. I cried when I opened special and so very true. She is apart of our family... ALWAYS.


Pregnancy Update:
I'm at 22 weeks, over half way done!
Baby is kicking like crazy but Ryan and the boys can't feel it yet
Still no name....He just might be born nameless!! After finding three boy names we liked....we are stumped with the fourth.

Next Post
Be next post will be about our Disneyland trip. I'm sure it will be picture overload! haha! I can't wait!! So super excited! (If you couldn't tell already.)

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