Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pumpkin Patch and Woodlake Fire Station (and a couple throwback pictures)

Pumpkin Patch

It seems like the pumpkin patch is the thing to do in October. We've gone every year since the boys were born.  We usually go with Ryan's brother Eric and his wife Candice and their son Ethan.  The boys love it.

I didn't get too many great pictures. But here's some cute ones of Jacob. Who by the way, wanted nothing to do with riding in the wagon....he just wanted free roam of the patch.

And a great one of the boys with my nephew Ethan....

MUCH BETTER than last years attempt....

Throwback: Oct 2012

Woodlake Fire Station

All summer I have been trying to take the boys to see Ryan at his station while he is on shift.  Every time I would have a day I could bring them, it wouldn't be a great time for Ryan.  Last week Tuesday after a long day at work, I picked up Jacob from my in laws and went grocery shopping for veggies I was bringing to a halloween party the next day. As I was unloading the groceries I get a text from Ryan asking if it was a good night to bring the boys to see him. Um...I wanted to say NO! but since we had been trying all summer I had to take advantage.  So I quickly went and picked the boys up from childcare, came home took a shower and bathed the boys got them ready, picked up something for dinner on our way out to Woodlake (about a 20 minute drive) and made it to the station around 6.  The boys could barely sit and eat their dinner knowing there was a bright red engine outside they were just dying to "drive"!

I'm bummed we didn't get pictures of them last season.  I did take the boys to the station shortly after Jacob was born last year but it was super busy and I think we could only stay for 30 minutes.  It took me longer to pack the boys up and drive out there than the time we got to spend there. Oh well. 

I hope this becomes a yearly tradition, going to see daddy at work.

The boys sitting on the front of the engine....

 Throwback October 2011. They still have the same smiles.

Standing on the back of the engine with Firefighter Daddy....

Throwback October 2011
 Ryan took the boys for a drive in the engine just down the street and around to the back of the station.

And he put the lights and sirens on for the boys.

 And then he let them spray water from the hose.  The first two pictures I tried taking on a night setting on my camera that's why they look kind of crazy but I just LOVE their smiles so I say they are still good pictures!

You better believe Jacob has to be in on the action too.

They did NOT want to leave. But I was TIRED!! and I had to be up early the next day for work. The boys would have spent the night in the engine if they could.

I know the boys will grow up knowing how hard their daddy works to provide for them.  And I hope they are as proud of him as I am.

Next up.......Halloween!


  1. Love all of this years pictures compared to the throwback ones! Our attempt at pictures of the kids at the pumpkin patch pretty much looked like your last years picture too :/ At least there's hope for us next year right? Can't wait to see to see the halloween costumes!!

  2. I love seeing pics of your sweet boys, Heidi! You are incredible!