Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Is It Fall Yet?!

Well, as I mentioned in my last post my new nephew/niece was going to be born soon and SHE was! Chloe Faith born September 5th. Can't wait to meet this wee one.

One sign that fall is just around the corner is the Tulare County Fair. We went two years ago when the boys were 7 months old. We didn't go last year since Jacob was so little.

This year was a whole new ball game.  I was so excited because the boys could go on the kiddie rides! We went this past weekend.  We left Jacob at home with Ryan's brother since he would have just been antsy and bored in the stroller.  My family went with us and we looked around the arts and crafts section because my sister had entered a couple of stitcheries she had done and she got two 3rd place ribbons!

We walked around and saw all the smelly animals.  Pigs, sheep, cows, etc.

Then we headed to the kid zone. 

This was their first ride. They didn't crack a smile the entire time but when the ride was over they said "again!, again!"

They LOVED the next ride....mostly because it was flying "planes!!!"

They spent some time in a bounce house type thing...getting some energy out!

We then took a bathroom and dinner break. After dinner we went and saw the fire truck!! All of Ryan's Cal Fire coworkers were working. (Ryan had worked a day at the fair earlier in the week)  The boys got a piece of wood with Smokey the Bear burnt into it.

This is Landen telling Smokey: "Look what I find!" (I totally thought Landen would be afraid of the bear but I was wrong!)

My parents, sister, and bro-in-law were such troopers waiting around for our boys to ride the rides and see all the fun things.  

Then we went back for some more rides and games.....However, this ride wasn't so much a favorite of Landens.  It doesn't look like it in this picture but Vincent was laughing and smiling while Landen was screaming.  I admit it was kind of funny...poor Landen.

It didn't traumatize him too much because he wanted to keep going on rides. So we went back to the first ride they tried. The loved that one.

They got to fish for froggies! Their prize was a snake. Yellow for Landen and green for Vincent.

 They played the rubber ducky game and won two of those red cherry blow up suckers.  Those have been the source of entertainment this week!

We had so much fun, I'm already looking forward to next year! (there were, however, WAY TOO MANY people there. Craziness)

Jacob didn't seem to mind that he missed out on the action

And because I don't think this crazy guy reads my blog.....

I will post this nice picture of him....My brother in law....Not too sure about that prize there Stephen

Okay fall weather.....you are more than welcome to show up now!

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