Sunday, September 1, 2013

Changing the Mood with my 2.5 yr old twins

Oh the terrible twos.  We are 6 months in...and I sound like this daily....

No! Stop that! Get down from there, sit on your bottom, don't touch that, go sit in time out, leave him alone, don't hit, no thank-you, stop, you need to share, no-no, be nice.....

I do think there are definitely appropriate times for these types of reprimands if you will but I was finding myself recognizing ALL of the bad behavior and not ALL of the good my boys do.

Of course I am full of praises too, "good job! I love that, aww that was so nice, thank you! I love you, awesome, good job buddy"

But I wanted to make a bigger deal about the positives and focus less on the negative.
I got this sticker chart idea from a co-worker so I thought I would give it a shot!
Just a cheap poster paper and some stickers.

Then I went to the 99 cent store and the dollar spot at Target and collected items for the prize bin. I maybe spent $15-$20 in prizes.  After every 10 stickers they get a prize.  Which they actually call it "a birthday" I guess because it reminds them of a present. Either that or it reminds them of the party favors they get at birthday parties. I don't know, they are toddlers, you can never be too sure of their logic.

I have 4 things for them to work on for right now and then I will add more to the list as the boys get older and capable of handling more.

1. Saying "please and thank you" This is something I expect them to do all day long and without me reminding them to say it.  So I don't reward them every time, but instead I reward them for using it unexpectedly and without me asking them to say it. The other day I happened to catch Vincent giving Landen a ball and Landen said "oh! Thank-you Sin-cent!"...that was deserving of a sticker.

2. poop on the potty is mainly for Landen (who still sometimes goes in his pull-up during nap time) Vincent goes 100% on the potty so he is collecting stickers at a faster rate than Landen.

3. We are working on them helping to pick up their toys.  Sometimes it is still a battle. But other times I can say, "come on, lets pick up the toys and then you can get a sticker" and they are all over it.

4.  And the last one is "no throwing fits" When I see a fit coming on, I remind them "oh, if you throw a fit you won't get a sticker" They (usually it's Landen throwing a fit) usually stop right away...I am hoping this is helping them learn self control. I know they can do it!

Vincent got to pick a prize out this week (took 4 days to get 10 stickers....I thought that was a pretty good rate. Not handing out the stickers for every little thing but reward them with a prize often enough to keep the incitive at the forefront of their mind)

And of course with every two year is busy. We have been up to all sorts of fun things

*Surviving a night when the power went out for 6 hours!

Peanut butter and honey sandwiches for dinner, bath by flashlight, colliding heads resulting in a bloody mouth on Jacob which FREAKED me out since I couldn't see where the blood was coming from, And trying to fall asleep in a house that was 83 degrees and no ceiling fans....good times.

*Playing games and apps on my phone. Vincent is usually the one in control here.

 *Riding their new scooters...Disney PLANES theme!


They are getting better and better! Pretty soon it will be bike time!!

 *Playing with play-doh (acutally RoseArt brand) I found this stack of 4 colors for $1.00 at Target!

It smells funny Mom! ewww stinky!
 (**side note...they have started calling us Mom and Dad sometimes instead of mommy or daddy. WHAT? I think they are too young for this! Don't you?)

*Hume Lake Country Fair on Labor Day weekend (we usually camp for the weekend but this year we just went up for the day on Saturday)

The boys had a blasts... (with the small exception of Jacob getting car sick on the way up the mountain. Poor baby threw up his banana and yogurt breakfast, next year he's getting dramamine)

Vincent and Landen (and daddy) taking a ride on the Hume Lake fire engine.
Landen has the cutest wave lately. He's waving in 3 out of the next 5 pictures.

Captain Landen was in heaven...this boy wants to be just like his daddy.

Grammie and Grandpa treated the boys to face painting. They turned out to be some pretty cute pirates....argh! Ahoy Mateys! Yo Ho!

Vincent and Landen played some games for prizes and LOVED the bounce house. 

I didn't get any pictures of Jacob at Hume but he was there! Sleeping and Eating.  After we enjoyed lunch at the Hume Snack Shack we headed to sandy cove and went swimming in the lake. It was a great day and I'm hoping next year we will be able to make a weekend out of it.


And what would a blog post be without some super cute Jacob photos....

*Jacob all dressed up for the last swim at Grammie and Grandpas house....

*showing off his bandaid....this kid is ALWAYS hurting himself! It is usually a busted lip are a bit tongue but this time it was a gash by his eyebrow.  It was deep enough for me to question whether or not he needed stitches.  He didn't. But next time he might not be so lucky.

He LOVES watching baby signing time videos and he is picking up so many words. This is how cute he is paying attention to the TV. I could eat those cheeks!!

A few things we are looking forward to....
-Camping with family at the end of the month
-Possibly starting "pre-preschool" for the boys
-Making their halloween costumes! so then of course halloween/october and all the fun that entails

-oh and our new niece/nephew will be born in about a week! 

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