Thursday, July 11, 2013

The 4th with the Wyoming Clan

My brother (who hadn't been to California since Easter of 2011) and his family were in California over the 4th of July.  We sooooo enjoyed spending time with him, his wife Heather (who is expecting and due in September) and their son Kyston who is 4 yrs. old (will be 5 next month)  They were in Visalia for almost 5 days. We spent time at a local park splash pad, swimming in grammy and grandpa's pool and hanging out at my sisters.  I took well over 300 pictures while they were here.  This blog post is a picture over load but it's only the best out of 300 :) and we all know pictures are more fun to look at than me rambling on about a bunch of non-sense.

The 4th

Unfortunately the 4th was one out of two holidays I have to work this year. I worked from 5:00 am to 3:00 pm. Then came home changed and got everything packed to head to my parents.  We woke the boys up from their nap at 4.  My sweet sister bought them these cute matching shirts.  She is such a loving auntie.

Cool Little Dudes
They weren't in those clothes for long because when we got to my parent's house everyone was already swimming.  So we jumped in the pool.

The boys are showing so much improvement with their swimming this summer.  We usually have a full life vest on them but this time we put on floaties and they did great! They LOVE the slide.  

Landen's face cracks me up! He looks so frightened every time.

Of course my dad goes down the slide on his stomach so Vincent has to try it that way too!! Nothing scares this kid!

I was sporting a bad sunburn from our beach trip (my bathing suit is strapless...I promise I am wearing one)
Jakey and Mommy
Jacob's favorite spot is on the top step

Vincent LOVED is "sun gwasses"

After swimming we had some good 'ole BBQ'd hot dogs for dinner.  We played with the boys inside since it was still super hot at 7pm.  I put Jacob down for the evening praying he would sleep through the noise that was about to take place outside.  We lit fireworks out in front of my parents house which we haven't done in years. It was soooo fun watching the boys watch the fireworks.  And my nephew Kyston totally go into lighting the fireworks.

My sister always has fun nail polish
And of course we got in a good sparkler sesh with the kids.

Clearly Landen is paying attention to my attempts at showing him how to hold it DOWN!

On Sunday my sister and her husband hosted a lunch (and dinner) at their house.  We celebrated a late Father's day and just hung around all day playing games, eating, and surviving the heat.  They were such a great hostesses.  They had bubbles and chalk for the boys to play with and a little pool set up for swimming.  (Which out of the 300 some pictures I took, I didn't get any of them swimming in the

It is not very often we are all together.  (The last time was in Wyoming January of 2012)  So we made sure to get some family pictures. And my mom got all the boys matching shirts. I love a good stripe.

My brother and his family: Jess, Heather, Kyston, (and future niece/nephew)

My parents with their 3 kids

I didn't get a nice posed picture of my sister and her husband Stephen but I got this cute one of them and their "dog-ter" Roxy (She is seriously spoiled....a very loved fur-baby)

My parents with their grand-boys

 Will we be adding another cute boy to the mix in September???

Landen, Kyston, Jacob, Vincent
 Our little Holguin Family - July 7, 2013

 Until next time Wyoming clan....We will miss you!!!

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