Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Jacob is ONE!

We celebrated our handsome little dude's first birthday this past weekend. It was Ryan's choice of party theme. And he of course went with baseball!

The party was held at the same restaurant that we had the boy's first birthday at.  Mainly because it was 107 degrees outside!  Nobody wants to have a party outside in July! Although we could have done some really cute things with the theme.....hot dogs, nachos....oh well.  Amigos food is yummy too.

The decorations were pretty simple because hosting a party at a restaurant is pretty pricey so everything else had to be SIMPLE! At least that's what I tried to do.
I was pretty consistant with taking a picture of Jacob every month so I strung them together to make a banner.  The last one was taken the morning of the party.

I baked cupcakes and my mom helped me frost them.

The smash cake for Jacob.  Hmmm lets talk about the cake.  I made a chococolate baseball diamond cake.  It came out soooo good! I took a picture of it when my mom and I finished frosting it (this was friday, the day before the party) ...

The next morning I woke up and the Grand Canyon just appeared in the middle of the infield!...

So my mom said, just bring extra frosting to the restaurant and she would help fix it while we were setting up for the party. AND THEN..... I drove to the restaurant in 107 degree heat with the cake on the floorboard of the passenger side of my car.  And the entire way across town to the restaurant, I watched my beautiful green grass frosting melt and slide off the side of my cake!! :( I was so sad. But oh well....it is just a cake.

Doesn't this picture look like the cake is saying.... "I'm melting!...I'm melting!"

So here is the table set up with my melted cake...

and cracker jacks and sunflower seeds.  My wonderful cousin made all of the baseball cut outs.  The ones on the cracker jacks boxes said "Thank You! Hope you had a ball"

on the tables I had pails of red licorice (that also suffered in the heat of the commute....they were brittle and broken into many peices) and paper bags full of peanuts.

We had got a quick photo session in before the guests arrived

Ryan and I with the birthday boy!

Grammie and Grandpa

Grandma and Pi-pa

A special thank-you to G.G. and G.Pa for driving all the way from Pomona for the party!  

At the beginning of the party I had a little game for the kids. (totally handmade and super cheap but I think the kids loved it) It was a baseball version of pin the tail on the donkey.

And I totally forgot to bring something to use as a blind fold so I had to borrow a friends blanket she had with her from her baby girl. We improvised.

My friend Luz's daughter, Annabelle won by being closest to the bat!

Then it was eat time!

The birthday boy chowin' down!

Vincent and Landen ditched their dinner at the word "cupcake"!

A couple crowd shots.....

We all sang happy birthday to Jacob and then let him go to town on his melted cake.  We smashed his hands in it at first but after that he had no problem digging in on his own.  And then Vincent and Landen got in on the action.

We got him cleaned up and ready for presents (except I forgot to bring an extra pair of shorts so he remained in his diaper and t-shirt for the rest of the party.  He's the birthday boy so he could get away with it.)

We had so much fun at the party and we hope all of our guests had fun to! I can't believe our little man is one already.  That was the fasted year of my life!  And we remembered to take a family picture this time!!!

Here's my cute little baseball family :)

To the family and friends who couldn't be at the party....you were missed!!! Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

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