Saturday, July 6, 2013

Beach Time

My brother and his family from Wyoming are in California for a week and they were staying at the coast for a couple of days to get their beach fix in.  I really wanted to go and take the boys since they hadn't been to the beach yet, but Ryan had to work and I'm not crazy enough to take them on a trip like that by myself!  Luckily My mom and sister wanted in on the fun too so we all fit into Ryan's truck and headed to the coast! 

The weather was beautiful.  

The water was very cold! Vincent was in love with the water from the git go. Landen took a little bit to warm up to the temperature and scary waves but after my brother got him in and jumping over the waves he was laughing and saying "again...again"!

We got to the beach about 10:45 and by the time we got everything hauled down the sand and set up it was about time for lunch. After we ate, my mom entertained Jacob in the shade tent we brought (that I borrowed from a friend and it was sooooo nice to have) He eventually crashed for a nice nap and I was super jealous because he looked so comfy cozy.

My brother started digging a big hole and the boys all had a blast getting full of sand.

And then they hopped right in while my brother filled up the hole.  Every kid should have a picture of themselves buried in the sand at the beach right?!?!

Vincent - Kyston - Landen
Jacob got in on the water action too after he woke up from his nap. Even though the water was pretty chilly he loved it! 

That evening we all went to dinner at a favorite restaurant of my brother's in Pismo.  

The next day, my brother and his family wanted to catch a little bit more time at the beach and walk on the pier, meanwhile, we took the boys to Avila Barn just up the 101 from Pismo.  A friend of mine had told me about this cute place that kids can feed animals.  They sell fresh produce, have a hay ride for the kids, and sell bags of animal feed (lettuce, sqaush, brocolli, etc) that you can purchase for fifty cents.  The boys LOVED it!

Landen kept saying "here, here" in such a sweet voice.

 There were several roosters cocka-doodle-dooing and Landen thought that was so funny.  He would start cocka-doodle-dooing too.  Then he spotted this funky looking rooster walking on the main path...

He walked right up to it and got right in its face like he wanted to say "...and who are you?!?"  I thought it was soo funny so I kept snapping pictures with my camera. My mom pointed out that they like to peck and I'm lucky Landen didn't get pecked in the face.  Hind sight, maybe she's right, but in the moment I thought it was the funniest thing!

We bought two large carrots for the horse that was there.  Vincent had a hard time letting go of his. He was playing tug-of-war with the horse.  I think he thought the horse needed to eat it in several bites, but the horse had other plans.

There were several times that the animals got a little close to their face or fingers.  I captured this cute little face when the horse got a little too close for Vincent comfort.

The bunny rabbits weren't too into being fed.  But they looked cute and Vincent trying to wiggle his nose up and down like a bunny was even cuter.

Jacob napped for most of our time we spent there but he enjoy some time on the hay bails before he crashed out in the stroller.

Auntie Ruth, do you recognize this outfit?? You got it for the boys when they were born and Jacob is already wearing it! They grow up so fast.
Avila Barn was so much fun! We were there for several hours.  We enjoyed fresh grapes and strawberries.  If you are ever on the central coast of California I recommend visiting this place!

This was a video I took in the hotel after dinner.  Jacob was pulling on Landen's shirt and then they would fall down together and they would just start giggling.  So Landen would purposefully go up to Jacob and try and get him to tug on his shirt.  At the end of the video Landen tugs on his own shirt and then makes himself fall down without the help of Jacob. So funny. I love listening to giggles.

We are really enjoying the time with Jess, Heather, and Kyston! More posts to come :)

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