Friday, June 21, 2013

Father's Day

 Just a quick post about our Father's Day. We didn't celebrate with my side....we are saving that for when my brother is in California here in a couple of weeks.  We went to church in the morning, came home for Jacob to take a quick little nap and then we headed to Ryan's parents house for a BBQ.  Ryan has 4 siblings and two of them live out of town so a lot of times we are missing someone at family gatherings. This time everyone was there! I wish I would have organized a group picture. Actually to be honest I didn't take very many pictures at all and the ones I did take were mostly of the kids.

My nephew Ethan (age 5) and Landen are like two peas in a pod! Both full of energy and they both can talk non-stop! Landen loves his cousin!

It wasn't particularly hot that day....warm, but not 100 degree weather hot but we still filled up the pool for the kids and we all enjoyed sitting around watching them play.

Vincent is my fish! He enjoys swimming no matter how cold the water is. Vincent and Ethan:

Landen actually stood still long enough for me to get a picture!!

Jacob had to be right in on the action!

Overall it was a fabulous day celebrating all dads but especially Ryan. These 3 boys love him so much. He is such an interactive dad and so helpful. I love the dad that he is.  We are really missing him while he's away at work but that just shows how great of a father and husband he is.  He is willing to work so hard to provide for us.

Happy Father's Day Ryan! We love you!

***it is an absolute miracle that ALL 3 boys are looking at the camera!!***