Saturday, May 11, 2013

Success in more than just numbers

This blog is by no means a weight loss recorder or an exercise tracker. But, I wanted to pause from my everyday ramblings about my three kiddos and talk about this oh so fun topic.  I have been working on loosing "the baby weight" and wanted to share some successes I've accomplished lately. This has been MUCH HARDER this time around than it was two years ago. But as Jillian Michaels says "if you want results, they don't come for free" (I've been doing her 30 day shred video)

I am not a fan of progress pictures. Some of them are down right embarrassing. And maybe someday when I've reached my goal weight I will have to guts to post them. But for now here is a comparison of my weight gain during my two pregnancies:

Pregnancy #1
32 weeks pregnant with Triplets (5 days before I delivered) Total pregnancy weight gain: 41 lbs
Lost all the pregnancy weight before the boys turned 7 months old.

Pregnancy #2
32 weeks pregnant with Jacob. (delivered him at 38 weeks 2 days) Total pregnancy weight gain: 60 lbs
Just finished losing the pregnancy weight! Jacob is almost 10 mo. old.

You can see that I was ALL belly with the triplets. My face is a little swollen but not bad. I didn't gain any of the weight anywhere else.  Jacob is a different story! I gained way tooo much with him. Because lets be honest here....what helps a tired pregnant mom during the heat of the summer?!? AND helps with horrible, I hate this pregnancy symptom, heart burn? ICE CREAM of course! I may have had a lot little too much ice cream.  I gained my weight evenly and everywhere.  (To be fair Jacob is an above average sized kid so that made a difference and I carried him 5 weeks longer than the triplets....just sayin'. ya, ya, I know those are excuses) 

On July 15th, the night before Jacob was born, Ryan and I got the boys a babysitter and we went out on a date for the last time before we became a family of 5.  Over dinner I told Ryan that I knew I really had my work cut out for me this time to lose the weight.  I told him I had two goals to accomplish before spring. To lose the baby weight and to run a marathon. To which he laughed.  Um excuse me?! Why are you laughing? 
A marathon Heidi? Do you know how many miles that is?
No, no I didn't mean a marathon, I meant a run that I sign up for and train for. 
Oh you mean like a 5K?
yes yes. A 5K.  
I told him I wanted to accomplish that by the spring.  And you know what he said? 

"Heidi, if anyone can do it, you can" 

Now those of you who know my husband, he is a man of few words. He doesn't spew out the compliments on a daily basis. But that one thing he said stuck with me. For the past 10 months it has run across my mind and kept me going. My husband has faith in me. He encourages me. And because of him I have met some of my goals!

Jacob was born on a Monday.  5 days later my sister and I went to a saturday morning weight watcher meeting. My sister had already been going and was a life time member, maintaining her healthy weight. Going with her and having a buddy at the meetings really helped me get started.  I have done the program before and was a lifetime member but then I got married and had kids and well you know....back to weight watchers I go.  I know it works!  Weight watchers is great because they have a program for breast feeding moms.  I started on that program for a little while but unfortunately my production was not keeping up with my hungry baby so when I was no longer breast feeding I switched to the regular program.  In the first couple of weeks the first 10 or 15 pounds fell off in a snap and I probably would have lost them without following the weight watcher program. After that they came off slowly. I weighed in this morning and guess what?!? I have lost a total of 40 lbs. so far! (I have 20 more to go until goal weight)

I have a points tracker on my phone that is easy to use! One way to start losing weight even without starting a program is to write everything down that you eat.  You will be more aware of what you're putting in you mouth if you have it written down. The weight watcher app helps me keep track. "if it goes in your smacker, write it on your tracker"

While I was pregnant with Jacob and mentally preparing for the hard work I had ahead of me with this weight loss, I had found a really nice treadmill on craigs list.  Because lets face it, this mom of twins and a soon to be newborn was NOT going to make it to the gym.  I started using that treadmill and at the beginning of this year I started a program called couch to 5k. I downloaded an app on my phone. It had a running schedule, 3 days a week for 8 weeks.  Day one you're supposed to run for 60 seconds. I could barely run for that minute!! I thought I was going to die! But I worked my way up to longer times and I slowly increased my endurance. And I completed all 8 weeks.

I run after I put the boys to bed at 8.  My treadmill is in my room and I usually have the biggest loser on.  I only watch 30 minutes of the show at a time so I still haven't gone through the whole season yet (but I know who won). It's a very inspirational show and a show you can watch without having to hear what they are saying (because I run with my music on)

Now to the 5K I ran last weekend.  It was a fundraiser for a program called Angel babies. They were a huge source of information and comfort for me with loss of my daughter.  A representative called me even before I delivered the babies, she came to the hospital and brought these three bears, two brown ones for the boys and a pink one for Karissa. (I wish I had a picture of all three bears together) The pink bear is now with Karissa in her casket.

Angel babies called me every month for an entire year after we buried Karissa. They sent me reading material about the unique feelings and emotions that come with the loss of one multiple while having the other babies survive.  It's hard to deal with grief and the celebration of new life all at the same time and angel babies understood that.  

My sister said she would run the 5K with me.   The run was held on the Fresno State Campus.  
My two personal goals were to 1) run the entire thing without stopping and 2) finish in under 30 minutes

I was SUPER BUMMED that Ryan couldn't be at the run with us. He was at work (he had a crazy first shift back at's going to be a busy fire season) But he texted me just as we were walking up to that starting line. So we sent him a prove that we were really doing it!

We had shirts made with Karissa and her birthdate on the back.  It was a very emotional day for me. Seeing shirts and reading names of all these other babies that were no longer her on earth.  I really had to fight back the tears when the announcer at the starting line said "you take these steps for every step they won't take" okay, honestly, I pretty much fought back the tears the entire run. Everyone else was there because they know someone or are someone who wishes their son/daughter were here with them too.

The run started at 7:30. Vincent and Landen were there to cheer us on! "Go, mommy!"

My parents watched the boys while we ran. I told them my goal was to be back by 8:00 so be there waiting for me!  Little wooden angels lined the sides by the finish line.  Each one representing a sweet baby lost.

I ran the entire thing without stopping (even though I really reallly really wanted to stop at the 2 mile marker, I kept going) And my time!? It was less than 30 minutes! (just less than a minute under 30...but under 30 none the less)  I know for you runners out there that's probably not something to be proud of but for me, it was a goal I set and I did it!

My sister finished just shortly after I did.
After the run we did some fun things with the boys. They had a kid zone.  It was fantastic!! They even have a kid walk which we didn't do this year but I'm thinking we are going to make this an annual family event so maybe the boys can do the kid walk next year.

We did a cake walk

The boys got their face painted

And they spent time at the coloring table.  These are their "papers" That they colored and put stickers on.  They would not let go of their papers! They LOVED them.....

And showed them to the bear

And held onto them the entire way home.

And what was Jacob doing while Vincent and Landen had all the fun!?!?

Taking a nap of course.

Next year I will work on fundraising for this event.  It was a great day. And I'm so glad I was able to run in honor of my sweet daughter Karissa.  Forever in our hearts...Always on our minds.

I was sharing at weight watchers this morning that my sister and I did a 5K last weekend and they gave me this charm for my key chain!! They said they have a golden shoe charm if I do another run....hmm...guess I'm going to have to sign up for another 5K!

If you ever want to donate money to a GREAT organization, please consider Hinds Hospice Angel Babies located in Fresno, CA.


  1. So inspiring!! And you look Amazing!!

  2. Good work Heidi! It's great to set reasonable goals and achieve them. Hope you get to enjoy another 5k soon.

    1. Thank You Laura! I'm actually signing up for another 5K at Disneyland in January :) My numbers will NEVER come close to yours ;)