Sunday, May 19, 2013

May Mayhem

Just call me momma REFEREE

ok so you rarely hear me complain about the whole raising twins thing. Honestly given the chance, I'd have twins again in a heart beat. Call me crazy....whatever.  Vincent and Landen were great babies!  And they have become such fun toddlers  (don't get me wrong, they have PLENTY of temper tantrums and days spent in time out) But what I'm getting at is that they never/rarely really fight.  They are best buds and they have always played so great together........then we went and added another baby into the mix.  Now all day long I hear "No! Jakey! No!.....Naughty Jakey!....ooooo Jakey troooouuuble!" and I say the word share a gazillion-trillion times a day! okay maybe not that often but it seems as if we only own one toy these days and all three boys want that.exact.toy!  For a little while whenever I heard Jacob screaming (and the kid can scream, like shrill at the top of his lungs scream) I would automatically tell Vincent or Landen, whoever was closest to Jacob, that they needed to share with him and to stop taking the toy away from him.  But then I started watching a little bit closer....Jacob is not always the innocent one!  Needless to say, we are getting a nice dose of good life lessons around here. SHARING being the only main one. And Vincent and Landen will soon learn that they can't gang up on Jacob because sooner or later he WILL be bigger than them at the rate he's growing and I'm sure he will be able to take both of them on no problem.
"pinned ya!"
So the summer weather has hit!! Ryan had a busy start to fire season already. His first shift back lasted 10 days gone instead of his scheduled 3 days. He definitely missed his boys.  I'm not sure that he really missed me all that much because every text I got was "how are the boys?" "What are the boys doing?" I don't know how I would handle Ryan's job without text messaging! The quick bits of communication with him keep me sane.  It also forces me to take pictures of every day happenings so I can show Ryan what we are up to and I know I will eventually appreciate having pictures of all those candid moments many years down the road.

This is our nightly routine. The boys sit on the side of Vincent's bed and we say our prayers, sometimes read a book or sing a song and we have to talk to "talking tom" on my phone so they can pet him and kiss him good-night. I took a picture of this one night to send to Ryan at work:

 my two little monsters (and Jacob trying to get in on the action)

And I sent him this pictures one night after the kiddos were all asleep. I know he misses the boys so much when he is gone. 

So with the crazy fire season underway....I'm in for a long summer of being a "single mom".  So far I've found 3 things my little guys like. 

1) This water table (which I bought last year for like $20 used from a craigs-list-like FB page)

Yup! They all three fit....but probably not for long...

2) This little blow up pool (which I might be joining them in when it gets really hot!)

3) This water pad at a local park. The water turns on at 11 a.m. (It will probably be more fun once Jacob can walk.)

(that's Vincent's birthmark on his back, not dirt f.y.i)

Jacob's pointer finger is a classic Jacob trait

We of course will be taking weekly trips to Grammie's house for swimming in her pool and going down the water slide!
Since the hot weather is still coming and going, we are enjoying some nice lunches outside when its breezy enough to keep the temperature down.


On Mother's day we dedicated Jacob at church.  We had dedicated Vincent and Landen on Mother's Day two years ago so it was so special dedicating Jacob on this meaningful day as well.

I'm super bummed Ryan and I didn't get a picture of just us with Jacob but at least we got a family picture....of course the toddlers never look at the camera

I LOVE this picture of Jacob and my mom <3

And now we can see where Jacob gets his eye color from....



Jacob is 10 months old, which means I only have two months left to plan a 1st birthday party....guess I better get started!

He is no longer eating baby food! I've tried, three different times, and then gave up and am giving the rest of the food I had left to a friend who had a baby a few months ago.  He pretty much eats anything and everything from our meals and I'm pretty sure he ate more than Landen during dinner one night last week.  

The kid can put down some strawberries! (the puffs were there to stall him while I cleaned more strawberries for him to eat....he can be a BIT impatient!)
He's not quite walking yet but he's cruising along the couches and furniture and even climbing up on things.

He loves climbing up into the boy's beds to get them up from their nap. Landen always takes a little time to fully wake up. So Jacob likes to join him in bed

Jacob's classic pointer finger. he has always got that thing pointed at something or when he's trying to touch something or feel something he doesn't use his whole hand he just uses his pointer finger.

He doesn't have any new teeth this month but he has two on top that look like they are close. Nothing much has changed with this little guy. He's pretty much a tornado these days. Curious about everything and always trying to keep up with his older brothers! I can't believe he is in the double digit months already!

These monthly photo shoots I've been doing with his little "month ties" are proving to get more difficult the older he gets.  This picture pretty much sums up how this months shoot ended.....

 A few things we are looking forward to around here:

-A beach trip at the end of June
-My brother and his family visiting from Wyoming
-Potty training boot camp (okay, maybe not looking forward to this one but praying we have some success)
-painting my kitchen cabinets
-Jacob's first birthday!

It's going to be a fun summer.....
I love my 3 little boys!

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