Friday, May 31, 2013

Sometimes the baby steals the show...

I was looking through my pictures and I would say I have a pretty even amount of the boys (Vincent and Landen) versus Jacob. (btw, I know I have 3 boys but I refer to "the twins" as the boys and Jacob usually as Jakey) that's just how we do it around here.

Anyway, this blog has been a different story. It is so easy to write about what the baby is up to because, well, he is always doing new things: crawling, eating food, cutting teeth, standing etc. Babies grow up so fast there is always something new to document and a monthly picture to post.  I promise, I spend an equal amount of time with each of my boys. I don't feel like one monopolizes more of my time than the other.  So to anyone worried about that issue when you are thinking about adding to your family...don't worry each one gets the same amount of lovin'!  You just find the time. 

Back to the reason for this post.

I thought I'd write about what The Boys have been up to, no Jacob talk this time I promise!

Vincent and Landen seriously crack us up everyday. They are saying new things constantly! Little sponges soaking everything in.  They are also two. You know, the terrible two sayin got invented for a reason! They get time outs, sometimes multiple times a day. And then sometimes we will go a few days with no one in time out!

**side note: I'm beginning to see that the topic of discipline is about as opinionated infested as breastfeeding and sleep training. To spank or not to spank. Incentives are bribes or are they positive reinforcements.. Oy vey! moms are just way too opinionated in my opinion! ha see what I did there :)**

Our biggest battle with them is sharing and being nice to Jacob.  I get it, brothers won't get along all the time, but is exhausting to listen to them arguing sometimes!  And 90% of the time its with Jacob, they get along with each other just fine.

Vincent is the instigator.  He will put a toy down on the ground and inch it towards Jacob until Jacob reaches for it. Then he either pulls it away really fast "no Jakey!" or sits there and screams because Jacob took his toy. grrrrr. I say to myself its just a phase...its just a phase. And I do my best to take advantage of teachable moments. (insert "forced-grin" emoticon here)

They continue to be excellent sleepers. In bed by 8 pm. (usually asleep by 8:30) Vincent takes a little longer to conk out.  They haven't missed a day of naps yet (fingers crossed) They usually go to nap around 1:30 and get up between 3:30 and 4. Nap time is not always lay down and fall asleep....ANY time I hear "1...3...go" over the monitor that ALWAYS means trouble.

A few weeks ago Vincent got stung by a bee on his belly. Super sad afternoon!  He started screaming, I saw the stupid, dumb, mean bee squirming around on the dirt, and immediately started looking for where he got stung. I saw the little stinger still stuck in his belly. I got it out, put a little mud on his owwie and started telling the boys that they can't touch bees because they make owwies. Whelp that did it, now every.stinkin.thing.that.has.wings is an "OWWIE BEE!" and yes that includes flies. You know those pesty things that are EVERYWHERE! This is not funny especially when there is a fly stuck inside the truck and we are driving down the freeway. The boys are yelling "ahhhh owwiee bee! owweiee bee! ahhh!" As I'm trying to explain to them its just a fly while concentrating on my driving and frantically opening all the windows praying the darn fly would just GET OUT!

Landen just started this thing where he says something and then when you acknowledge him he acts like that's a new idea to him

L: "mommy, legos?? legos?....mommy, play a legos?"
M: "you want to play with the legos?"
L: "Ohhh!! OKAY!!!"

L: "mommy, watch a fireman?...fireman mommy?"
M: "You want to watch the fireman movie?"
L: "ohhhh!! OKAY!! a mooo-bee!!"

A few things they say sound so cute and toddler-ish. Sometimes I hope they never say it correctly:

"mommy... aaaa this!" (mommy, watch this!)
"aaa woah-sie" (ring around the rosey)
"kick-kez" (kisses)
"chotch" (chalk)
"bid-dee-o" (video)
"awww-berry" (strawberry)
"wan-den" (Landen)
"sin-cent" (Vincent)

There are a ton more but that would be boring.

Landen also has very keen sense of hearing. His ears will perk up! "heli-cockter! hear it?!" and he puts his pointer finger on his cheek because he doesn't quite make it back far enough to his ear.

Both of the boys say bye to EVERYTHING! bye truck! bye car! bye fwow-wer! sometimes they add a 'see you later' to it but it just comes out later. bye house, later!

Yes, I am THAT TWIN MOM, I dress them alike 90% of the time and coordinating the other 10% (and I will do this as long as they let me) but that doesn't mean they aren't their own individual. These boys could not be more opposite! I love seeing their little personalities develop and it amazes me how different they really are....don't let the clothing fool you people, they are like night and day.


One afternoon a couple of weeks ago my mom and I drove up the 99 about 20-30 minutes or so to the town of Traver.  There is a cute little place called Bravo Farms.  They sell fresh produce, serve delicious BBQ sandwiches and yummy ice cream. They also have have all sorts of fun things to explore and animals to look at.  

 They had a bunch of old tractors to ride on and tonka dump trucks galore. A little boys dream!

Okay, just one picture of Jakey...because he's just too cute! no more I promise.

There were chickens, goats, parrots, roosters and even a big huge turkey.  Here are the boys by the goats:

A lot of the things sitting around were for sale. Old antiques, signs, collectables and even some handmade things like these play houses: 

Looks like Landen is saying "Come on everybody, time for church!"
The second story of the building had a deck around the perimeter.  On this deck was a cute little miniature golf course.  The boys got to play for free because well, they are two and they have no clue what they are doing. They just had fun putting the ball into the hole.  We really could have done without the club.

 They had a little play shooting game. I wish I would have gotten a picture of what you actually shoot at. It was like the place at disneyland where you shoot at the red lights and then when you "hit" one something happens: a sign moves, something pops up, banging and clanging noises play. There was an old rusty car that had eyes and the grill was the mouth.  At one point the car talked and moved and even squirted water at you.  This is an example of how opposite the boys are:

The car started talking and Landen fah-reeaakss out! Like major clinger status onto my mom. Would not let go!! crying and saying "home! home!" The kid just wanted to get out of there! And Vincent turns and looks at me and says "ha ha, car funny!"

We had a nice lunch while Jacob napped in the stroller and then Grammie treated the boys to some yummy ice cream.


Well they say the third time is the charm

The thought of only buying diapers for one kid sounded soooooo amazing!! I have NEVER had that luxury. Diapers for only one kid! So my first attempt at potty training was last November (the boys were 21 months) They did great each of them went poop and pee on the potty! but I was using pull ups and I was getting frustrated because I couldn't tell when they had gone. Sometimes their pull up would be full when I would take them to the restroom and I wouldn't know if they went a while ago or just recently. And then they got sick. The winter sickies put potty training on hold.

Landen in November (21 mo.)
Then they turned two. I thought hello! they are two! They can be potty trained now. I went and bought big boy underwear and thought this is going to be great! Yeah right!! I didn't have a whole day for them to be in underwear. Maybe in the morning and then we had a play date in the afternoon so they were back in diapers. Or maybe we had errands in the morning and they had diapers on and then in the afternoon I would put them in underwear. Poor guys were getting confused...ok when is it okay for us to pee our pants and when is it not okay?!

Boys in big boy undies back in February (24 months old)
So after FIVE accidents in a row I threw in the towel. Forget it. Diapers it is.  I started asking around and researching some success stories. Some say wait until they are 3. Some say oh its totally easy, they can be trained at 18 months. Again...opinions I tell you.

 I came up with a game plan.  When I work back to back weekends I have the monday through friday off in between those weekends. So I marked my calendar and intentionally didn't make any plans for that week. We were going to stay home and do this!

This calendar is what we keep track of our work schedule on. I promise its not our social calendar, we are not that boring.
For a month I looked at that week on the calendar pretty much dreading it. Not wanting my hopes or my expectations to get too high. I was going to give it a good hard effort and if they didn't show improvement by the end of the week. I was going to stop and try again later. Maybe even wait until they were 3 as some suggested.

My plan: to take them to the potty every 20 to 30 minutes. Encourage them to drink water. BRIBE them with a sticker and a treat (small cookie), and not put diapers on them during the day (no matter how nice the idea sounded)

It is a trip to see them running around in these big boy underwear. They are 27 months old.

The first day was exhausting!! Several accidents but also a few successes so not a complete bust. AND it was memorial day so we went to my moms in the evening (they wore pull-ups) which was a nice break and the ONLY plans I made an exception for since it was a holiday and all.
The next day....a huge improvement!! By wednesday we only had one accident ALL day! I have learned that Landen is more comfortable standing. So we are working on aiming with him. When he sits he doesn't push it down far enough so it ALL goes in front of the toilet. When he stands he makes at least 50% in the toilet.  Vincent has been a surprise! I thought Landen would be faster at picking it up. Vincent has only had TWO accidents all week!  

ummm hello!? of course they are fireman stickers!

I would NOT say we are potty trained. They still wear a pull-up for naps and a diaper at night for bedtime. But during awake time they are in underwear. When they have an accident its not like they are standing in a puddle of pee on the floor, they have only a quarter size amount on their underwear, they stop themselves, tell me they have to go and finish on the potty. We are on our 5th day and that has only happened once today (Landen).  They have only gone #2 on the potty one time each this week. They have been going in their pull-up at nap time or diaper at night.  I figure the poop training will happen eventually and at least they aren't going IN their underwear.....yet (fingers crossed this doesn't happen....ever) We have ventured out of the house a couple of times. No diapers and No accidents!! (but you better believe I will be making sure to pack a change of clothes just in case! and I'm thinking the entire time we are away from the house please don't have an accident...please don't have an accident) I have already noticed a HUGE difference in the amount of diapers we used this week! Only 10 pull ups and 10 diapers! We are making progress!! My little boys are growing up!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

May Mayhem

Just call me momma REFEREE

ok so you rarely hear me complain about the whole raising twins thing. Honestly given the chance, I'd have twins again in a heart beat. Call me crazy....whatever.  Vincent and Landen were great babies!  And they have become such fun toddlers  (don't get me wrong, they have PLENTY of temper tantrums and days spent in time out) But what I'm getting at is that they never/rarely really fight.  They are best buds and they have always played so great together........then we went and added another baby into the mix.  Now all day long I hear "No! Jakey! No!.....Naughty Jakey!....ooooo Jakey troooouuuble!" and I say the word share a gazillion-trillion times a day! okay maybe not that often but it seems as if we only own one toy these days and all three boys want that.exact.toy!  For a little while whenever I heard Jacob screaming (and the kid can scream, like shrill at the top of his lungs scream) I would automatically tell Vincent or Landen, whoever was closest to Jacob, that they needed to share with him and to stop taking the toy away from him.  But then I started watching a little bit closer....Jacob is not always the innocent one!  Needless to say, we are getting a nice dose of good life lessons around here. SHARING being the only main one. And Vincent and Landen will soon learn that they can't gang up on Jacob because sooner or later he WILL be bigger than them at the rate he's growing and I'm sure he will be able to take both of them on no problem.
"pinned ya!"
So the summer weather has hit!! Ryan had a busy start to fire season already. His first shift back lasted 10 days gone instead of his scheduled 3 days. He definitely missed his boys.  I'm not sure that he really missed me all that much because every text I got was "how are the boys?" "What are the boys doing?" I don't know how I would handle Ryan's job without text messaging! The quick bits of communication with him keep me sane.  It also forces me to take pictures of every day happenings so I can show Ryan what we are up to and I know I will eventually appreciate having pictures of all those candid moments many years down the road.

This is our nightly routine. The boys sit on the side of Vincent's bed and we say our prayers, sometimes read a book or sing a song and we have to talk to "talking tom" on my phone so they can pet him and kiss him good-night. I took a picture of this one night to send to Ryan at work:

 my two little monsters (and Jacob trying to get in on the action)

And I sent him this pictures one night after the kiddos were all asleep. I know he misses the boys so much when he is gone. 

So with the crazy fire season underway....I'm in for a long summer of being a "single mom".  So far I've found 3 things my little guys like. 

1) This water table (which I bought last year for like $20 used from a craigs-list-like FB page)

Yup! They all three fit....but probably not for long...

2) This little blow up pool (which I might be joining them in when it gets really hot!)

3) This water pad at a local park. The water turns on at 11 a.m. (It will probably be more fun once Jacob can walk.)

(that's Vincent's birthmark on his back, not dirt f.y.i)

Jacob's pointer finger is a classic Jacob trait

We of course will be taking weekly trips to Grammie's house for swimming in her pool and going down the water slide!
Since the hot weather is still coming and going, we are enjoying some nice lunches outside when its breezy enough to keep the temperature down.


On Mother's day we dedicated Jacob at church.  We had dedicated Vincent and Landen on Mother's Day two years ago so it was so special dedicating Jacob on this meaningful day as well.

I'm super bummed Ryan and I didn't get a picture of just us with Jacob but at least we got a family picture....of course the toddlers never look at the camera

I LOVE this picture of Jacob and my mom <3

And now we can see where Jacob gets his eye color from....



Jacob is 10 months old, which means I only have two months left to plan a 1st birthday party....guess I better get started!

He is no longer eating baby food! I've tried, three different times, and then gave up and am giving the rest of the food I had left to a friend who had a baby a few months ago.  He pretty much eats anything and everything from our meals and I'm pretty sure he ate more than Landen during dinner one night last week.  

The kid can put down some strawberries! (the puffs were there to stall him while I cleaned more strawberries for him to eat....he can be a BIT impatient!)
He's not quite walking yet but he's cruising along the couches and furniture and even climbing up on things.

He loves climbing up into the boy's beds to get them up from their nap. Landen always takes a little time to fully wake up. So Jacob likes to join him in bed

Jacob's classic pointer finger. he has always got that thing pointed at something or when he's trying to touch something or feel something he doesn't use his whole hand he just uses his pointer finger.

He doesn't have any new teeth this month but he has two on top that look like they are close. Nothing much has changed with this little guy. He's pretty much a tornado these days. Curious about everything and always trying to keep up with his older brothers! I can't believe he is in the double digit months already!

These monthly photo shoots I've been doing with his little "month ties" are proving to get more difficult the older he gets.  This picture pretty much sums up how this months shoot ended.....

 A few things we are looking forward to around here:

-A beach trip at the end of June
-My brother and his family visiting from Wyoming
-Potty training boot camp (okay, maybe not looking forward to this one but praying we have some success)
-painting my kitchen cabinets
-Jacob's first birthday!

It's going to be a fun summer.....
I love my 3 little boys!