Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Our Evolving Backyard (..and some Easter pictures)

Four Years ago, in April, we moved into this house.  It was a brand new home and the backyard was not landscaped. It was just dirt. Messy, messy dirt.  It has come a long way since then.  Ryan and I have done a lot projects to make it our own.  My sister-in-law (Ryan's only sister) is getting married in our backyard next weekend.  Ryan and I did some more work on our backyard this past week to make it wedding worthy. (I have the sunburn to prove we have been hard at work!)  Here is the progression of our back yard over the past 4 years in pictures:
September 2008
April 2009 
Digging trenches for sprinklers (May 2009)
Rolling our the sod (May 2009)
sprinklers put to use for the first time 
Getting ready to poor concrete (Aug. 2009)
Stamped concrete freshly poured
Building the retaining wall
Ready to start building the patio roof (March 2010)
Planted tons of plants/flowers for the spring

Beginning work on the patio roof
Half way done with the patio roof
Patio roof painted, just needs plastic panelling on top
Roof finished (April 2010)
For the wedding, Ryan and I decided to border out our grass with brick, and add more flowers which required Ryan to install more drip line.  We worked on our backyard all of Thursday afternoon and ALL day Friday and Saturday while the kids were being watched by the grandparents. It's amazing how productive you can be without three kiddos running around!  (Although we did try to start the yard work on Wednesday while the kids played. It was fun to watch them explore, but Ryan and I got nothing done!)

 These pictures are from this past week (Wednesday - Saturday)
Ripping out grass and digging 4" down for the border
Landen discovered a rolly polly (not pictured...Vincent discovering a worm and then pulling it apart until it snapped in half, poor worm :( )
This crate was full and stacked 4 rows high
Getting use out of the kids' wagon

Right side border and added flowers
Left side border and added flowers (Ryan still has to tie up the leaning tree)
Added flowers around the trellis
View from the patio (I'm bummed the roses around the trellis won't be in bloom for the wedding. They are a beautiful pink color. You can see them in the finished patio picture a few pictures up in this post. There are currently only two roses that have bloomed...we still have 4 more days. Come on roses, BLOOM!)
A Panoramic view of the backyard 
I thought this was so funny....On Friday and Saturday, Ryan and I packed up the kids and all the stuff they would need for the day and took them to Grandma and Pi-pa's house. While I was getting Jacob's shoes on, I turned around and this is how Vincent was waiting for us. Notice his "gwasses". He put them on all by himself.

Just chillin' here waitin for you mom


I don't have an overload of pictures from Easter.  We went to church, then to my parents for lunch and naps (for the boys) and then went out to my sister-in-laws dad's house for Easter with Ryan's side. It was a long day but so much fun!

A rare family picture! 

This is the best shot I got of all three of them.....lovely isn't it???

Getting ready to hunt for some eggs

Vincent trying to open his egg
Landen trying to open his egg
 LOVE this one of Jacob and his daddy

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

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