Tuesday, April 23, 2013

9 months

9 months!! How is my little man 9 months?! He is growing up so fast and so MUCH FASTER than his older brothers did.  I was telling Ryan that it is crazy to think that Vincent and Landen were 9 months old when we found out we were pregnant. (And NO this is not me making any sort of announcement and even though it was fun surprising everyone at Vincent and Landen's 1st birthday with pregnancy news we will for sure NOT be making that announcement at Jacob's first birthday.  I promise!) I think back to our reaction when we found out we were going to have another baby. What should have been a "lets freak out" moment was really a "haleluia" moment for us. We had two 9-month olds and we were still so ecstatic that we were going to add another baby to the mix. And we are soooo happy the Lord decided we needed a Jacob.  He fits into this family perfectly and we LOVE the JOY he brings.

Jacob has become super attached to the boys. He wants to be with them and by them all the time.  Which is great because they entertain him for me.  But for about an hour in the afternoon during part of the boys' nap it's just me and Jakey buddy. Which I try to enjoy. But Jacob is a different baby when his big brothers aren't around.  He is very clingy and whiney so we have a lot of one on one time. If I'm not watching him close enough he sneaks down the hallway and makes his way to the boys' room. I've caught him several times sitting by their door sometimes banging on their door as if he's trying to wake them up. It's really cute but I'm really thinking "please don't wake up your brothers Jacob!"

Jacob is doing great in the sleep department! He falls right to sleep when I put him down, rarely does he cry. He sleeps from 8pm to 7am. Nap from 10-12 and from 2-3. (obviously he's a human and a baby so this schedule is give or take 15 or 30 minutes, but it's consistent enough for me to plan around)

When he wakes up from his afternoon nap, the big boys are still sleeping. So he enjoys an uninterrupted bottle :)

He has decided he wants to be two years old like his older brothers, which means.....he wants to eat food. You know, real food. None of this pureed stuff!  We have had several meals lately where he doesn't eat any baby food or pureed food. It's all food from the dinner we are eating! How is this possible!? I guess I can't complain because it does make my life a little easier! And let me tell you...the kid can put it down! Vincent has some competition at the table now! (Please pray for our food budget in 13 years!)

 Jacob also wishes he was two years old in the movement department!! He is now pulling himself up on furniture. Ryan and I have caught him cruising a couple of times and we saw him let go of the toy he was standing by and there he stood for what seemed like 10 seconds, standing up and balancing himself!! I think he will be walking by the time he turns 10 months old!

I love this picture because I have a similar one of Vincent and Landen at the same window 
Just at 8 monhts old his first tooth broke through! I tried to get a good picture of it. Now he has the bottom tooth right next to it just breaking through. Two teeth total at 9 months.

Jacob loves to go "ba-ba-ba" by putting his fist in front of his mouth.  He can now clap his hands. Vincent loves saying "clap Jacob, clap!"

All three boys LOVE bathtime! and Jacob loves to be right in on the action with the bath toys.

 I love watching him giggle. We play chase..."I'm going to get you!" and he gets up on his knees, puts his fists to his mouth, giggles really loud and then turns around and crawls away as fast as his little legs will take him.

But no-one can get him to giggle quite like his brothers can. I Hope these little videos work on this blog. I love listening and watching the big boys making Jacob laugh.

The boys all dressed up for my sister-in-laws wedding this month:

 I had to post this picture. When Vincent and Landen were babies, I had them in this play yard thing a lot. Usually once a day, sometimes twice a day they would have playtime in there.  The other day they were pointing at the folded up play yard and saying "play? mommy... play?" I was a little amazed at what they were asking, but I went along with it. I set it up and ALL 3 of them played in there for an hour!! I couldn't believe it. What did I do with my hour you ask!?! Unfortunately I did some house cleaning, nothing really fun, BUT I enjoyed my uninterrupted time! You know, where I could open the dishwasher without a kid trying to climb in it.  I might have to bust this thing out more often!!

If you don't follow me on intagram these are a few of my pictures documenting what will be a great friendship between brothers I hope! If you want to be annoyed with my massive amount of picture posts follow me on IG :) (hholguin5)

Pretty soon it will be party planning for the big 1 year!! Ryan is back to work, we are looking into getting new flooring in the house and I am knee deep in STUFF around here as I spring clean and reorganize rooms and closets! I'm thinking this summer is going to fly by! Hope to be hanging out will some of you this summer! 

A few more pictures of this cutie...because well...I think he's cute :)

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