Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Terrific (Terrible) Twos!

Two Years ago we welcomed two preemie boys into the world. Kids grow up so fast! You would never know now that they started life out so small.

Today Vincent weighs in at a hefty tanker weight of 34 pounds even. And Landen weighs 25 pounds 11 ounces. 
 Vincent is 35" tall and Landen is 34" tall. (about a 5 inch change in one year!)

Vincent and Landen make us laugh everyday and at the same time frusterate us pretty much every day. No child is perfect and mine are far from it. But in between the temper tantrums and crying fits are moments of pure joy, exploration, comedy and sense of adventure.  They are definately all boy.  Landen burps at the dinner table and Vincent says "oood one!"

We utilize the neighborhood park ALOT!

Some of the things they are saying are just too cute and sometimes hilarious! They repeat ALOT of what we are saying.  I have to jot some words down just so I can remember them in the future.  I will put the real word in parenthesis although I'm sure its pretty obvious.

ooooo whites (lights)
foam (phone)
zeppa (pizza)
oookie (cookie)
sin-scent (Vincent)
fuff-fin (muffin)
baff (bath)
peas (please)
a-roni (either pepperoni or macaroni depending on the situation)
tank-you (thank you)
poon (spoon)

Some things have an extra syllable that magically appears.

sah-wing (swing)
doe-or (door)
tha-ree (three)

Landen is still working on one last tooth, he has got to be the SLOWEST teether ever! 
They LOVE brushing their teeth because it "tickles". They still LOVE the bath and could stay in there for hours. They love books and are starting to notice shapes and colors. Their favorite movies are any of the "Baby Signing Time" movies. "Sine time?! Sine time?!" We hear that daily.  

They learned how to climb out of their cribs about a month ago so they are now in toddler beds. That was an adjustment!! It took a little while for the newness of the beds to wear off and for them to learn to stay in their bed when it was sleep time. Now in the morning when we hear that they are awake we go in and they are usually sitting on the edge of their bed and they say "morning. how you? good." Then they give us a hug and kiss before they go get dressed for the day. They are waking up between 7 and 7:30 in the morning.

I love how Landen randomly goes up to Jacob and says "Awwwww, He's cute"

I love how Vincent likes to rub his lovie or stuffed animal over his face while he says "mmmm, mmmm"

I love how they both respond with "thank you, welcome" sometimes. They cover all their manner bases in one sentence.

I love how they count before they are going to knock over a tower of blocks or jump off of a step: Landen= "one, tha-ree, sec...go" Vincent= "ready, one...nine, go"

I love hearing the boys call their little brother "Jakey"

Ryan and I decided that we wouldn't have big birthday parties for the boys every year. That is just not how we want to spend our money. But we did have a small get together of just family on Saturday the 23rd, their actual birthday. I wasn't even going to do decorations but that day I decided to go get a couple of "bah-yoons". We originally tied them to their back belt loop but Landen threw a nice "terrible two tantrum" over that idea (side note: the terrible twos DO exsist! and they are in my house! Times two!). We got a few pictures and then we tied the balloons to their boot instead. Which Landen liked much better. 

For dinner the adults had sub sandwiches with chips and the kiddos had ZEPPA (pizza)!

We attempted a family picture. This is the best we could come up with: (They don't have problems with their ears I promise! Who knows why this was the pose they decided to come up with. At least they are looking in the general direction of the camera and they are oppositely coordinated)

Our family was so generous with gifts. And the boys loved opening up their "peasants!" 

Books and Pajamas from both of the James in the family

Amazing puzzles and shirts from Holly & Stephen
Train whistles and Conductor hats from Jess, Heather and Ky (handmade whistles!)

Landen was so excited when he blew on the whistle and sound came out!!
Mario and Luigi backpacks and some cute clothes and big boy undies from Eric, Candice and Ethan
 My parents got them summer shoes and a duplo train set and Ryan's parents got them a foldable wagon. Which we already tried out and ALL three boys fit in it! We will be using that this saturday when we go see cousin Ethan play T-ball.
Ryan's sister couldn't be there but she sent them embroidered Cars beach towels and Cars flip flops! Looking forward to swimming with the boys this summer for sure!!

The boys tried out their puzzles while we waited for dessert time.

And Jacob chilled with Grandma. (Don't worry buddy your party is coming up in a few months!)

I made their cake again this year. This cake was a double layered "fun-fetti" cake. And every year I will be putting a "K" somewhere on their cake because it would have been Karissa's birthday too if she were here. We are always thinking about her and she was so sorely missed. <3 K

 The boys devoured the cake. Vincent said forget this...ditched his fork...and dug right in!

They wasted no time spreading their toys all over the living room.

We tried to get a picture of them with their conductor hats on but they didn't quite cooperate. Thank you Jess for such a neat handmade gift!! I'm sure at times the whistles will be put on "off duty" but I'm certain this will be something they keep forever! (And they are personalized with their names!)

They had to end the party day playing with Tom the talking cat on Grammies phone. They love giving the kitty milk! "meee-owww"

Every year on their birthday (give or take a day or two) we will take the boys to Karissa's grave.  We took them last year and I think once they understand who she is it will be a meaningful time for them and the whole family.   I was pretty distracted with the boys, making sure they didn't take flowers off of the other headstones and making sure they stayed on the grass area.  I needed to just take a walk and clear my head and as I was leaving with the boys I really had to fight back the tears when Ryan told the boys to say goodbye to their sister.  "Sister" a term we don't ever say in our home but I'm sure will be used more often someday when they are older and know that she was with them in the womb. My boys have a sister and we all will be reunited again some day!

Life with these three boys is never boring! We are loving every minute of it and boy is it sure flying by!

Update on Jakers:

7 months

He is crawling now!! He is everywhere and loving it!

He is starting to eat some more solid food. He was gnawing on a pickle the other day and eating some steamed broccoli.

These are a few of my favorite pictures from the month of February 

Jacob has started to babble. Mostly saying Da-Da-Da. Heres a video of him crawling. And a video of him "talking"