Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas In Review

Last year at this time we were just getting back from a family trip to Wyoming! It was such a nice time being together with everyone, that it made this year feel like there was something missing, because there was! My brother and his family were not here for Christmas, nor were we able to go see them.  They were definately missed! I'm writing our Christmas in Review so they can feel like they were with us a little over the holiday season. (warning: this is picture overload!) Jess, Heather and Ky...we miss you guys!

Before I start let me just mention TWO things I learned this Christmas.
      One: almost-two-year olds hate to take pictures! They can't sit still, smile and look at the camera all at the same time. Why do we even attempt it???? I don't know.
      Two: I am HORRIBLE at taking pictures during family gatherings :( I need to make more of an effort at this. May be my new years resolution.

We had 5 Christmas gatherings this year.

1. (weekend before Christmas) We drove to Pomona to celebrate with my mom's side.  The car ride was fabulous!! I was SHOCKED. Two toddlers and a baby....5 hours with one stop for dinner... and NO TEARS! As G. Rancic would say: Amaze-balls! I'm very thankful for naps and portable DVD players. (unfortunately my sister and her husband couldn't make it)

We love staying at GG and Gpa's house.

2. Christmas Eve (just our little family of 5...and my parents came over for a little bit since they didn't have anything planned that night)

We got the boys three things: 1) A used Melissa and Doug wooden fruit set (like they are really going to know the difference between new and used) 2) A Mr. Potato head set and 3) Nabi Tablets (they are like a kid friendly ipad)....Jacob didn't get anything from year kiddo, I promise!

Jacob wore the same outfit the boys wore last year on Christmas Eve when they were 10 months old. And it fit Jacob tighter than it did the boys!!

3. Christmas Day. I unfortunately had to work but after work I joined Ryan and the boys at his parents house for a yummy tamale lunch.  We opened gifts and hung out. Again....I'm horrible at taking pictures!!  The only picture I have is this picture of the boys in their matching "A-Mouse" (mickey mouse) PJs sitting in their new recliners from my in-laws! Yes, even Jacob has his own chair.

4. (weekend after Christmas) Christmas with my side.  We attempted family pictures and failed. I got this cute one of my mom showing the boys some ornaments.  We Skyped my brother's family and opened gifts, played some basketball outside, and played some games. 

5. (weekend after New Years) Christmas with my Dad's side. My dad and his siblings rotate hosting Christmas and this year was his turn so all of the family in southern California made the trip north. We had such a fun weekend! I have the most pictures for this celebration due to the help of my cousin who took over the camera for part of the day and started snapping some pics. (Thank you Chelsey!)

I've come to the conclusion that Landen will ALWAYS have a bruise somewhere on his face
My cousins, Morgan and Chandler LOVED handing out gifts. They gave the boys these sweet monkeys. (again...toddlers and pictures don't mix. Vincent and Landen are happy kids I promise! just not when you tell them to "look over here and smile")

And they gave Jacob his very first basketball and my cousin's twins their first baseball and soccerball. OF COURSE we had to get pictures of the babies. You should have heard us all making noises trying to get all three babies to look in one direction. Can you tell they are little bit frightened from all the commotion? 

Cole - Jacob - Faith
Morgan and Chandler were excellent baby entertainers!! Vincent and Landen are still talking about Morgan and "andler". They can't quite get the 'Ch' sound out yet.

My aunt made my Grandmas famous potato salad that my grandma had gotten from her Mother-in-law.  My dad and uncle practically ate it 5 minutes.  Since I don't like potato salad, I will take their word for it that it is delicious.

My dad and his brother Frank

In the afternoon we all went outside for a game of soccer! The highlight of the day! It was beautiful weather and the boys had a great time! Both young and old got in on the action. Even Jacob was out there cheering us on and my sisters fur-baby Roxy. (I must admit I was kind of sore the next day. Used a whole lot of muscles that day that hadn't been used for awhile)

Here is the whole fam. (minus a few people that couldn't make it to Visalia this year)

The very next day Vincent and Landen went to their very first "friend birthday party". It was at a place that had a huge blow up slide. With a little bit of coercing and help up the steps, Landen went down the big slide! His face shows total fear going down, but once he got to the bottom and realized he was okay it was "ya!! uudd job!" and he did it again!  I had two emotions at that moment. I was SO PROUD of him for being so brave and and that same time, I wished I was a kid again so I could go down the slide with him. I guess we are at that point in our lives where we have to live vicariously through our children!

Birthday Boy helping Vincent up the steps
This is as far up as Vincent would go
Total Fear!

I love this face!
*** Here's to NEW adventures in 2013!***

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