Tuesday, January 29, 2013

6 Months


Our baby Jacob, How is it that you are already half of a year old???  I brought you to your 6 month well-baby check up today and every item of clothing you were wearing was size 12 months!
Your Stats:
Height: 28.75 inches
Weight: 20 pounds 15 ounces

(Just to compare to your brothers at 6 mo. V= 18 pounds 9 ounces 27.5 inches L= 15 pounds 8 ounces 26 inches)

I think you are off the charts in adorableness, cuteness, and all-around sweetness but I am your mommy so I have the right to be a little bias.

As of last week you are wearing a size 4 diaper! The same size as your older brother Landen. You are wearing some 9 month clothes but you're starting to get into some 12 month clothes.

In the last couple of months you have started eating food.
For breakfast at 7:00 you have oatmeal and a fruit and finish with a 6 oz. bottle.
For lunch at noon you have a yogurt or fruit and a 5 oz. bottle.
You have another 5 oz bottle around 4:00
For dinner at 6:30 you have a couple mum mums, a veggie with some rice cereal and a 6 oz. bottle.

Your favorite fruit is apple and your favorite veggie is squash but you don't turn any of the others away so I don't think there are any you don't like.

I was very prepared to talk about what a horrible sleeper you are.  You would take three 50 minute naps during the day. Sometimes you would sleep for two hours and surprise us but that was very uncommon and unpredictable. At 4 months you were doing great with sleeping straight through the night until the early morning (5ish) where we would move you to the swing to get a couple more hours of sleep out of you. And then you REGRESSED!! With you being sick most of December and the first part of January your sleep habits got worse!! It was horrible :( you couldn't breath through your nose. You would be up one sometimes two other times during the night for your pacifier and then we would still need to move you to the swing in the morning. (I was getting worried about that swing! It was struggling to swing you!) THEN Grammie babysat you for a whole day and she said you took TWO 2-hour naps for her. I thought wow! he never does that for me. AND THAT VERY NIGHT....you slept through the night...like all the way through....not getting up for your pacifier and not moving to the swing! (I guess its true...sleep begets sleep) You woke up at 6:50 cooing in your crib ready for breakfast! I texted Grammie that morning and wanted to know her secret!!! Now you are taking two naps from 10:00-12:00 and 2:00-4:00 and going to bed at 8:00 and you are sleeping through the night! No more swing! In fact I think we will be packing up the swings here this week. We are so happy you are sleeping better these days!

You are rolling and squirming everywhere! You got up on all fours today rocking back and forth for the first time! You never stay in one place! You know how to wiggle yourself to what ever toy you set your eyes on.

You are starting to crack up at your brothers and they are realizing that you are laughing at them so they purposefully keep doing whatever it was that was making you laugh. (I love watching you and the boys interact)
Your older brothers LOVE you! They want to help with everything. They give you kisses all the time and LOVE to go get you after your nap. Sometimes they run into your room and climb on the side of your crib, this usually startles you and then you get a huge smile on your face. But they do, however, have a hard time sharing their toys with you, especially Vincent...we will have to work on that. (He has a hard time sharing with Landen too, so don't let your feelings be too hurt about it)

You love crossing your ankles. They are crossed in the high chair, on the changing table, when you're laying on the floor, you pretty much have them crossed all the time.
You can sit up now, but not for long periods of time. If I place the boppy behind you, you last a little bit longer before toppling over.

You can hold your own bottle as long as you are laying down or reclined in your high chair. And you get super excited when you see that bottle coming!
You LOVE bath time
You HATE your nose being wipe
You LOVE your lovies (you have two of them)
You HATE being left alone in a room
You LOVE your jumparoo
Your favorite toy is the sophie giraffe

You scream so loud (a happy scream) when we toss you up in the air (not really toss because we never actually let go of you) You love it.

I love your snuggles into my shoulder. You love to nuzzle your face, especially when you're tired.

We call you Jakers, TJ (tank junior), and baby Jacob. We love you so much! Your beautiful happy blue eyes are such a joy to look at.  We are so grateful for you and the blessing God has given us. We are so happy you are you! We couldn't have asked for a happier baby!

p.s. You still spit up a ridiculous amount...I would appreciate it if that stopped...but it has improved a little now that you are eating food and less formula.


  1. He's so cute. Love those bright blue eyes. He sure does look a lot like you and your mom!!

  2. These pictures are gorgeous! Who took them? I love the way you write these updates to Jacob. So sweet!

    1. Becca Tilley (Becca and her Camera) took the photos at her studio on main street :) Can you send me the link to your blog again? It doesn't let me view it any more. hholguin5@yahoo.com Thanks!!