Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fall Happenings

This month we had some visitors from down south. My Aunt and Uncle and cousins came up to meet the newest member of the family. It was so great just hanging out at the house for the day, walking to the park and playing in our backyard.  Morgan and Chandler gave the boys some hand-me-down toys and this awesome little table and chairs that I know the boys will just love using! We tried getting pictures. Decent pictures. You where everyone is at least looking in the general direction of the camera. Almost impossible with two 20 month olds! These were the best:

SIDE NOTE: How is it that in just 6 years these girls grew up so fast!!

September 2006

Jacob wore his outfit we got in the mail from my cousin Anneke who lives in Holland.  It was so sweet of her and Eddy to send a gift.

Jacob is loving his little play mat these days. Which has to be inside the pack-n-play otherwise Vincent and Landen think it is their play mat and poor Jacob gets trampled over.

My grandparents stopped by on their way up north. Of course we take pictures and then Vincent and Landen want to see.

This sweet face is my view while I cook dinner these days. Jacob is seriously such a happy baby this past month. (His first 8 weeks of life not so much) Now he is all smiles and loves to hang out where ever I put him. This bouncer on the kitchen counter is one of the favorite hang out spots.

We are starting to learn how to use utensils. They usually use a smaller plastic spoon for things. But sphaghetti is spaghetti. It's going to make a mess no matter what utensil they use...which ended up being their hands 90% of the time.  We put down a plastic table cloth on the floor and let them have at it. One of the rare occasions that is was okay to play with their food (After they were done I carried them straight to the bathtub!)

We've got the pumpkin patch coming up and of course halloween. Some more fun to post about before the month is over :)

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