Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Meet my 4 month old

Jacob's 2 month stats: 15 lbs 9 oz and 25 inches.....the size of the average 4 month old!!

I told the pediatrician that he has been a hard one for me to figure out. And he pointed out that last time I had preemies and now I have a baby who is off the charts in length and in the ninety-fifth percentile in weight.  Its a mental adjustment for me....there is no comparing him with the twins. He told me I probably wasn't feeding him enough that's why he tends to be more fussy. I was shocked because I feel like I feed him ALOT! But the dr. pointed out that he's a bigger than normal baby, so he will need a bigger than normal feeding. And then he reassured me he is not over weight and it's okay to feed him more. We are adjusting his feedings....yet again....hopefully he stays content longer in between feedings. We are now offering him 8 oz. every 3 hours. He will eat any where between 6 to 7.5 of those oz.! My sister-in-law calls him T.J. (Tank Jr. ...since Vincent is already our Tank :) )

He's not making too much progress in taking longer naps nor is he very close to sleeping through the night....(which by the way I have learned that everyones definition of sleeping through the night is different. My definition is going 12 hours without eating. So Jacob is still getting up to eat once in between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m.)  I'm hoping he drops that feeding sometime this month! That would be AWESOME!

And I think somebody must have read him my last blog post about me hating to hear him cry after I put him down for his nap.  Either that or all that crying it out has really paid off. Because he is going down for his naps like a champ!! no more crying :) He is falling asleep on his own in his crib and I am loving it!

The boys have been so helpful....well as helpful as 19 month olds can be. They bring me his burp rags and boppy pillow when they see me getting his bottle ready.  When they see me swaddling him they come over and say "nigh nigh" and give him a kiss.  The other day Vincent noticed that his pacifier fell out. It was so cute watching him try to put it back into Jacobs mouth.

I have been taking the boys over to my parents at least once a week for the past couple of months to go swimming! My mom found these awesome inner-tube shirts and the boys LOVE jumping off the steps and even going down the slide with me. I have a feeling next summer is going to be awesome!! And we will have to go swimming much more often than once a week.  It has really cooled off at night lately and the water is pretty chilly. I knew last week was probably our last swim so I made sure to get some pictures of my little fishes.


I can't say that the idea was mine. My friend Corinne suggested it to me when I was telling her how I wanted to just walk into the church nursery with my small snap-n-go stroller for Jacob and have the boys walk without me having to drag my big huge stroller in. But I was worried about keeping two toddlers close to the stroller and not running in every direction. She suggested Handles. So my mom and I went to Joanns and found some perfect materials to make these awesome handles!  I can attach them to my stroller, or even a shopping cart, or even put a carabiner on them and attach them to a belt loop or shoulder bag. NO...NO...it is NOT a leash!! The boys can let go at anytime, but they know that when mommy says hold onto the handle they do it or else we don't walk. And its boring to just stand in one place right!?!?

The short strap allows them to walk a little ahead or behind but still keeps them at an arms length!

Last week I picked them up from the nursery at MOPS. Vincent jetted out the nursery door, pushed his way through the crowd of mommies and B-lined it to the stroller...he held onto his handle..and there he stood waiting for me to get there so we could start walking! It was the first day I had used them and I was so excited that it worked so smoothly!

My mom might be adding this on as a little side business!! So contact me if you want one for your toddler!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


It has been 8 wonderful crazy weeks since Jacob entered our lives!  To say it has been a challenge would be an understatement!
I feel like I totally ROCKED being a twin mom.  The boys were on a schedule that was so predictable it made daily planning a cinch! I knew what to expect. When they would eat and when they would be tired.  I would lay them down in their crib and they would fall right to sleep without crying.  Of course there were those few out of control moments: once at my cousins, once at a friends, a couple times at Target. But who doesn't have those, no matter how many babies they have?! I can literally count those times on my fingers. For the most part they were easy babies. My mom kept telling me how they were such good babies and I never truly understood that until now! I had heard the saying "When God blesses you with twins, he blesses you with good babies" For me, that was totally TRUE! Jacob is NOT an easy baby. And I'm so happy there is just one of him! I love him so much, really I do. But two of him would just about do me in.

So I do have a schedule somewhat in place with him and the boys. (I use the swing way more than I would want but hey! I need a little help and if that's what he likes then by all means I'm going to use it!) I wanted to document a day in my life so that I can look back and realize that my schedule probably won't ever be this hectic ever again.....hopefully! (fingers crossed) It is very long...skip it if you get bored!

06:45 get up (earlier if I'm going somewhere and have to look somewhat presentable)
07:00 get Jacob up and feed him and change him for the day. Get him situated in the living room
07:20 start making breakfast
07:30 get boys up, diaper change and dressed for the day.
07:45 at some point during breakfast Jacob will start to get fussy. I try and entertain him until 8:30...all while making sure the boys are actually eating their food and not throwing it on the floor or splattering milk everywhere
8:30 Move the boys to the play area and put Jacob to bed.  Clean up breakfast while listening to Jacob cry for the next 15 minutes (the kid does not go down as nicely as the boys did :( )

MOST of the time they play together really well!!

8:45 get myself something for breakfast.
9:00 Take the next 30 to 45 minutes to get some chores done. I do my daily vacuuming under the table because the GENIUS who designed our house decided to put carpet in the dining room! Idiot! (we will be changing that out sooner rather than later I hope) I usually get a load of laundry started. Empty the trash. Go into Jacobs room a couple of times to try and put him back to sleep. (the kid does not take good naps! :( super sad face) Sometimes I even move him to the swing because he won't stay asleep in his crib for longer than 45 minutes at a time!
9:45 I get the boys out of the play area. Landen usually has a dirty. So all three of us go to the boys' room to change diapers.
10:00 Boys have a snack and water while I feed Jacob a bottle

10:30 to 11:30 I have play time with all three boys. Jacob is usually chilling on the couch as far back as he will go so the boys can't reach him. I read books with Vincent and Landen, build towers, sing songs, keep Jacob happy which sometimes involves moving him to various spots i.e bouncer or swing. OR we spend time outside exploring while jacob chills in his infant carrier in the stroller.
11:30 put Jacob down for a nap and make lunch (listening to Jacob cry while making lunch. I note the crying because it is mentally exhausting having to listen to a baby cry. I know letting him cry it out will pay off in the long run but it is very VERY hard to do. Fortunately the boys never really had to cry it out but with this guy it is for almost every nap and bedtime, except in the middle of the night HALLELUIA!)
12:00 lunch for the boys

PB&J faces

12:30 let the boys run off the last bit of energy while I clean up lunch.
1:00 Change boys' diapers and put them down for a nap. Feed Jacob a bottle.
1:30 While Jacob hangs out on the floor (he finally has floor time without two toddlers running around) I make something for myself for lunch. And enjoy some peace and quiet time

2:30 Put Jacob down for a nap. If he doesn't go right to sleep and starts his crying I move him to the swing that way his crying doesn't wake up the boys up from their nap (Jacob falls right to sleep in the swing and prefers to sleep there EVERY nap if it were up to him!)
2:30-3:45 ME TIME!! I should get somethings done around the house but I usually just end up on the internet (pinterest) or I take a nap or I run on the tread mill. But honestly I usually do the treadmill at night.
3:45 get the boys up from their nap and change their diapers
4:00 boys eat a snack while I feed Jacob a bottle
4:30 play time with the boys! Usually inside. They have a lot of energy so we play tag or play catch with their many plastic balls.
5:00 get the boy's shoes on and put Jacob in the stroller to take our daily walk to the mail box. The boy's do really well staying on the side walk...they just walk SUPER SLOW since they have little toddler legs so this takes a while to go all the way down the street to the mailbox and back. And we stop to explore little things: leaves, flowers, sticks, the neighbor's dogs, etc.

"I push!"

5:30 come in the house and put Jacob down for a nap. Make dinner
6:00 dinner for the boys
6:30 boys play while I clean up dinner
6:45 give Jacob a bath.
7:00 Feed Jacob
7:30 give boys a bath while jacob watches from his bouncer

7:45 pjs, teeth brushed, stories/puzzles, bedtime songs and prayers
8:00 boys in bed and put Jacob to bed.
YESSSSSSSSS! They are all in bed!!! From 8:00-10:00 I clean up the house that at this point looks like a tornado hit it.  Do the dishes. Maybe some laundry. Organize all of the toys in the play yard to get them ready for the boys in the morning. Usually building towers out of blocks and making it look fun rather than a heaped up pile of toys. Run on the treadmill if I didn't get to it earlier. Take a shower.

Ryan makes fun of me for doing this. But don't the toys look like fun rather than a piled up mess?!
10:00 Try to be in bed
12:00 Jacob wakes up...Move him to the swing
2:30 Jacob wakes up...Feed him put him to bed in his crib
5:30 Jacob wakes up...move him to the swing
6:45 I wake up for the day

This is of course how it is when we stay home. And 3 days out of the week I do it by myself. When Ryan is here I have help and between the two of us things go so much quicker leaving us more free time to get things done....or just RELAX

The weekend after Jacob was born I joined weight watchers (my sister went with me and she has been so supportive and such an encouragement to me) I want to get the baby weight off plus an extra 20 pounds on top of that! I don't want my blog or FB posts to be consumed with diet talk or exercise achievements but I will occasionally mention the major milestones that I hope to encounter along the way!

I received a 25lb award! (for losing 25 lbs obviously) The weight is coming off slowly. And I'm okay with slow. Just as long as it is coming off. And if you wonder how I stick to it...^^^^Just read the above schedule. I'm pretty much on my feet all day with little to no time to eat or snack! 3 kids under 2 is the new diet! haha