Sunday, July 15, 2012

Nursery Sneak Peak

I just couldn't wait!....

But then again....It's only a couple more days. I can hold out a little longer for the arrival of our sweet baby before I blow the gender surprise!




I did want to mention that apparently sewing skills skip a generation!! Super SAD for me :( My mother is an excellent seamstress!! She can whip something out no problem.  I saw this super cute Big Bro shirt idea on pinterest (notice how I said idea on pinterest....I'll come back to that in a minute) SO I attempted to try it.....

Fail. Fail. Fail

I ended up trying to zig zag around the letters. Turned out pretty messy, but I think from far away in the pictures you won't be able to see my horrendous sewing skills, just my cute boys holding their new sibling :0)



Holy guacamole.  Maybe since I didn't make it very far into the 3rd trimester last time I didn't have this "nesting" urge.  This time different story!! I have my entire house clean. And by clean I mean, cupboards reorganized, carpets cleaned with a Bissell carpet cleaner I borrowed from my mom, and unfinished projects completed. I don't think I have had my entire house clean all at the same time since before I got pregnant with the triplets.  My house cleaning has been more like in a wave-like motion. It would take me a week to get to all the rooms and by then it was time to start over. If I had this type of drive when I wasn't 50 million pounds too heavy and carrying a ginormous belly around, just think how tidy my house would be! Why do we get this urge when we are so limited!?!  My list of things to do before baby is complete and I feel more than ready to bring a newborn into my home. Just look at this carpet! I've already told the boys several times "now don't stain mommy's carpet! I just cleaned it!"



Okay so back to pinterest.  Ryan officially hates the word.  Apparantely I start too many sentences with "I saw this thing on pinterest I want to try..."  I told him I mainly find DIY stuff and that it saves us money because I'm going to make it myself. To which he responds...if you never saw it in the first place we wouldn't be out ANY money because you wouldn't be making it at all.  Okay fine. BUT pinterest is where I got most of my ideas for the nursery, which is complete except for one project that I want to do with the newborn pictures of the baby. So Thank-you Pinterest :0)!!!



So we made a little trip to the hospital today.  I've had major cramping since wednesday, that would kind of come and go but nothing that I could pin point as being contractions.  But last night (Saturday night) it came and never left. A consistent horrible cramping.  Since Ryan works the next two days, we wanted to go get things checked out to be on the safe side so he could get a game plan for what he was going to do as far as getting time off work.  So I packed my bags this morning and we headed to the hospital while my in-laws watched the boys.  Turns out I'm not dilated but I am having contractions. I was told to go home and come back when my labor progresses but not to wait too long so we can avoid an emergency c-section type situation.  My cramping has been consistent all day but hasn't progressed to anything more than just cramps.  So....I wait. I feel horrible. Like I'm having the worst period ever! But I understand why they don't want to move up my surgery day unless absolutely needed.  I was kind of hoping I would avoid the painful part and just walk in on the day of my surgery and have a baby.  Simple as that.  But that's not the case...oh well...I can survive a few days of cramping if it means I get a beautiful baby at the end of all of this.



I highly recommend these snack cups for toddlers. My boys love the independence of grabbing their own crackers out of their cups.  They know that they have to be sitting on the kitchen floor if they want to have their snack.  As soon as they get up to play they have to hand in their cup! I love it because I'm not finding fishy crackers all over the house and I don't have to constantly tell them to sit down while they eat. They know the rules. These little things make me happy :)

My next post will have a picture of a newborn....Yah!

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  1. I got bellen one of those snack cups, in pink. Thought it was a great idea...but she has WAY too much fun dumping her snack out of it. She likes a good challenge;)