Friday, July 20, 2012

Jacob's Birth Day

Well I didn't end up having a baby on july 19th like originally planned....

On Sunday, the 15th, Ryan and I had gone to L&D at the hospital because I had been having severe cramping that wasn't going away.  According to them, I was having contractions and "uterine irritability" (a.k.a cramps).  They sent me home and told me to come back if my labor progressed, but they wanted me to make it to Thursday for my scheduled c-section because I would be 39 weeks.  So Ryan and I had lunch with his parents when we got home, a friend of mine came over to work on a computer project, and then my sister in law Candice came over to watch the boys while Ryan and I went out to dinner.  We had already had this "last date night" planned and I thought going out would take my mind off of my cramps.  We enjoyed a yummy meal at Red Lobster and some nice time alone chatting about how different life was going to be come Thursday.  I was a little uncomfortable during dinner but nothing different than it had been for the past 24 hours.  We got home, put the boys in bed and relaxed on the couch watching some tv.  We both went to bed around 11:30.  I had a hard time falling asleep, just uncomfortable and crampy.  
My cramps woke me up around 1:00. As I laid there I realized that they were coming and going and this time I could pin point a start and finish to them.  So I got my phone and downloaded an app for counting contractions.  I started recording them and they were 5 and 6 minutes apart. I thought that can't be right?! You don't just start having contractions that are that close together.  So for the next hour and a half I walked back and forth between my bedroom and the living room, trying to get comfortable laying down on the bed or sitting on the couch all while keeping track of my contractions.  Around 3:30 my contraction app was showing them getting closer together and more intense. At this point they were 3 and 4 minutes apart and getting pretty painful.  I decided to wake Ryan up. I needed to make sure this was the 'real deal' before I woke him up because he had to go to work in the morning.  I didn't want to take another trip to the hospital only for them to send us back home again.  He called his mom and we started getting ready to go to the hospital. While we were getting ready to go and waiting for Ryan's mom to get to the house, Ryan was timing my contractions for me. (I don't think he believed I was in labor so he wanted to time them to see for himself)  He confirmed they were coming about 3 minutes apart.  (such a helpful husband, hah!)  
We got to the hospital around 4 am.  They put me on the monitor and checked me. I was only dilated to a 1 but my contractions were now coming 2 minutes apart and I was in PAIN! I had never felt a contraction before with the triplets. And OH man I hope I never have to feel them ever again. They were so painful!! The on-call OB said to take me in for my c-section right away.  Although their "right away" was NOT SOON ENOUGH!! 
I had a nurse putting in my IV, another asking me questions, and another drawing my blood, all while I'm trying to breathe through a painful contraction.  I couldn't concentrate on anything!  They couldn't give me my spinal block until I was on the surgery table, so the whole time we are waiting for lab work, the on-call Dr. to get there, and the anesthesiologist to get things ready...I am trying not to die while I'm suffering through contractions.  It was seriously the longest 2 hours EVER!!  

Somehow Ryan got me to smile...must have been in between contractions.

FINALLY they were wheeling me to the OR.  I got in the surgery room at 6:10.  The Dr. was still in route. So I'm sitting on the surgery table, back hunched over so the anesthesiologist can make marks for the spinal, and trying to breathe through a painful contraction. I was crying from the pain and praying through this whole situation, knowing it would be over soon and I would be meeting my baby in just minutes.  FINALLY the Dr. arrived, they placed my spinal block and I instantly felt relief from the pain.  I laid back and was totally relaxed as they prepped everything. Ryan came in and they started surgery at 6:36. 

This is me anxiously awaiting the sweet sound of a baby crying

 At 6:40 I heard "wow! he's a big baby!" and then the best baby screams and cries ever. He had such a cute wail.  Ryan was taking pictures, I had some tears of relief and happiness. After that I was totally relaxed, in a state of peace and I enjoying every minute!!

Such A big boy!! Jacob Noah: 8 lbs 10 oz and 21.5 inches long.

After they finished stitching me up I was wheeled into a small recovery room for about 45 minutes.  I felt great! Ryan was taking more pictures as Jacob was getting cleaned up.  I texted friends and family a picture of our cute new family member.

I was wheeled to my room.  While they got me situated, they gave Jacob his first bath.  

At this point it is just about 8:00 am.  My parents had headed straight to the hospital when Ryan texted him that I was going into surgery.  So they were there and ready to see their Grandson less than a couple hours old.

Through out the day we had some visitors, Jacob was doing great, and I was feeling fantastic. SUPER tired since I hadn't slept at all that night before but for the most part fantastic.  I noticed a HUGE difference between this c-section compared to my last c-section.  I think it had everything to do with emergency versus non-emergency.  

Some of Jacob's visitors:
Auntie Holly
Uncle Stephen
Grandma and Jacob
Vanessa and Jacob
 Later that day, my mom and dad brought Vincent and Landen to the hopsital.  They weren't too sure of seeing me in the bed.  They were kind of reluctnant to sit with me. But as soon as my mom put Jacob on a pillow in front of them, they were  in awe of him.  They just checked him out. And even gave him some kisses.  It was so AWESOME seeing them with their new baby brother.  I am so looking forward to raising these three boys.

This is a moment in my life I will never forget

Landen Kisses
Vincent Kisses

Ryan is pretty excited to be Daddy to 3 boys too...

Tuesday morning I got the okay from both the pediatrician and my OB that if I felt up to it I could go home that evening.  I was surprised that I only had to be in the hospital 36 hours after surgery but at the same time, I felt really good and was ready to be at home with all my boys.
We had a few more visitors during the day, including my granparents who made the trip from Pomona to see their newest great grandchild.

G.G. and G-pa with great grandson

I was home tuesday evening around 6:30.  The first two nights were rough but now we are settled in, Jacob is doing great and the boys are loving their new brother.

Whenever Jacob cries or grunts, the boys look at us and say "wassat?! wassat?!" (what's that?)

They try peaking at him in the pack-n-play or watching him in his swing

The swing is caged in...also known as "Jacob's escape"

This is Jacob's first time in his crib (night #2 at home)

Having Jacob....a full term baby, has truly put into perspective how little Vincent and Landen were when we brought them home.  Jacob is wearing NB clothing but he won't be in them for very long.  I put this outfit on him today (5 days old) and then I found a picture of Vincent and Landen wearing the same outfit and they were 7 weeks old, Almost 2 months!  Crazy!! There is NO WAY Jacob will be wearing this at 2 months old.

People are saying Jacob looks like a Rollema!!! Finally I have a baby that resembles my side somewhat.  Can't wait to watch this little one grow up.  
I just have to post a few more sweet pictures of our bundle of joy. We just love him! We are so grateful he made his arrival into this world and will forever be apart of our family and in our hearts.  He's our early bird and we love him :o)

Sun Bathing

Sweet Smiles

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Nursery Sneak Peak

I just couldn't wait!....

But then again....It's only a couple more days. I can hold out a little longer for the arrival of our sweet baby before I blow the gender surprise!




I did want to mention that apparently sewing skills skip a generation!! Super SAD for me :( My mother is an excellent seamstress!! She can whip something out no problem.  I saw this super cute Big Bro shirt idea on pinterest (notice how I said idea on pinterest....I'll come back to that in a minute) SO I attempted to try it.....

Fail. Fail. Fail

I ended up trying to zig zag around the letters. Turned out pretty messy, but I think from far away in the pictures you won't be able to see my horrendous sewing skills, just my cute boys holding their new sibling :0)



Holy guacamole.  Maybe since I didn't make it very far into the 3rd trimester last time I didn't have this "nesting" urge.  This time different story!! I have my entire house clean. And by clean I mean, cupboards reorganized, carpets cleaned with a Bissell carpet cleaner I borrowed from my mom, and unfinished projects completed. I don't think I have had my entire house clean all at the same time since before I got pregnant with the triplets.  My house cleaning has been more like in a wave-like motion. It would take me a week to get to all the rooms and by then it was time to start over. If I had this type of drive when I wasn't 50 million pounds too heavy and carrying a ginormous belly around, just think how tidy my house would be! Why do we get this urge when we are so limited!?!  My list of things to do before baby is complete and I feel more than ready to bring a newborn into my home. Just look at this carpet! I've already told the boys several times "now don't stain mommy's carpet! I just cleaned it!"



Okay so back to pinterest.  Ryan officially hates the word.  Apparantely I start too many sentences with "I saw this thing on pinterest I want to try..."  I told him I mainly find DIY stuff and that it saves us money because I'm going to make it myself. To which he responds...if you never saw it in the first place we wouldn't be out ANY money because you wouldn't be making it at all.  Okay fine. BUT pinterest is where I got most of my ideas for the nursery, which is complete except for one project that I want to do with the newborn pictures of the baby. So Thank-you Pinterest :0)!!!



So we made a little trip to the hospital today.  I've had major cramping since wednesday, that would kind of come and go but nothing that I could pin point as being contractions.  But last night (Saturday night) it came and never left. A consistent horrible cramping.  Since Ryan works the next two days, we wanted to go get things checked out to be on the safe side so he could get a game plan for what he was going to do as far as getting time off work.  So I packed my bags this morning and we headed to the hospital while my in-laws watched the boys.  Turns out I'm not dilated but I am having contractions. I was told to go home and come back when my labor progresses but not to wait too long so we can avoid an emergency c-section type situation.  My cramping has been consistent all day but hasn't progressed to anything more than just cramps.  So....I wait. I feel horrible. Like I'm having the worst period ever! But I understand why they don't want to move up my surgery day unless absolutely needed.  I was kind of hoping I would avoid the painful part and just walk in on the day of my surgery and have a baby.  Simple as that.  But that's not the case...oh well...I can survive a few days of cramping if it means I get a beautiful baby at the end of all of this.



I highly recommend these snack cups for toddlers. My boys love the independence of grabbing their own crackers out of their cups.  They know that they have to be sitting on the kitchen floor if they want to have their snack.  As soon as they get up to play they have to hand in their cup! I love it because I'm not finding fishy crackers all over the house and I don't have to constantly tell them to sit down while they eat. They know the rules. These little things make me happy :)

My next post will have a picture of a newborn....Yah!