Friday, June 29, 2012

Twin Fireman Room!

The boys have officially moved out of the nursery and into their room. This is the room they will share until they go to make yourselves at home boys!

Before I post pictures I just want to say a HUGE thank you to my mom and my dad and my hubby Ryan who have made some pretty awesome things for this room! Which make it sooo special.

Today also happens to be SUYL kids rooms on Kelly's Korner blog. I was going to do this post today regardless but now I can Link-Up! So welcome visitors!!

So here is the new room!

On the short wall as you open the door there's a picture of DADDY! He's all geared up and working hard. I LOVE that it is Ryan in the picture.

Here is what you see on the left side of the room:

The charcoal drawing was a college assignment for one of Ryan's art classes back in 2004.  I bet he would be AMAZED if he was told back then that he was creating some art work for the bedroom of his future twin boys!

My Awesome sister did this stitchery for our house back when we moved in 3 years ago. It's beautiful and she is so talented!  I'm so happy the boys get to have it in their room.

The shelf above the crib (this is Vincent's side of the room) Has an engine puzzle Ryan got as a gift and then we glued it after we built it. I still have to get a backing for that frame so the puzzle is really just resting against the wall for now.

On the left side of the crib is this awesome frame with hooks (thank you Hobby Lobby) with pictures of my cute little firemen.

In the corner is the big plastic fire engine and fire hydrant I bought from a friend, mainly for the boys' 1st birthday, but I think it will make a great place for the boys to play and/or store their toys. My Awesome dad made the wooden crate in the corner for the hydrant to sit on.

I had a red down quilt on the guest bed and my mom had the most WONDERFUL idea of cutting it in half and finishing the edges off with soft black fabric to make two toddler size blankets!! I love the simple look and with the extra black fabric she made pillow covers for their mini size pillows. (Right now they are just decoration but I'm sure they will actually use them as a pillow someday)

Landen's crib is actually on the right side of the room.  Here's a picture of the right side:

My SUPER TALENTED DAD made the Ladder/Shelf above Landen's crib (and the shelf above Vincent's crib already pictured). Right now they don't realize it but they will know one day, that their Grandpa made that for them.

(I made the vinyl saying but I stole the words from the internet :) )
The bookshelf unit is kind of serving as a dresser for the time being. Some of their clothes, their shoes, and their socks are in the black bins.  Just because we are hoping to purchase captain beds for the boys when they graduate out of the toddler beds and we didn't want to buy a dresser only to not need it later in the future.

The top two shelves of the book case are my favorite: The stitcheries were made by my sister and I love the twin willow tree figurines. The two brown bears were given to them from Hinds Hospice who also gave Karissa a pink one just like it. Hers is in her casket. Those bears mean a lot to me.

AND I did an DIY project (that I got a tutorial for off of pinterest) And I LOVE the way it turned out!

An oversized ruler used as a growth chart. I puposefully put the dents in the wood to give it character. The boys have their first marks on it, their height at 1 year. 2/2012

I wish I could say the transition has been great! but the boys are having a little bit of a struggle adjusting.  They hardly ever cry when its time for nap or bed time but with the new room there is a little bit of whining when its time to go in their crib. Give it a few days I'm sure they will get used it.

In the nursery I alway sat them on the glider while we read our bedtime book, sang a song and said our prayers. This is what they did the first time in their new room:

They wanted to sit in the fire engine before bed time! HaHa.  I read them their book while they pretended to drive the fire truck.

Looking at this picture....I think my Mother-in-law is right....time for "operation get rid of the pacifier"  We will have to give them a little while to adjust to the room before we start that but I think it will be something we will work on before the new baby is here. Wish us luck!

I've started on the nursery this week....and I'm getting giddy excited for the baby to arrive. Less that 3 weeks!


  1. Oh Heidi, you are soooo creative! It turned out so cute!
    Good luck getting rid of the pacifiers...the first 3 nights for Joel were the hardest but after that, he didn't even ask for it. You can do it! =)

    1. Thanks Sheryl! We have limited it to just naps and bedtime. So far so good. A few tears when we have to leave it in the crib but by the time they are playing they forget all about it. And when I have to go somewhere, it is sooo nice not having to make sure I have one for them in the car. NOPE no pacifier needed! Not sure when we will try sleep time without it. Thanks for the encouragement =)

  2. Their room is amazing!! Everything looks absolutely perfect. :) I really love that ladder shelf your dad made and the ruler growth chart... that's so cool!

  3. This room is so so cute. Such creativity! {new follower of your adorable blog} :)

    1. Thank you Shannon! I have actually been following your blog for a few months now =)

  4. I love this!! What a great theme for their room!!

  5. This is so cute! And what a great way to tie in their dad's occupation. My husband is a computer programmer so it would be a VERY boring room over here!