Thursday, June 21, 2012

My emotions....

...are out of control!!! Maybe since I never got very far into the third trimester with the triplets, I was never affected by these hormones or something. Geez....this last month has been crazy and I know it's all pregnancy hormones! I'm always telling myself to get a grip!

First of all, what makes a pregnancy the only time people seem to think its socially acceptable to comment on a woman's size?! I mean you wouldn't go up to a non-pregnant women and tell her she's big. Why would you do that to a hormonal pregnant lady!?  The worst comment for me....(which I'm getting too much), is "are you sure you're not having twins again?" ugh! That gives me pain in my heart!  First of all, I never had twins I had triplets and second of all, thanks for calling me huge!

I had a coworker tell me "you get bigger every week that I see you" uhhhh....duh!? Did you think I was going to shrink??

I'm also getting emotional about being able to love this new little one as much as I love Vincent and Landen. This feeling/paranoia is new.  I just started having these thoughts and maybe its because the due date is fast approaching.  I mean, I've heard my friends talk about how the decision to have another one was hard because they didn't want another child to affect their relationship with their first born.  Even though I have two kids already, I have those feelings too. How am I going to show this newborn the same love I have for Vincent and Landen?

Sometimes I feel like "Ahhh D-day is almost here, so much to do!!" and sometimes I feel like "Ahhh D-day can't come soon enough!" A very emotional roller coaster ride, I'm tellin' ya!

And the thing affecting my emotions most of all is Ryan's work.  The summer fire season has never been easy for me. Ryan's work schedule is so unpredictable and can change at any given moment, depending on fires.  But the reasons why it is difficult for me have changed a little over the years.  When there is a fire and he can't come home, Ryan thinks two things: "YES! a fire...FUN. and YES! overtime...MONEY."  I think differently.  When we were newly married I thought I have to go to this wedding alone, or I guess I'll watch a movie tonight by myself instead of going out with the hubby.  As a new mom last year, I kind of felt more sorry for him than myself. Poor Ryan he probably misses the babies. This time....When Ryan texted me Tuesday night saying he wouldn't be home Wednesday morning...waterworks (hormonal I tell ya!).  This time I'm thinking "I won't have help! or be able to get some of my house clean or my errands done" (Ryan is still not home btw. I'm functioning on survival mode. Nobody come over because you WILL find dust, lots of it, and laundry and dishes.)

ok. enough ranting about my hormones and emotions. Onto the fun stuff.

A couple weeks ago my mom, my sister and I threw a shower for my cousin Chelsey who is expecting boy/girl twins sometime in September. It was so fun getting creative!! We did an owl theme with a gray and yellow color scheme.  I designed the invitations (Maybe I'll post about my little side business called Double H Ink someday soon)

Front of the invitation

The party favors. Tag says: "Thank you for coming! It's been a HOOT!"

Table decorations. There were many little hanging owls like the blurry one in the picture

Owl Cupcakes. Both girl and boy owls!

Lemons, lemonade and yellow striped straws...sticking with the color scheme

My mom, My sister, Chelsey (the momma-to-be) and Me
Cute Presents!
Chelsey at 22 weeks and Me at 33 weeks.
I can't believe...between the two of us we will have 5 kids this year at our family Chistmas!

The boys and I have been spending sometime outside.  Usually in the mornings to avoid the heat.  Here are a few fun pictures of their time in the water. (I love it because they get so worn out that nap time is at least 3 hours long!)

Vincent just stuck his face in the bucket of water

Landen barely taking a second to stop for me to take a picture. Such a busy boy!


  1. Heidi, Your boys are darling! You are in my thoughts as you get close to D-day!-Melissa

  2. I can remember...several years ago:), feeling that same way about bringing in another baby to the family. Actually feeling "sorry" for Meran that she'd have to share me. But, as you will soon see...your heart grows, each time you give birth & your giving a gift to your boys as well! Enjoy these last few days, but MUCH more JOY is to come! Hugs!

    1. Thank You Britton! I want four kids too and I know you love your Bellen just as much as Meran and the's hard to imagine, but I look forward to having all that LOVE for me ENTIRE family. Whenever that day may be. I'm looking forward to my heart growing :) Thank you for your encouragement