Friday, June 29, 2012

Twin Fireman Room!

The boys have officially moved out of the nursery and into their room. This is the room they will share until they go to make yourselves at home boys!

Before I post pictures I just want to say a HUGE thank you to my mom and my dad and my hubby Ryan who have made some pretty awesome things for this room! Which make it sooo special.

Today also happens to be SUYL kids rooms on Kelly's Korner blog. I was going to do this post today regardless but now I can Link-Up! So welcome visitors!!

So here is the new room!

On the short wall as you open the door there's a picture of DADDY! He's all geared up and working hard. I LOVE that it is Ryan in the picture.

Here is what you see on the left side of the room:

The charcoal drawing was a college assignment for one of Ryan's art classes back in 2004.  I bet he would be AMAZED if he was told back then that he was creating some art work for the bedroom of his future twin boys!

My Awesome sister did this stitchery for our house back when we moved in 3 years ago. It's beautiful and she is so talented!  I'm so happy the boys get to have it in their room.

The shelf above the crib (this is Vincent's side of the room) Has an engine puzzle Ryan got as a gift and then we glued it after we built it. I still have to get a backing for that frame so the puzzle is really just resting against the wall for now.

On the left side of the crib is this awesome frame with hooks (thank you Hobby Lobby) with pictures of my cute little firemen.

In the corner is the big plastic fire engine and fire hydrant I bought from a friend, mainly for the boys' 1st birthday, but I think it will make a great place for the boys to play and/or store their toys. My Awesome dad made the wooden crate in the corner for the hydrant to sit on.

I had a red down quilt on the guest bed and my mom had the most WONDERFUL idea of cutting it in half and finishing the edges off with soft black fabric to make two toddler size blankets!! I love the simple look and with the extra black fabric she made pillow covers for their mini size pillows. (Right now they are just decoration but I'm sure they will actually use them as a pillow someday)

Landen's crib is actually on the right side of the room.  Here's a picture of the right side:

My SUPER TALENTED DAD made the Ladder/Shelf above Landen's crib (and the shelf above Vincent's crib already pictured). Right now they don't realize it but they will know one day, that their Grandpa made that for them.

(I made the vinyl saying but I stole the words from the internet :) )
The bookshelf unit is kind of serving as a dresser for the time being. Some of their clothes, their shoes, and their socks are in the black bins.  Just because we are hoping to purchase captain beds for the boys when they graduate out of the toddler beds and we didn't want to buy a dresser only to not need it later in the future.

The top two shelves of the book case are my favorite: The stitcheries were made by my sister and I love the twin willow tree figurines. The two brown bears were given to them from Hinds Hospice who also gave Karissa a pink one just like it. Hers is in her casket. Those bears mean a lot to me.

AND I did an DIY project (that I got a tutorial for off of pinterest) And I LOVE the way it turned out!

An oversized ruler used as a growth chart. I puposefully put the dents in the wood to give it character. The boys have their first marks on it, their height at 1 year. 2/2012

I wish I could say the transition has been great! but the boys are having a little bit of a struggle adjusting.  They hardly ever cry when its time for nap or bed time but with the new room there is a little bit of whining when its time to go in their crib. Give it a few days I'm sure they will get used it.

In the nursery I alway sat them on the glider while we read our bedtime book, sang a song and said our prayers. This is what they did the first time in their new room:

They wanted to sit in the fire engine before bed time! HaHa.  I read them their book while they pretended to drive the fire truck.

Looking at this picture....I think my Mother-in-law is right....time for "operation get rid of the pacifier"  We will have to give them a little while to adjust to the room before we start that but I think it will be something we will work on before the new baby is here. Wish us luck!

I've started on the nursery this week....and I'm getting giddy excited for the baby to arrive. Less that 3 weeks!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

My emotions....

...are out of control!!! Maybe since I never got very far into the third trimester with the triplets, I was never affected by these hormones or something. Geez....this last month has been crazy and I know it's all pregnancy hormones! I'm always telling myself to get a grip!

First of all, what makes a pregnancy the only time people seem to think its socially acceptable to comment on a woman's size?! I mean you wouldn't go up to a non-pregnant women and tell her she's big. Why would you do that to a hormonal pregnant lady!?  The worst comment for me....(which I'm getting too much), is "are you sure you're not having twins again?" ugh! That gives me pain in my heart!  First of all, I never had twins I had triplets and second of all, thanks for calling me huge!

I had a coworker tell me "you get bigger every week that I see you" uhhhh....duh!? Did you think I was going to shrink??

I'm also getting emotional about being able to love this new little one as much as I love Vincent and Landen. This feeling/paranoia is new.  I just started having these thoughts and maybe its because the due date is fast approaching.  I mean, I've heard my friends talk about how the decision to have another one was hard because they didn't want another child to affect their relationship with their first born.  Even though I have two kids already, I have those feelings too. How am I going to show this newborn the same love I have for Vincent and Landen?

Sometimes I feel like "Ahhh D-day is almost here, so much to do!!" and sometimes I feel like "Ahhh D-day can't come soon enough!" A very emotional roller coaster ride, I'm tellin' ya!

And the thing affecting my emotions most of all is Ryan's work.  The summer fire season has never been easy for me. Ryan's work schedule is so unpredictable and can change at any given moment, depending on fires.  But the reasons why it is difficult for me have changed a little over the years.  When there is a fire and he can't come home, Ryan thinks two things: "YES! a fire...FUN. and YES! overtime...MONEY."  I think differently.  When we were newly married I thought I have to go to this wedding alone, or I guess I'll watch a movie tonight by myself instead of going out with the hubby.  As a new mom last year, I kind of felt more sorry for him than myself. Poor Ryan he probably misses the babies. This time....When Ryan texted me Tuesday night saying he wouldn't be home Wednesday morning...waterworks (hormonal I tell ya!).  This time I'm thinking "I won't have help! or be able to get some of my house clean or my errands done" (Ryan is still not home btw. I'm functioning on survival mode. Nobody come over because you WILL find dust, lots of it, and laundry and dishes.)

ok. enough ranting about my hormones and emotions. Onto the fun stuff.

A couple weeks ago my mom, my sister and I threw a shower for my cousin Chelsey who is expecting boy/girl twins sometime in September. It was so fun getting creative!! We did an owl theme with a gray and yellow color scheme.  I designed the invitations (Maybe I'll post about my little side business called Double H Ink someday soon)

Front of the invitation

The party favors. Tag says: "Thank you for coming! It's been a HOOT!"

Table decorations. There were many little hanging owls like the blurry one in the picture

Owl Cupcakes. Both girl and boy owls!

Lemons, lemonade and yellow striped straws...sticking with the color scheme

My mom, My sister, Chelsey (the momma-to-be) and Me
Cute Presents!
Chelsey at 22 weeks and Me at 33 weeks.
I can't believe...between the two of us we will have 5 kids this year at our family Chistmas!

The boys and I have been spending sometime outside.  Usually in the mornings to avoid the heat.  Here are a few fun pictures of their time in the water. (I love it because they get so worn out that nap time is at least 3 hours long!)

Vincent just stuck his face in the bucket of water

Landen barely taking a second to stop for me to take a picture. Such a busy boy!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Swim Time!!

These are my little swimming fishes last year.....what a difference a year makes!!!

The boys went swimming yesterday for the first time this summer in my mom's pool. My sister-in-law Heather and nephew Kyston were in California for a quick visit. So we had to take advantage of some cousin time.

Kyston and Vincent
Kyston and Landen

 We will be going swimming again soon!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Farther Than I've Ever Been

Today I am 33 weeks pregnant! I had the triplets at 32 weeks 6 days (so that would have been yesterday in this pregnancy)  So I've never made it this far before!!! Yippee!!  I had an ultrasound last week and they are estimating this baby to be over 5 lbs already!! Vincent was born at 4lbs 15 oz!! I'm thinking we won't be needing preemie clothes this time around. :0) In fact they are estimating this baby to be close to 9 lbs by the time I deliver!
My Dr. feels my previous 3rd trimester demise was solely because of a high risk multiple pregnancy but just to be on the safe side I have started NSTs (non-stress tests) on the baby.  I will be doing these weekly. They monitor heart rate and movement.  So far so good! I'm enjoying all the movement this time around. The poor triplets had no room to move. But this time I feel and see the baby moving all the time!

Don't read into the colors of the straps. They are both pink and no hint there!

I do think some people don't understand why we are not telling the gender of our baby. Honestly, I feel people put way to much emphasis on WHAT the baby is. All that matters is that the baby arrives alive and healthy.  Having the experience of a third trimester loss, I think makes me more aware of the uncertainty that comes with a pregnancy.  People assume once your past the first trimester you are in the "safe zone"... I know different.  I think know this is why I haven't really started on the baby's nursery.  Maybe for a couple reasons I haven't started. One because like I said there are no gaurentees that this little one will be here until he/she is here alive and kicking.  Don't get me wrong, I don't regret preparing for Karissa. I appreciate all the gifts that were given to me in preparation for my little girl and for all the things we have that are hers. But I know this time around, I feel like I have all the essentials and once this baby is here then we will have time to make it's space special for him/her.  The second reason I have been dragging my feet on preparing the nursery is Karissa. The room is set up as a triplet nursery and once I move the boys into their own room, I feel like it will no longer have a hint of her in there. I know they will always be triplets but it made me sad, in a way, to separate them.  In the last month I did get started. And I'm still working on the boy's room and hope to have that done in the next couple weeks.  I will post pictures of their "firefighter" room as soon as I get it done.  I hope it turns out as cute as I have it pictured in my mind!  I also started taking some things down out of the nursery.  I made a collage of Karissa's things and put them up in my room. It turned out just as I wanted it to and is a special thing for Ryan and I to still see everyday.

The top section has the NICU sign I had made for her.  Her ultrasound profile picture and the picture with all 3 of our hands together on her birthday.  A little pink fabric diaper with her foot prints.  There is a knitted rose.  She was actually given two, she has the other one is buried with her. And her beanie that my grandma had made for her

The dragon fly is from the "Triple the Blessings" saying I had on the wall. Her dragon fly was the one in the middle. It has some scroll work on it to make it girly. I just couldn't part with it.  And the precious moments bear was a 1 year birthday gift to her when the boys turned 1.  My brother in law Eric and Sister in law Candice gave it to her. And it says the "now I lay me down to sleep" prayer. The prayer we said for her at her funeral and a prayer I say with the boys every night.

Ryan had ordered personalized onesies for all 3 babies (before he knew the outcome of the pregnancy) It is so special to have something with her name on it. Here are the boys wearing them at 3 months old.

The stitchery was made by my sister. She was so sweet and put "Karissa Marie In heaven with Jesus" The boys have the same ones, but in blue obviously, and they will have theirs in their room.

I only have 6 weeks to go!!!

We are headed to L.A. this weekend for family get togethers and then once we get back, then its major "operation boys room"!! I need to get them moved into their new room pronto. Pictures coming soon!