Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lovin' this time of Year!

One of my favorite things about spring and's baseball season!! Ryan and I love watching baseball. And of course we hope someday our boys will love playing baseball.  My nephew, Ethan is playing for the city this year and his parents coached his team. Ryan is busy covering stations while crews are out of county for San Diego and Riverside fires. But I was able to take the boys out to a game and cheer Ethan on. (I can pretty much only handle one outing a day.  Being 8 months pregnant and getting two 15 month olds out of the house is a real energy drainer! Hah!)  Even though Ethan plays on the Braves....the boys had to sport their Daddy's team, the A's!

Watching with Grandma
Ethan waiting his turn to bat
Vincent and Pi-pa
Wearing the Braves hat! (Ryan don't be mad ;) )

The boys with their cousin Ethan

Last week we went to my brother-in-laws college graduation from Fresno State.  We are so proud of him for getting his degree! Congrats James!!

Uncle James!

Ryan with his brothers and sister

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