Thursday, May 31, 2012

15 Months

Vincent and Landen, I can not believe you are 15 months old already!! You have done sooo many new things in the last few months including walking and even some talking.  And in less than 2 months you will be big brothers!

This is what you are up to at 15 months

25 lbs 2 oz
31.75 inches tall

You have four top front teeth and four bottom front teeth and have been drooling like crazy because you are working on your bottom molars.

20 lbs 6 oz
30.75 inches tall

You are finally getting in your top four front front teeth and you still just have your bottom two teeth. To be honest, your teeth look kind of funky right now but your smile is oh so cute!!
Here's a shot of your current teeth situation.

You both have become so attached to your "lovies" the bear blankets that your Great Auntie Lorrie gave you. I think it is so cute how you grab them out of your cribs, yanking the head through the crib slats and then dragging them down the hall behind you.  And of course you love to chew on them. It seems like just yesterday we had your 6 mo. pictures taken with them and at that point you guys hardly played with them and they still looked brand new!  BTW they are called your "lovies" and it will stay that way. Ryan keeps trying to call them your "girlfriends" and that is NOT okay! (No girlfriends until after college! )

You both eat so well! Pretty much anything and everything we give you, you eat.  The pediatrician said you will more than likely go through an appetite suppression where you will like it one day and then the next day you won't. But for now we are enjoying such great appetites!  You get all your liquids (milk, juice and water) by sippy cup. NO more bottles!!  We cut those out cold turkey beginning of April.

During the month of March you both worked hard on walking and by April you pretty much had it perfected.  It is so fun now that you can walk. You play chase with each other which becomes a giggle fest.  And you are constantly falling and tripping over toys, furniture and even your own feet.  You both have bruises everywhere! Such boys.

You are still on the same schedule that you were on at a year.  I just looked back at that post and everything is still the same! Although I think you guys might be dropping that second nap here in the next few months. Just have a feeling.

Since you guys are walking and starting to recognize words it has made my life sooooo much easier!!
I say lets eat...and there you both go to your high chairs.
I say bath...and you both go to the bathroom while saying "baaa baaa"
I say nap time...and you both go to your room saying "nigh nigh"
I seriously should have this on video tape. You can literally be in the middle of playing so well with your toys and all I have to say is that its naptime and you both drop what you're doing and b-line it to the hallway. I'm sure this won't last forever but man I am loving it right now!!

We are still working on sign language. "more" "eat" "please" "thank you" "all done""milk" these are the few signs you guys are doing.

Landen you are saying more words than Vincent and you do a really good job at repeating what we say. Vincent you are slower at picking up words to say but man you can babble. And I'm sure it is a really good story in baby language!

As soon as any song from the show "The Freshbeat Band" comes on, you guys are in the middle of the living room dancing and bouncing your little booties up and down.  You can be down the hall, by the front door, or in the kitchen but as soon as you hear the music you are headed to the TV for some dance time!

I can't wait to see you interact with the new baby in July! You are so much fun and you make us laugh everyday!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lovin' this time of Year!

One of my favorite things about spring and's baseball season!! Ryan and I love watching baseball. And of course we hope someday our boys will love playing baseball.  My nephew, Ethan is playing for the city this year and his parents coached his team. Ryan is busy covering stations while crews are out of county for San Diego and Riverside fires. But I was able to take the boys out to a game and cheer Ethan on. (I can pretty much only handle one outing a day.  Being 8 months pregnant and getting two 15 month olds out of the house is a real energy drainer! Hah!)  Even though Ethan plays on the Braves....the boys had to sport their Daddy's team, the A's!

Watching with Grandma
Ethan waiting his turn to bat
Vincent and Pi-pa
Wearing the Braves hat! (Ryan don't be mad ;) )

The boys with their cousin Ethan

Last week we went to my brother-in-laws college graduation from Fresno State.  We are so proud of him for getting his degree! Congrats James!!

Uncle James!

Ryan with his brothers and sister