Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Has Sprung!!

To get our backyard ready for hosting Easter this year, Ryan and I took boys to the nursery to pick out some flowers and a few plants (to replace the ones that didn't survive the winter) and had a yard work afternoon. Which believe me...being 6 months pregnant is a back breaker!!! We moved the boys' play-yard outside and they LOVED playing under the patio roof. Ryan kept telling them to enjoy it, because in a few years THEY would be the ones doing the yard work! HA!

My sister, Holly and Bro-in-law Stephen hosted a little family Easter dinner saturday night because they were headed out for a mini vacay right after Easter Sunday service the next day. We enjoyed a yummy dinner with just the Rollemas! (Minus Jess' family....we missed you guys.)

Uncle Stephen and V

Auntie Holly and V
My parents gave the boys bouncy balls for Easter. They are the perfect size!! And when I say they LOVE them....that is an understatement!! They LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!

Landen and his bouncy ball
Vincent having a good time

Both of the boys loved playing with Grammie's necklace.

Grandpa and V
On Sunday we had all of Ryan's family over for Easter. We had BBQ and an easter egg hunt.  It was so fun watching the boys. They didn't quite know what they were supposed to do....but it didn't take them long to figure out that those eggs opened and there was something fun inside!!

(just a side is VERY HARD to get two one year olds to look AND smile at the camera, at the same time!)

Their hair was nice for church in the morning.....and then naps happened :)

Landen says "what do have there Vincent?"

Auntie Candice took Landen around the yard searching for eggs. And I took Vincent around but he was pretty content with his one egg.

Auntie Candice & Landen

Mommy and Vincent

"Look what I have!!"

 Landen had to check out all the eggs cousin Ethan had collected!

Mommy Moment:

So you know how people say that kids grow up so fast. Can't we just freeze time or slow it down?! I'm anxious for my boys to learn and experience new things but here are THREE things that have me saying "How did they grow up soooo fast?!?!" 

1. The past few weeks the boys have pretty much perfected walking. WALKING!

2. This morning I went down to a local charter school to put them on the waiting list for Kindergarten! KINDERGARTEN!! (Ryan and I can't afford to send them to a private school so I'm trying to get them into a small charter school. Kids are on the waiting list as early as a week old! So believe it or not, I'm a little behind getting them on the list, even though they are only one!) We are praying the Lord will guide us to the right school for our babies.

and 3. The boys have graduated to BIG BOY carseats!! They love the fact that they aren't crammed into those infant carriers anymore and they can see where we are going! again....How did they get so big!??!

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  1. Hahah I love Ryan's gardening comment! When Jake takes his lawnmower out, Joel always says he better start practicing for in a few years! hehe Boys are so fun! Yours are getting so big and so cute! I love this age, don't you??