Monday, April 16, 2012

My Boys Are Back!!

Excuse me, while I complain....just a tad....
So after surviving the flu in January, we got a second round of it last week.  Starting Thursday with Landen, then me, then Ryan.  And with the disruption of the schedule due to the flu, my boys were NOT themselves. My sweet boys went somewhere, and in their place were a couple of whining, crying, fit throwing babies!  I can now say after 15 months of life, I have had a "dear Jesus, give me patience" type of mommy moment. This was saturday afternoon. The boys always, and I mean ALWAYS take a 1.5 hr nap in the morning and then go down again at 2:30 for a 2 hour afternoon nap. They have always been schedule babies. And they have always followed their schedule pretty consistently. (this keeps me sane :0) ) At 2:30 I put them to bed.........3:00 still noises coming from the room, goofing off, throwing pacifiers and lovies out of their crib. 3:30 still hear talking from the room. FINALLY by 4:00 the room is quiet. 4:30 they are AWAKE!! AHHH! I knew we were in trouble. They maybe slept a full 30 minutes.  I gave them their afternoon milk and crackers and bam it started. Instead of playing nicely like they usually do, they were both MAD! rolling around screaming and crying.  I was trying to console them, but they were both mad and wouldnt' let me hold them. All I could do was just watch them. I was on the verge of tears. Helpless and frustrated.  What happened  to my sweet boys? because these two monsters were NOT them. Yes, in the past year, I've had my moments of being flustered, trying to do too many things at one time and not being able to, or feeling overwhelmed; but never have I been at my wits end. I don't usually complain, because honestly I think raising twins hasn't been hard at all. busy, yes. but not hard. At that moment, I just wanted to throw in the "mom towel" and give up!  Sunday was a little better but they were still a little off schedule. By today they were back on schedule and they are back to being the sweet, playful boys I know. My Boys are Back!! Hallelujah!

My Sister in law made a few requests:
1. video of the boys walking
2. a bump pic
3. what the gender of the baby is

1. Here is a video I got of the boys walking.  You get a little glimpse of Vincent babbling. He is starting to "talk" more and more. And the video ends with them looking out their favorite window.

2. I'm working on getting a bump pic. I will post one soon. promise.

3. I will tell you the gender in 3 months and 3 days!!! (Sorry Heather....You have to wait ;0) )

We have been enjoying the spring afternoons, swinging in the swings on the back patio and watching baseball in the evenings.

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  1. It is horrible when babies are sick! They are not themselves and it is so sad to watch them feel miserable. Then add to it that you were sick and that's hard to handle! You did awesome momma!! Yay for healthy kids!! :)

    The boys look like they LOVE their new found freedom! They are so cute walking all around. So happy for your adorable growing family!!

    I'm dying to know what that little bun in the oven is. Seriously want to know!