Wednesday, April 25, 2012

27 Weeks

I was complaining to my OB that last pregnancy I got an ultrasound every other week and now with this baby I only get ONE!! So I said..."how can I see my baby again?" She said insurance only covers one unless there is a reason for another. Then she said..."well, you are measuring kind of on the big side so lets put that down for our reason for an ultrasound"  I was super happy to get another ultrasound. But measuring on the big side isn't really something to be excited about :0( Boo!

So we had another ultrasound this week. Baby is doing great!!! Weighing in at approximately 2lbs. 11oz.  The tech said that it is measuring almost two weeks ahead of schedule! Thank you! for giving me a little bit of a reason for being "on the big side" haha. Maybe I will deliver a couple weeks early. Here's to hoping! (A 40 week pregnancy seems like a lifetime when you've only ever been to the 33 week mark. haha) Here is a picture of our precious baby.

So I finally downloaded a bump pic in a timely manner. So here is my week 26 bump.

How far along? 27 weeks
Total weight gain: See my answer from previous survey :0)
Maternity clothes? Everything Maternity (Except a few lounging clothes)
Stretch Marks? No new ones
Sleep: Pretty good! Much better than last pregnancy, that's for sure
Best moment this week: Getting to see the baby!
Miss Anything? Having enough energy to clean my entire house in one day
Movement: Lots and Lots.
Food cravings: Ice Cream and Milk. (haha, probably the main reason why I don't answer question #2!)
Gender: ????
Labor Signs: A few BH here and there. Mainly when I'm super hot. And boy has it been hot here lately. And I've got to make it to July! EEKK!
Symptoms: Heartburn! (pretty much a norm for me morning, noon and night)
Belly Button in or out? in
Wedding rings on or off? on
Looking forward to: Working on and finishing the boys room and moving them out of the nursery! (So I can then start decorating the nursery for the new baby)

Lets end this post with something funny!  Here is a lovely ba-donk-a-donk picture of Vincent. (Picture taken shortly after a few grunting noises from him and a slightly red face) 

Junk in the Trunk!

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  1. Glad the boys are feeling better. Mine were 22 months apart and Justin rarely got sick, so I did not have to deal with two sick ones at the same time very often.

    Glad to see the picture of you and the baby bump. You look so much like your mom and Holly looks so much like Lori.

    Hope the next two months fly by and the weather stays bearable, but knowing the San Joaquin valley like I do, you're in for a hot one!