Monday, January 23, 2012

Worland, WY

Well, It has been two weeks already and I'm finally getting around to writing about our trip to Wyoming.  Flying with two infants was a challange but it helped that the babies were outnumbered by 6 adults. I'm bummed we never took a picture of us in the airport with all of our carry ons, strollers, jackets, and diaper bags.  We made it! And the boys did great!
It was such a fun time visiting with my brother, Jess and his wife, Heather and their son, Kyston.  The week went by waaaaaayyyy too fast!  They were experiencing a warm streak in their winter. It was in the 40's most of the time and I don't think it got below zero during the night at all that week.  One of that days we just went outside and enjoyed the sunshine. My brother had a tree swing set up and a teeter totter. The boys loved them both!

One of the days we were there. We went to a place where there are natural hot springs coming up from the ground.  The water is over 130 degrees!!!  There is a state park that has turned the hot spring water into a indoor and outdoor swimming facility.  We stayed in the indoor pool.  The water was cooled down from 130 but it was still really really warm, like in the 80s.  It looked like a swimming pool but the water was a little stinky (not unbearable, but you could definitely smell the sulfur/minerals in the water)  The boys LOVED the water!! and it was fun to be swimming in the middle of winter in Wyoming.

It was a little steamy in the building

One thing Kyston loved to do was play the Wii and watch some cartoons.  Heather had borrowed some walking toys for the boys and one morning the boys and Ryan enjoyed some t.v. while the rest of us ate breakfast. They looked so cute, I just had to take a picture.

My mom bought all the grandsons shirts with their names on them. And we were sure to get a family photo shoot in before the week was over.  It is not often we are all together at one time.  

One funny story about our trip home.  We flew out of Billings, Montana and into LAX.  Our flight was delayed a little but we landed in LA without a hitch. (btw, if you haven't been to LAX lately, it is a mess! Construction everywhere. We had to detour like crazy just to get to the baggage claim) As we waited for our luggage, I bent down next to Vincent's stroller to put something in a bag and I smelled a "dirty". I asked my mom if he had gone in the plane and she said no.  So I thought I was just smelling things. After all it is the LA airport!!! So we get our luggage and we are waiting on the sidewalk for my grandparents to come pick us up.  There are people every where, taxis swerving in and out, cars honking, people in middle of the road.  Chaos!  My grandparents get there and we start loading the car. I pick Vincent up out of the stroller and I hear a "blop!" Poop on the cement!  I see a blob in the stroller and realize it is all over his leg and onesie.  So I guess I DID really smell a "dirty"  Where am I going to change him?! On top of the luggage in the trunk of the car. Holly go get a new onesie out of the suitcase in the other car. Ryan hold Vincent so he doesn't fall out of the trunk. Dad hold the wipes for me.  I get the onesie off. I open the diaper. And I hear my Dad "OH!, this isn't going to be good" As he proceeds to gag. and gag. and gag. Holly, take over for Dad!! I guess my dad turned around only to see my mom wiping up the poop from the side walk. haha. My dad gagged for the next 20 minutes or so.  It was quite a site to see! Three people hovered around the trunk of a car, a baby screaming, poop on the cement and a man gagging all while traffic, taxis and people rush by. What an ending to the trip!!!

The Rollema Group!
Rick & Lynda, Stephen & Holly, Jess, Heather & Kyston, Ryan, Heidi, Vincent & Landen
And the dog Cody (who was a little camera shy)

This trip was a GREAT way to start out the year 2012!!  Wyoming fam. we miss you already and can't wait until we see you all again!