Monday, December 17, 2012

Mommy Failure!

Lets describe the situation that played out Friday night. 

My sister-in-law had invited us last year to go with them to Zoo lights (an event at the Fresno zoo that takes place during December).  Ryan grumbled and complained the whole time that our then, 10 month old twins, wouldn't remember a thing. And while he was correct in thinking that, his attitude about it got really annoying, so Candice and I nick named him the Grinch. Of course when we started talking about going again this year....the Grinch came out in full force! For the past two weeks I have endured the Grinch and his comments "are we seriously going?" "It's going to be too cold, they will get sick" "I would much rather stay home in my warm house" blah blah blah.  Friday finally came and while the boys were napping I was busy getting everything packed. Jacob was going to be staying with the my sister so I got him all packed up and over to her house, then I got myself ready and the boys' things all packed up. The plan was: as soon as the boys got up from their nap we would change them, load the truck, drive by my in-laws so my brother-in-law could follow us up there and then we were going to eat dinner somewhere close to the zoo and then ENJOY zoo lights.  We got to Fresno and when we got out to eat I realized.....there were NO JACKETS OR BLANKETS!!!!  In the rush to get things in the truck we left the jackets and blankets on the chair in the living room. As much as I would have LOVED to blame it all of the Grinch, I knew it was my fault. I had put them on the chair and I had forgotten them! Mommy Failure!  It was 42 degrees out and there was no way my little toddlers in their long sleeve shirts could be outside in the cold for a couple hours without jackets. So we decided to go to Walmart. We get on the freeway going south but Walmart was NORTH! AHHH. (let me tell you this is all just fuel for the Grinch's fire!) We get off at the nearest exit and tried a Rite Aid. DUH they don't have those types of clothes. BUT! YES! there is a discount store right behind Rite Aid. They had toddler clothes. The only jackets were furry girl jackets size 2 and size 4. OH WELL. At this point the Grinch would say its not a fashion show! And for once the Grinch would be right. All though he wasn't happy that the two jackets cost us $26 dollars. Finally we are all at the zoo, it's 6:30 and the event closed at 8:00.  We tried to get the boys and my nephew Ethan loaded in the wagon but Vincent was not havin' it! He was already crying and we hadn't even gotten into the zoo. (Grinch is not happy....nor was he happy that we had to PAY to get in. But at least the kids were still young enough to get in for free!)  Vincent was pretty much an emotional wreck the entire time UNTIL we cashed in our ticket for a free cookie. Then he was on cloud 9. I mean really, I'm the mom, I should have KNOWN a cookie would have put V in a better mood! HELLO?!?! Mommy Failure #2!!! Too bad we got the cookies at 7:50 and only had 10 minutes of happy kids. As we were leaving the zoo I told Candice...after tonight I'm thinking the Grinch REALLY won't let us go next year!!

I think this picture pretty much sums up the night! (although Landen had a great time with the exception of the Santa picture)

(Aren't those lovely jackets?!?! A little big...but they stayed warm.  We donated them to the rescue mission. So the Grinch can stop complaining now. We helped keep other children warm this winter.)

Besides Friday night...We have had some great moments these past few weeks.

The boys hung out outside while Ryan put up the christmas lights. They took advantage of him being preoccupied with the lights and decided to make a mess for him to clean up!:

We went to Lights of Love again this year. It's a tree lighting event put on by Angel Babies in Fresno. They were a huge source of comfort and support for us in the loss of Karissa.  I think this is an event we will go to as a family every December and make it a tradition.  My grandparents sponsored two lights in honor of Karissa as did my parents and Ryan's parents.  It is emotional for me to be there amongst all the other people who have lost loved ones but I appreciate the opportunity to remember her in such a special way.

(*** see these nice black and blue jackets the boys are wearing. When I bought them I specifically thought to myself "they can wear these to Lights of Love and to Zoo lights this winter" Well at least they got to wear them to ONE of those two events***)

The boys are saying SO many new things every day. And in addition to an increase in vocabulary we have increased the amount of discipline! Sometimes Ryan and I feel like that is what we do ALL.DAY.LONG! I believe I mentioned last blog post that the terrible twos weren't here yet. Well HELLO there. They have arrived!

Just tonight I was talking to Vincent about why he got the time out for climbing up on the side of the chair (that we tell him not to do, oh like every 5 minutes) And I asked him "what do you say to mommy"? And he said in such a sweet voice "tank yoooou" I mean it wasn't the "shawwry" I was looking for. But it was so cute I couldn't hold back my smile.  At least they make up for all the discipline by being our daily source of entertainment.  They make us laugh all the time.
And I thoroughly enjoy their little personalities and our daily dance party in the kitchen to Carly Rae Jepsen's "call me maybe" Although Landen's form of dancing is really more like running around in a small circle.

Standing on the car is definitely a "No-No" in our house. But this kid figured out how to turn on the dining room light. And you would have thought he won the lottery! Any lights, buttons or doors and this kid is in heaven. "shut it" "push it" "lava-la". Yes Lava-la is his way of saying light. You ask him to say light and he says "white" but when he is talking about a light switch. It is a lava-la. I have no idea. Your guess is as good as mine.

Jacob is growing up WAY too fast. He is eating every 4 hours. So only 4 times a day! ALLELUIA!  We will be starting vegetables, fruits and oatmeal with him since he has mastered the rice cereal. He is growing way too fast! He still moves to the swing in the early morning hours. He goes to bed at 8:30 and wakes up around 5:30 so I move him to the swing.  Sometimes he moves to the swing as late as 6:30. And yes, I put him in the swing even if it's just for 30 more minutes of sleep. This momma can not start her day earlier than 7:00.  I'm just not a morning person!  There have been a few nights that Jacob sleeps in his crib the entire night! Few as in I can count them on my fingers....on one hand. So yes, less than 5 times but has happened. So I know there is hope that he will someday kick the habit of the swing.

Some times when he is fussy Ryan says its because he's teething. NO way! He can't be! But give him a teething ring and he is golden.  Please don't tell me my baby will have teeth soon! 

I take way too many pictures of him

Ryan often says to me "you can stop making out with your baby now" I mean with this face...would you stop kissing on him?!

And my favorite is when I put him in the bouncer to hang out with us while we eat and he stares at us and giggles at the boys being silly at the breakfast table.

Don't pay any attention to the towel bib. The kid spits up all.the.time.
We just ignore the nasty spit up and enjoy the cute face!
He is rolling over ALOT! But he gets frustrated after being on his tummy too long. His favorite spot is chilling on his side with his fingers in his mouth.

Jacob has also started joining his big brothers in the bath! This is a time saver! I just bathe jacob really quick and then while the boys enjoy some play time in the bath, I get Jacob dried off and in his p.j.s and then Ryan takes him and gives him his last bottle of the day while I finish bathing the boys. Vincent and Landen love it when Jacob joins them in the tub!

Rub-a-dub-dub 3 babies in a Tub!

Ryan always gives me a hard time about paying to have professional pictures taken. He says the big fancy camera he bought me for our anniversary a couple years back was supposed to prevent us from spending money on photography. So this year I decided to ATTEMPT taking the pictures for our christmas card. Since I was the one taking them I could not be in them and neither could Ryan. Which he was ALL for!  But that day was a disaster! (not quite as bad as zoo lights...but pretty close)  It took a TON of work to get the kids dressed and looking nice and out the door to a nice out door location. Make sure Jacob had a back up outfit for when he spits up. And I say when because we know he inevitably will spit up. We got them to a nice spot and all sitting up on a log and Ryan gets behind the log to help hold Jacob up. And for the next who-knows-how long, I try to get ALL three boys looking at me.  There were many tears, lots of spit up, lots of dirt, and lots of prayer on our way home, that I got at least a few decent photos for the card.  When I got home I was pleasently suprised there was some usable ones! Of course some of the best ones were after we were done taking the pictures and we took the boys' shirts off and let them run around on our way back to the car.  Note to self for next year...some times candids are the way to go.

I leave you with the out-takes

The 'after the photo shoot' candids

And a Merry Christmas since I'm pretty sure I won't be back to blog until after Christmas. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

4 and 21

4 months

Our baby Jacob is already 4 months old!

 He weighs approximately 19 pounds and is 27 inches long. He has his doctor appointment next week so we will get him officially measured at that time. He is wearing 6-9 month clothing!!

 I can't tell you how much we love this little guy. He is such a GOOD and HAPPY baby.  Jacob was eating every 2.5 hours but for the last month he has been eating every 3 hours. It has been great! He is a spitter. Spits up way.too.much. It drives me crazy but I don't think there's anything I can do for it, I think that's just the way he is. So I will just keep doing massive amounts of laundry...oh joy.  

He is still not a great sleeper during the day. He only sleeps about 45 minutes for a nap, sometimes 1 hour. He does that four times a day! I would much rather 3 longer naps, but for now he gives me 4 short naps. I'll take what I can get.  He does great at night though! Sleeps from 8 until 5 in his crib and then I move him to the swing where he sleeps another 2 hours. I usually have to wake him up at 7 to which he always gives me the biggest smile. ONE of my most favorite parts of the day.

I love putting him to bed. He smiles and coos at me while I swaddle him and he watches my every move while I get him situated. I turn his music player on and little angel night light, dim the lights in the room, give him his chupi (pacifier) and then stroke his face a couple of times with his lovey. The mint green one in the picture is just a stand in for his real lovey which was being washed at that moment.

We just recently tried rice cereal, which he LOVED! I couldn't feed it to him fast enough. But then there was no poo poo the next day so I was worried about constipation. I think I will hold off on the cereal and check with the dr. to see if I can add in a fruit as well.  At this age with the twins I would only put a scoop of cereal in their bottle since they HATED it from the spoon. I didn't actually feed them solids until they were almost 6 months.

 He's not a fan of being held for too long, if he's being held and getting fussy usually all he wants is to be laid down. He loves laying on a blanket in the middle of the floor.  He can't quite turn over from back to front but he'll get half way and just chill there on his side as happy as ever. He's getting close!

His favorite entertainment is the boys. He LOVES his jumparoo and can sit in there forever just watching the boys play. This kid is seriously sooo tall! The jumparoo just makes him look so long. I predict he will be taller than his short mama by the time he turns 10.

 He is not much of a pacifier baby (with the exception of sleep time as mentioned earlier) He would much rather suck on his fist or fingers. It's so cute listening to his sucking sounds. The two fingers are a favorite right now. (btw....check out the arm!)

He is trying to sit up more and more. When he is in the bouncer he is constantly trying to lift his head up to see what is going on. (A nosey little guy....just like daddy wink wink ) So I try to get him some time in the bumbo.

I seriously could stare at him all day long.  My baby him so much.

21 months

Vincent and Landen will be 21 months old in a couple of days.  How is it that we are only 3 months away from 2?! Are the terrible twos yet to come because right now they are pretty good kiddos.  Yes we have time outs pretty much daily, meltdowns and fits are a given but for the most part they are fun and entertaining.  They are starting to talk so much. Their vocabulary is expanding daily.  They are now saying please, thank-you and sorry without being prompted and using them appropriately.

They are now saying each others name and calling for each other. "Land-ee!" "sin-cent!" This morning I was listening on the monitor while I was feeding Jacob at 7 and I hear Vincent saying "Landee....Landee...Landee...." then I hear Vincent say "landee night night"  Poor Vincent wanted his brother to wake up and keep him company but Landen was still sleeping.

Landen adds an "s" to every thing. What does a cow say? "Moo-s" Who is this? (pointing to Jacob) "babies" What's in your diaper "poo poo's"

Speaking of poo poo. We have started to familiarize ourselves with the porcelain throne!! Now whenever there is a flush of the toilet they say "bye...bye, see you later" because the pee pee goes bye bye.

The first time they sat on the little potty I gave them a book to read and made them think it was the bestest most funnest place to read a book! We had fun exploring their little potty. Then the very next day after lunch Landen said poo poo. I checked him he didn't have any yet so I put him on the potty and he said "book! book!" So I got him a book and said "you read your book while I go get your brother" When I got back with Vincent, Landen had gone poop AND pee in the potty! I think my jaw litterally dropped! We did some major celebrating. I think he is way more interested in potty training than Vincent. So next week we may start really trying to potty train him since he seems to be wanting to. I have no expectations for this process because I know I will get easily frustrated if I expect it to happen too soon. I have heard this is one of the hardest things to do at this age, potty training, so if they catch on great! if not we will try again later.

Vincent has a full set of teeth. No more teething until his 2-year molars. Poor Landen is behind in that department. He is working on his back baby molars and then he still has four other teeth that haven't even started poking through yet. I was joking with Ryan today saying Jacob might catch up to Landen in the teeth department (since he is only 5 pounds away in the weight department!). I'm hoping that the teething is the main reason why eating can be a problem with Landen. I also think he thinks eating is a waste of time. He is thinking about a million other things during meal time and eating isn't one of them!! Ryan or I are constantly telling him take a bite!

I took this picture to remember how breakfast time is with Jacob on the table watching the boys eat. But it does such a great job of proving my point. Vincent is don't have to tell that kid twice, he will eat anything in sight (which explains the 10 pound difference between him and Landen) and then there is Landen looking off into la la land and almost an entire waffle on his tray and sippy cup full of milk. I'm praying once his teeth are all in, mealtime won't be such a battle.

(for my records V= 33 pounds L=23 pounds)

They are still so in love with Jacob. They love finding him in the morning. They love to give him kisses all the time and they love watching him jump in the jumparoo. I uploaded my pictures this week and I found this...

Must have been taken while I was at work on Sunday. Ryan has to have his boys in Raider gear during the game. V & L's shirts say "My first Raider tee" and Jacob's shirt says "If the Raiders are playing, I'm not napping!" (Do they look like brothers?!?! i would say no :) )

We are loving this age with them, but they are just growing up too fast!!

Already interested in video games. Really?! Such boys!
My nephew Ethan is only 5 and he already knows how to play games that I can't even play....

Vincent had to get himself a car/seat and join in the fun...

We are soooo looking forward to the holiday season and we can't wait to spend time with our families. We will see you all soon!

Sorry for the long post....I just love having things documented so I can look back and see what my family was up to at certain ages! :)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Hand Prints On My Heart

I've been wanting to get handprints made ever since the boys were born. But the first year just went by sooooo quickly that I never got around to it. Since I wanted their hands to still be little I knew I had to do it sooner rather than later. So I picked the 18 month mark.  I was afraid to make my own plaster of paris molds in fear that they would break or wouldn't last. So I called a local pottery place (which actually operates out of the owner's home) and I was able to make the hand prints out of clay. It required more creativity on my part than I expected but I had so much fun painting them and I'm looking forward to doing Jacobs when he is one and a half!

(I wish I would have gotten pictures of us pushing their hands into the clay...but it was a little chaotic that day! Jacob in the stroller and two 18 month olds in a strangers way to keep track of them all and take pictures!!! My mom and my aunt were with me to help and it was still crazy. Oh well at least I got some pictures of the work in progress.)

Looking forward to doing this again next year!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Mario & Luigi

We had an awesome last couple of weeks in October! (Be prepared for picture over load)

I was wanting to make Mario and Luigi costumes for the boys this year but things just didn't come together like I had hoped, so I ended up ordering these costumes online and they were awesome! (except the boys didn't want to keep the huge mustaches on so we ended up just drawing on a mustache with a face paint crayon)

Vincent has been doing this thing with his lips. He purses his lips all the time. We thinks its hilarious.

We went trick-or-treating with Ryan's brother and his wife Candice and my nephew Ethan who was Jaden (the power ranger). (My mom watched Jacob while we went around the neighborhood)

 Can you believe Jacob is wearing the same halloween pajamas that the boys wore last year?! (above: Jacob 3 months. below: Vincent and Landen 8 months)

Our crazy family....One day we will get everyone looking at the camera!


They decided that walking was over-rated. And they got to have a lollipop...they were in heaven!

We carved pumpkins the morning of Halloween. Actually it was more like the boys participated for about 5 minutes...and then Ryan and I did all the carving.

My finished pumpkin

I roasted the pumpkin seeds in brown sugar and salt! A sweet and Salty idea I got off of pinterest!  I thought they were yummy!

We also took a trip to the pumpkin patch.  Cousin Ethan LOVED pulling the boys around in the wagon.  Jacob wasn't a huge fan of taking pictures but he was a happy camper in his carrier....go figure.

(Landen took a tumble at church....more like a face plant, thus the red nose.
And Vincent isn't too sure about riding in the wagon.)

Hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween!!