Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Scary Train!!

The BIG SCARY TRAIN is coming!!! Ahhh!!! Haha. This past weekend we went down to Pomona for our annual early Christmas celebration with my mom's side of the family. Every year, my Grandpa sets up his electric train around the christmas tree.  To say Landen was afraid would be putting it nicely. He was NOT a fan!! Especially when the train horn would sound.  Ryan stood up by the stairs and let him watch from far away. He seemed to be doing okay as long as he kept his distance but he would not take his eyes off of that train for a second!

 Ryan slowly moved down the stairs and sat on a chair by the living room entrance...

Landen still kept hid eyes glued to the train, but this is the closest he had gotten!!
And the floor!! He sits and watches...

He's sitting so close just like his brother!! Who LOVED the train. I'm telling you. My boys are complete opposites in every sense of the word.  This was Vincent.....Staring at the train the whole time it was on, not the least bit afraid.

Our family had a great time! And my Grandparents loved having their great grandkids at their house (we missed Kyston that's for sure!!!, and his mom and dad too :) )

Here is GG (great grandma) With Austin and Trevor (3 yrs.) Vincent and Landen (9 months) and Lexi (5 months)

My babies looked so grown up in their button up shirts! Before we left Friday to head down south the boys had their 9 mo. well baby appointment.  No shots this time, ya!!! Here are their stats:

Vincent: 19 lbs 2 oz  28.25 inches
Landen: 16 lbs 10 oz  27.75 inches

Little Holguin men:

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lights of Love

Angel Babies is a non-profit organization that helps parents cope with the loss of a baby during pregnancy or after.  They were a huge support for Ryan and I during and after my stay in the hospital. They gave Karissa a cute pink teddy bear and the boys two brown ones that match.  They continue to call me to see how I'm doing and have been a great source of peace.
Angel Babies (Hinds Hospice) had a lighting ceremony tonight at Riverpark in Fresno to remember the loved ones who passed away this year.

A choir sang "The Prayer" while we lit our candles. And then they read off the names. My parents and my grandparents sponsored candles for Karissa.

This is a great organization, I wish it was available for people here in Visalia. I feel blessed to have delivered in Fresno and to have this much love and support available to us.

We had the boys bundled up because it was super cold. But they were there to honor their sister. Maybe we can make this a yearly tradition. "Lights of Love for Karissa"

After they read off all of the names. They lit the beautiful large christmas tree located near the center of the Riverpark shopping center.  The tree was gorgeous! (This picture doesn't do it justice)  There is a light on that tree that represents our precious Karissa Marie.

We were grateful to have had tonight to remember her. She will have an awesome first Christmas in Heaven with Jesus!

And we are so grateful for the two gifts God has given us this year!