Monday, November 28, 2011

Turkey Day!

ok. well you won't find any pictures of the turkey but this year was for sure a memorable one!! For SEVERAL reasons. One in particular was that our home became a barber shop :) This year I had to work Thanksgiving day...which wasn't so bad. Ryan's family was getting together on friday and mine on saturday, so I wasn't really missing out on any family gatherings.  Somebody has to be working at the hospital on a holiday right??!! For a few weeks now I have been BUGGING/NAGGING Ryan to let me cut the boys' hair. They were looking so scraggly and for some reason Ryan just didn't want to do it.  Why? I don't know! He never gave a good reason. SO finally, when I got home from work I talked him into getting the hair trimmers out.  Trying to cut hair is HARD! Trying to cut hair on a 9 month old that doesn't sit still....EVER! Is even HARDER!

Landen's hair is so fine. I didn't think I cut that much off until I saw the back of his shirt!!! I saved a little lock of hair for their scrapbooks.
This is Landen's finished look. Haircut by mom. Style by dad.  Landen show's of his haircut AND his brush eating skills.

Vincent has much thicker hair. Ryan tried putting it in a mohawk and then just have me trim the top off.  It sort of worked.  I ended up cutting it pretty short.



Their hair looks so much better! But it was sad to see all of the hair lying there on the counter.  My babies are growing up!

So I'm addicted to Pinterest. Right now I'm looking up party ideas. Time to start planning the big 1 year party! I'm thinking firefighter theme (shocker..I know).  All ideas welcome! I'm thinking about attempting to make a fire engine cake! and incorporating dalmatians. Any ideas?!?!

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