Sunday, October 23, 2011

8 months old...and takin' a bath

My babies are 8 months old today and getting so big! An awesome friend let me borrow this nifty little bath seat, which I purchased a second one because, well, having two of everything makes my life easier. The boys are lovin' bath time. Landen has learned how to splash and thinks its funny to get everything wet. Vincent is too busy trying to "eat" the bath toys to even noticed there is water in the tub.

What cute little beeee-hinds those are.....

A bath tub built for two!!

Notice they have the same toy in the next two pictures.  The way I describe Vincent and Landen's relation ship: "what you have.....I want" Ryan asks "When should we teach them about sharing and not to take toys from one another" I don't know. I guess when they start getting upset about it??? 

Landen getting his splash on (I do realize that in 80% of all pictures I take of Landen, he has crazy hair.  It is a little out of control; poor baby is going to look back at his pictures and he's going to ask why I never did his hair.)

Trying to dry and dress two slippery very mobile boys is a challenge I have yet to master....

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