Wednesday, October 26, 2011

3 Rivers with Grammie

This past weekend, my parents went camping up in 3 Rivers (only about 45 minutes away). My dad had to go to work Monday but my mom had a couple more days off, so monday morning the boys and I drove up to 3 Rivers and we hung out with Grammie for a couple days.  The boys took AWESOME naps! It must have been the fresh air and the relaxing sounds of the river near by.  Of course, Mom and I got a bunch of game playing in and the boys enjoyed playing in the great outdoors.  There was a metal telephone pole nearby that woodpeckers kept dropping acorns down into. As the acorn would fall it would hit the metal rods that were stuck through the post for footsteps. It sounded like the PLINKO chips falling on the Price is Right game. So all day long we would hear that sound and say "Plinko"! Poor birds aren't smart enough to realize they won't be able to get back any of the acorns they are "saving"!

Here was our beautiful view from the trailer:

I just love these little faces...I could kiss them all day long!

The boys LOVED playing horsey on grammies leg. And then Vincent decided to lick Landen's hair.

They LOVE their Grammie...and I think she kind of likes them too!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

8 months old...and takin' a bath

My babies are 8 months old today and getting so big! An awesome friend let me borrow this nifty little bath seat, which I purchased a second one because, well, having two of everything makes my life easier. The boys are lovin' bath time. Landen has learned how to splash and thinks its funny to get everything wet. Vincent is too busy trying to "eat" the bath toys to even noticed there is water in the tub.

What cute little beeee-hinds those are.....

A bath tub built for two!!

Notice they have the same toy in the next two pictures.  The way I describe Vincent and Landen's relation ship: "what you have.....I want" Ryan asks "When should we teach them about sharing and not to take toys from one another" I don't know. I guess when they start getting upset about it??? 

Landen getting his splash on (I do realize that in 80% of all pictures I take of Landen, he has crazy hair.  It is a little out of control; poor baby is going to look back at his pictures and he's going to ask why I never did his hair.)

Trying to dry and dress two slippery very mobile boys is a challenge I have yet to master....

Monday, October 17, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Apparently it's the fall thing to do! We met a lot of Ryan's family out at the patch, took pictures, walked around and enjoyed the smell of fall.  Boys will be able to participate a little more next year but we did find out a few things this year. They are NOT a fan of sitting on hay.  Landen looks at the camera better when he's hanging upside down.  And I'm Loving my new lens for my camera (thank you for the gift hunny :) )

LOVE my upside down monkey and his brother's chunky thighs!!

A Normal Family Picture

Vincent (in my lens!)

Landen (in my lens!)

Do we really have to sit on this HAY stuff?!?!

The Holguin Bunch

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Woodlake Fire Station

The fire season is almost over and I finally got a trip in to visit Ryan at the station during his shift.  We tried taking pictures of the boys by the engine and with Ryan. They didn't turn out as nice as I had hoped but it was fun none the less. We had fun talking with Ryan's coworker, whose wife is expecting their first in January. He had a ton of questions and got some good practice in with the boys. Here are a few of the better pictures we took and by the end Landen's shirt is wet with drool....nice.



Fire Engine Butts

The boys and their Fireman

Monday, October 3, 2011


We had fun this saturday rooting for Ryan's alma mater and enjoying family and some yummy BBQ. Unfortunately they didn't win but it was a fun time regardless.


Cousin Ethan and Lan-doogie

Daddy and his V

Vincent has been enjoying his tongue ALOT lately. EVERYTIME he smiles that cute little pink tongue comes out.  When he's sucking on his pacifier and you get him to smile, that tongue has to go he pops the pacifier over to the side and squeezes that tongue out. It is the funniest thing!  We spent a lot of time laughing at Vincent, instead of watching the game....cuz lets face it, Vincent is way cuter than any of those bulldogs! (And Landen too... a little blurred out in the background)