Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fair, Food, Fun


We went to the fair this year...NOT because we thought the boys would have a blast or even have the slightest idea that we were even at a fair, but because my sister entered a stitchery and ended up winning 3rd place! It was great seeing her work up on display.  We had fun walking around with the fam, eating deep fried food, and spending time people watching. There are some real weirdos out there folks!

Landen has the attention span of about 2 seconds! He was far too distracted at the fair to concentrate on drinking his bottle. So contrary to what it looks like in the sister is NOT breast feeding my baby, she's just keeping him focused on the task at hand, his bottle.

A peak under the blanket

My dad is trying to convince Vincent that he is his fun grandpa and not a scary man from the fair:

We spent some time talking to Ryan's Cal Fire coworkers who were working at the fair. The boys learned the importance of fire safety and we got a family picture with my husband's hero....Smokey the Bear. haha


We feed Vincent....I promise!!! You can tell by his nice full 18 lb. belly but apparently that's still not enough! Landen's foot must be formula flavored or something. Look at those "I'm going to EAT you eyes"


I think this lens will make taking pictures with my awesome camera FUN! It would be FUN to see how many good quality pictures of the boys I could get with this lens. I'm hoping this FUN item will be a gift to me soon :)  Since I know my hubby reads the blog I thought it would be FUN to drop this FUN little hint. What a FUN anniversary present huh hunny?? Or a FUN christmas present....3 months early? ;) Here's a picture of the lens...just for....FUN!! 

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