Wednesday, September 7, 2011


The boys have done a lot in their 5th month of life.  We ended the month with a camping trip and some very cute 6 month photos :)

V & L 6 months

The boys have been doing so many new things this month. They are rolling over like crazy.  They won't stay in the same place anymore! And they don't stay on their backs in their cribs anymore either.  I found Vincent one night using his little bear snuggly as a pillow. He is so smart ;)

The boys have been waking up between 7 and 8 every morning.  I love the mornings because I put them in the same crib for a little while and they are so happy and content laying there next to each other. Sometimes for up to 45 minutes. (Gives me time to wake up and get ready. And I love hearing them jibber jabber with each other)

They no longer stay in their bouncy chairs. Landen squirms his way out and Vincent sits up in his to where he's almost falling over the front!

I think they are in the early stages of teething. They are really chewing on their toys and on their  Sophies.  They can not get enough of those cute little giraffes!

Speaking of Sophies. They are starting to steal each others toys and especially each others sophies. After getting back from a walk, I realized Vincent had stolen Landen's pacifier.

While my grandparents were up for a visit we of course played games, which is what my family does, so we taught the boys. They are going to LOVE games even though Ryan hates games. Don't they look like naturals? huh Ryan??

Ryan was asked to play in a softball tournament a couple weekends ago. He played 5 games within a 7 hour period. He was crazy tired! I brought the boys out to watch and of course I had to attempt feeding them by myself out at the fields without the convenience of their little high chairs that I use at home. So I had to improvise with rolled up blankets in the stroller. It worked pretty slick. And the boys were happy being outside even though it was kind of hot.  

Vincent eating Landen's foot
I absolutely HATE going grocery shopping by myself! If Ryan can't go with me I end up calling my mom and I plan my shopping trip around her schedule so we can go together.  Well this past week I had to go by myself, there was no way to avoid it. So I used my trusty mommy clip and the boys and I rocked it!  They ended up crashing and I got all the items I needed for camping!!

CAMPING....Oh...Camping. What an experience. Over all fun, and I'm glad we went. But boy was it a challenge. First of all, there is a CRAZY amount of things you have to pack to go for just a couple of days. Ryan asked..."Are you sure you don't want to just bring the dresser? I mean that's the only thing your missing".  I rolled my eyes. Ha Ha you're so funny.

Vincent was NOT being himself. Just really whinny.  I by no means have the capability nor the energy to give them my full attention all the time or hold them all the time, so they are NOT needy babies and they know how to play by themselves, so for Vincent to be acting this way was completely out of the norm.  It got really cold at night! Both boys woke up in the middle of the night just freezing. So we put them in bed with us.  We had NEVER slept with them before so Ryan and I both could not get comfortable enough to really get a good nights sleep. The boys slept great, so that made it worth it at least. Ryan and I were so tired by the time we got home.  Once we got home Vincent was back to his normal self. I think the altitude had something to do with his moodiness or maybe his ears didn't pop while going up the mountain or something. Anyway, I'm so glad he is not normally whinny like that all the time.  Ryan and I would go insane!

Enjoying the jumpers in the middle of God's beautiful trees

Snuggly warm with mommy and daddy

Chillin' in the hammock


Vincent (shortly before a major melt down)


  1. I love reading your blog and watching your little guys grow. I graduated with your mom (Diane Visser)and a few years after your dad. My mom grew up in Hanford, so I'm familiar with the territory (at least I used to be). Your boys are so adorable.

  2. I really cannot believe you took them camping! Still haven't attempted that :) Well done Holguins!

  3. Hi Diane! I will tell my mom you said hi. I'm glad you enjoy the blog. It's a fun way for me to document life as is seems to be just flying by!