Sunday, July 31, 2011

July 2011

 July has been one HOT month!!  Here's a little bit of what we've been up to.

5 Months

Both babies are laughing and smiling so much.  They are "talking" more and more.  I love listening to them in the morning talking in their crib just waiting for me to go in and get them up.

We have tried rice cereal with them both.  They were NOT fans!  So we just put some in their morning and evening bottles.  We will try again next month.  Right now they are eating 4 7oz. bottles a day and getting a one hour nap in the morning, a two hour nap in the early afternoon and a one hour nap in the early evenings.  I am NOT a morning person!!! So I put my boys down to bed at 8:30 p.m. so the earliest they wake up is 7:30 a.m.  Any earlier than that and I would be a zombie!! I am loving their schedule right now!

Started off okay....turned bad real quick!

Tricked Vincent into swallowing by putting a nipple in his mouth. It semi-worked.

They have learned how to grab at toys and of course they LOVE to put them in their mouth!!

Ryan has made our boys into quite the baseball fans.  They love watching baseball and were born to be fans for two the same division?!  At least there is 2x the chance that "their" team will make it to the world series right?

A's...daddy's #1 team!

A picture with Uncle James.  Angel's mommy's #1 team!

We got a call from the cemetery letting us know Karissa's headstone had been placed.  So we brought the boys to "see" their sister......It was the first time they were all 3 "together" since their birthday.  This was the first of MANY times we would visit her as a family.  It was such a sweet moment, they didn't know what was going on but someday they will and the headstone turned out just perfect. (I just wish we brought canned air so we could blow off the time)  

I put this shadow box in the nursery, on the wall where Karissa's crib was.  I'm so thankful we have these little things to remember her by. 

The boys are becoming more and more aware of each other. Talking to and laughing at each other.  

In their cute fire fighting outfits

Becoming best buds.
Just last week my mom and I took a trip to southern California.  It was my first trip with the boys. Man their was a lot to pack!!!  We left early monday morning and came back Wednesday afternoon.  The boys and I stayed at my cousin Chelsey's house.  We did a ton of things in just a short time.  We got to visit with family, go shopping, meet Chelsey's friend Jenalee and her boy Jake, some more shopping and on our way home we stopped by to see my cousin Natalie and her new baby girl Lexi.

Taking a walk in Chelsey's neighborhood
Bath time in Auntie Chelsey's sink
The boys and Jake.
We shouldn't have waited until right before their
nap times to take a picture! 
Taking picture with Natalie and Lexi and her twin boys Austin and Trevor

Sunday, July 3, 2011

4 Months

So it has been awhile. I guess life is busy with these two rug rats! I missed posting a picture of them at 3 months.  
Holguin Brothers ~ 3 months
Ryan went back to work at the end of May.  He works Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (72 hours straight) So by the time he gets home on Thursday mornings he is missing his boys like crazy! 

Getting so big in the bouncers!
We had to take the padded insert out of the car seats already

I went back to work at the beginning of June.  I'm working two 9hr shifts a week.  I work during the days that Ryan doesn't, so it has worked out perfectly.  We rarely need someone to watch the boys.  I'm so glad I get to work still, but I'm also thankful to only be doing it part time.

Cousin Ethan helps out with the babies :0)

Ryan really enjoyed his first fathers day.  We spent a little bit of the day with family and a little bit of the day with just our little family of 4.  And of course....the one thing a father wants to see his boys do is wrestle! According to Ryan.....3.5 mo. isn't too young to start.

Lets Wrestle!!!

i LOVE Landen's huge gummie smile!

Taking care of the boys for three days straight all by myself, while Ryan is at work, can be pretty tiring! Needless to say those three days aren't very productive for me.  My Grandma and Aunt from southern Ca. came to help me out and hang out with the boys while Ryan was gone.  It was so nice getting some errands done and some of the house cleaned. And of course some adult interaction!

Great Auntie Lorrie

My cousin from Holland was on "holliday" here in the U.S. and she was able to come and visit.  I hadn't seen her is such a long time and it was so nice catching up with her and meeting Eddy.

Anneke and Eddy
We had some studio portraits taken of Vincent and Landen. On June 23rd. Exactly 4 months old to the day.  They just went to the dr. and their current weights are: Vincent: 16lbs even! Hubba Bubba! and Landen: 13lbs 6 oz. (Pictures are scanned so they aren't the clearest)  They are a little behind on holding their heads up and grabbing at toys but that's perfectly normal for being 7 weeks preemie.  Vincent has a harder time holding his head up....we had to use his arm to prop it up for the pictures. haha

Holguin Brothers  ~ 4 months

Vincent Ryan

Landen James

My cousin Chelsey caught a ride up to Visalia with a friend that was on her way to Hume, so she hung out with us for a few days.  We had so much fun shopping and of course playing with the boys.  And I enjoyed some nice girl talk time!

Landen Loved showing Chelsey his smile!

While Chelsey was here we found these cute swim trunks and swim gear for the boys. I could not wait for Ryan to get home so we could take the boys to Grammie's house to go swimming.  Ryan of course thinks I'm ridiculous, thinks the boys are going to cry and scream the whole time, and that the money spent on their swim outfits was a waste.  The whole time we were getting them ready Ryan was rolling his eyes and complaining.  Well, Vincent and Landen loved it and Ryan was proved wrong!!

My little Fish

Vincent, modeling his outfit
Content little swimmers