Friday, May 13, 2011

Baby Dedication

Sunday, May 8th  MOTHER'S DAY

We dedicated the boys to the LORD Sunday.  Mother's Day.  What a celebration to have these two boys with us.  We thank the Lord every day for our babies and are committed to raising them to love and serve the Lord. What a day full of was such a happy day but also tinged with a little bit of sadness.   I was remembering back to the year prior.  Mother's day.  I didn't go to church because it was too painful.  I wanted so badly to be a mom.  And now this year I AM!!  I was thanking the Lord for answered prayers and thanking him for my 1st mother's day!

"Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not turn from it." ~Proverbs 22:6

I was also remembering Karissa.  We would have been dedicating her too, but instead she is already with the Lord.  I know these special days with Vincent and Landen will be happy celebrations but will always be a reminder that Karissa is not here to celebrate with us.  The first song Ryan heard on the way home from the hospital was: If I Die Young, by The Band Perry.  We think of Karissa every time we hear it.  She has put a special mark on our hearts forever, even though we never got a chance to know her we will always miss her.

"Who would have thought that forever would be severed by the sharp knife, of a short life"

Holguin Family

Grandma and Pi-pa Holguin

Grammie and Grandpa Rollema
This week my friend Vanessa came over and brought her daughter Sienna with her to meet the boys.  Sienna is 6 months older than the boys.  She LOVED them and was always wanting to touch them.

Outfits given to us by Vanessa

Vincent - Sienna - Landen

Holly and I tried out the stroller for the first time.  Holly happened to have the day off work so we went on a two mile walk up on the river bed.  The weather was so nice and the boys loved it!!! And I was loving the stroller!

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  1. Hi Heidi, Congratulations on your precious babies!!! They are beautiful, I am SO sorry about your little girl, I read a lot of your blogs just now and had no idea you even had your babies, I was thinking about you and went to your blog! I remember that same song by the band perry came out when the babies were in the NICU and the same thought always went through my head in the beginning when the thought of losing a baby would go through my mind, they are Gods children and if he calls them home then they are in the best place, I found so much peace in that thought...I would love to hear from you, I couldnt find your email address, but if you want to email me I am at