Friday, April 29, 2011

The Wyoming Clan

Over Spring Break my brother Jess and his family came out to California from Wyoming for a visit. My nephew Kyston is 2 1/2 years old and talking so much more than the last time we saw him.  I took a day off from "mommy" to go to the zoo with everyone, while Ryan stayed home with the boys.

Holly got called up on stage at the bird show and got this awesome shot!

Do you see the baby with this Momma?

We had some hang out time at Grammie and Granpda's house.  Kyston loved watching Vincent and Landen.  Kyston asked me "Did you have TWO babies?!" I said "yes" He said "How did you do that?!"  Haha. I just did Kyston. I just did.

Feed time at Grammie's house

Holding hands

Kyston gets paid $1 for going "stinkies" (as a positive reinforcement, since he tends to hold it)  Kyston insisted on giving Landen $1 for going "stinkies" in his diaper.  So Cute!

Happy Easter!! The Lord has risen, he has risen indeed! Easter sunday was the first church service we took the boys to.  They did great!  The few times they fussed weren't heard because the music was too loud so no one noticed.  We took some great family photos. My parents LOVED having all 3 of their grandkids together.

Vincent and Landen - 2 months



Between church and Easter dinner, Ryan and the boys took a nap!

All of us together

The grandkids
My cousin Chelsey came to visit (from Long Beach) for a couple days. It was so great having her here!! She went with us to Vincent and Landen's two month Dr. appointment (where they got some shots :( ) and we went to Olive Garden for dinner (first time out to a restaurant with the babies).  We are getting the hang of taking the babies places with us.  Of course Chelsey and I had to hit up hobby lobby!  She is coming again in 2 months! Can't wait.

Cousin Chelsey with Landen & Vincent

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