Thursday, March 31, 2011

Vincent Ryan Holguin

Total stay in the NICU: 14 days

Day 1:
Birth date: 2:13 pm on Wednesday February 23rd
Birth weight: 4 lbs 15 oz

Vincent needed to be on a CPAP for the first 12 hours as precaution to aid with breathing.

I got to go see him in the NICU around midnight. Almost a full 10 hours after he was born!!  He opened his eyes when I talked to him.  He recognized my voice!

Day 2:
By the time Vincent had visitors the next morning the CPAP was off and he was doing great!

Aunt Holly
Uncle Stephen

Day 4:
The first room the boys were in had 1 nurse to every 2 babies.  They monitored the babies very close and could handle sicker babies.  On Saturday the 26th both boys were moved to a less intensive room that had 1 nurse to every 4 babies.  It was a "Feed & Grow" room.  Basically all they needed to do was eat and gain weight.

Daddy and Son


Day 5:
The boys were moved into the same isolate.  They both had a little bit of an elevated bili level so they were going to do light therapy on the two of them together.  This was the first time the two boys were together since their birth.  It was overwhelmingly emotional for me to see them in the isolate together because I wanted so much for their sister Karissa to be in there with them.  Yet, I couldn't help but smile through my tears at how cute they looked snuggled up together.

Day 6:
February 28. My birthday.  The day Ryan and I went to the funeral home to plan Karissa's birthday.  It started off being such a sad and emotionally draining day but ended with my first time having "kangaroo care" (skin to skin) with both boys.  The best birthday present ever!

Day 9:
Vincent is able to maintain his own body temperature and no longer needs to be in the isolate.  He moves out of his "box" to the "big boy crib" as I liked to call it.

Day 12:
Vincent passes his car seat test!! He had to maintain his body temperature and not have any alarms go off on the respiratory and cardiac monitors while he sat in his car seat for 1.5 hours. (double the time it takes to go home in the car)

Day 14:
Tuesday March 8th.  Vincent goes home!!!  He is discharged weighing 4lbs 14 oz.  It is normal for newborns to loose weight after birth.  Vincent's weight dropped down to 4 lbs. 6 oz and then rose back up to almost his birthweight by the time went home.

We got him all packed up in the car seat and put in the car.  We were headed home to the trailer!!  Haha.  During the boys' stay in the NICU my parents let us stay in their trailer that they brought to an RV park in Fresno.  It was so convenient not having to travel to and from Visalia every day! So we joke that Vincent's first home was a travel trailer!  We had him in the trailer for a week while his brother was still in the NICU.

Bundled up in the Car Seat

Life in the trailer...

Little did we know that having ONE baby home was sooooo much easier than TWO!!!

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