Thursday, March 31, 2011

Landen James Holguin

Total stay in the NICU: 22 days

Day 1:
Birth date: 2:14 pm on Wednesday February 23rd
Birth weight: 3 lbs 7 oz

Landen needed to be on a CPAP for the first 12 hours as precaution to aid with breathing.

I got to go see him right after he was born when I was in the O.R. while they were stitching me up and then again in the NICU around midnight.  I look horrible in this picture, red cried out eyes and swollen from surgery but it was the first time I got to hold our son!

Landen holding my finger with his little hand.
Day 2:
By the time Landen had visitors the next morning the CPAP was off and he was doing great!

GiGi (Great Grandma)

G-pa (Great Grandpa)
Day 4:
Along with brother Vincent, Landen was moved to a less intensive care room. The "feed & grow" room.  He had more weight to gain than his brother but he held his own with his sucking ability!

Day 5:
Both boys had a little bit of an elevated bili level, so they were put together in the same isolate for photo therapy.  They looked so cute with their black "sunglasses". Ryan took this picture and called it Brotherhood

Day 6:
Landen and Vincent both had to have a gavage put in (a tube through the nose into the stomach).  It is common with preemies that they start out really strong and are able to suck and feed on their own, but after a few days they get tired and start to eat less.  So both boys had to get some of the feedings through the gavage tube.  Vincent only had his in for about 24 hours.  Landen had his in for several days. 

Uncle James came almost every Tue. & Thurs.
on his way home from Fresno State
Day 14:
Before brother was discharged, Landen got some snuggle time with him in his big boy crib.  Since we couldn't bring Vincent back into the hospital Ryan and I were no longer able to go see Landen together.  It was very difficult finding time to be at the NICU with Landen and be at the trailer with Vincent. Poor Landen did not get as much visitor time after Vincent left but it was probably better for him not to be held as much so he could save his energy for gaining weight.

Day 16:
Landen is able to maintain his body temperature and gets moved out of the isolate.  He didn't get a nice big crib like brother, he just got a little "bin".

Day 17:
Landen had some special visitors: Uncle Jess all the way from Wyoming and "cousin" Alex from Germany. (And of course Grammie came too)

Day 22:
Wednesday March 16th.  This day could not come soon enough!!!  We were told at first that Landen would get to go home Friday March 11th.  But then he started having bradycardia episodes.  During these episodes his heart rate would drop below 100 just for about 20 seconds and then it would pick back up on its own without any type of stimulation or oxygen from the nurses.  He had a pretty long one thursday night so friday morning they told us they would watch him over the weekend and he'd be released on monday instead.  The weekend went by, he passed his car seat test and his hearing test and he was all set to go monday morning.....but then at 7:00 am he had another episode! We were so bummed but knew it was better for him to be in the NICU and be monitored.  By Wednesday they said he was ready to go!

His weight had also dropped during his stay in the NICU.  His lowest weight was 3lbs 2.5 oz and he was discharged at 4 lbs 10 oz.

Ryan had all of our stuff packed up from the trailer and he had Vincent in the truck waiting for us to leave the hospital and then our now family of 4 drove HOME to Visalia! 

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