Saturday, February 12, 2011

Triplet Nursery

First of all......Ryan and I would really like to thank the anonymous person who sent us a card and a generous amount of money.  Ryan and I have been praying for these babies before they were even conceived and we definitely feel the Lord is continually blessing us and we are very grateful for such supportive friends and family.  So to whoever sent us the card we are SO thankful!!

So...Ryan has moved out!!! Okay not really out but out of our room and into the guest bedroom.  I guess its hard to share a bed with a huge pregnant lady, two pillows and two body pillow.  Who knew?!  I guess he was waking up every two hours hearing me get up and go to the bathroom, poor guy just wants some sleep. I wonder how much sleep he will be getting once the babies are here? haha.

I got a good report from the doctor this week.  Still low blood pressure.  No bed rest yet, and he sees no reason to see me every week, still only every other week!  The doctor talking about making it to 36 weeks and might even consider letting me go to 37 weeks!  I'm thinking that is crazy talk! Only time will tell :)

Total weight gain: 35 lbs
Belly Inches: 47.5 inches

Picture @ 31 weeks

Ryan and I have been busy working on the nursery and getting it ready.  Lets just say its a nursery on a budget, when you're buying 3 of everything you can't indulge on a lot of decorations plus, once you have three cribs in the room there really isn't much room for anything else, right?!?

Ryan painted the room.  The only room is this house he has painted! (he hates painting)

My dad helped Ryan build shelving units in the closet.  And since we had two other closets the same as the nursery they decided mass production would be efficient! So the closet in the guest bedroom and in my scrapbook room have the same shelving.  I feel like my house is so organized now!! :)

My talented sewing mom helped me find a fabric that can be both boy and girl and then she sewed the adorable bedding for ALL three cribs!  Crib skirt, bumper pad, quilt and adorable little pillows :)  (yes, I know the quilt and the pillow can't be in the crib with them until they are bigger)

My friend Vanessa came over to help make these cute french bulletin boards! And the plaques above them have to have the babies names put on them and some ribbon.  Not quite done yet....Can't reveal the names just yet!!

Gotta love the 3 boppy pillows!

The changing table needs a couple more things.  And the three frames are for the beautiful stitcheries my sister made.  She just has to add the names and birth weights once they arrive.

I love this vinyl saying I made on my cricut machine.  I think the dragonflies are so cute. 

Notice the "girly" one in the middle :)

The closet in use! 

Can't wait to fill this bow hanger I made, with cute bows and headbands!!

I'm looking forward to one more shower with Ryan's side of the family!!  Ryan is going too!!  So he gets to help open some gifts. Can't wait!


  1. So cute Heidi, thanks for sharing your blessings and answer to prayers with us. Praise the Lord. Lynne

  2. Love how the Bows & Ribbons sign turned out! Those are the best looking hand painted polka dots I've ever seen ;)

  3. Fun Heidi! You look great! The room is darling! Praying for you and the babies!:)

  4. I'm so excited for you two!! Can't wait to see pics of the 3 little ones :) Praying for you two and the babies :)

  5. Great pictures Heidi!
    And thanks for the updates on your pregnancy and everything else that you posted here. It makes us feel better knowing that you and the 3 little angels are doing great. Nursery looks super nice and cute. Ryan is doing a great job too! My prayers are with you, Ryan and the 3 blessings (all the time). Hope to see you soon! Take care always!
    P.S. We miss you at work :) :) :)