Thursday, February 3, 2011

First visit to Labor and Delivery

Well HELLO 30's!! I'm so excited to be out of the twenties and into the 30's.  These next few weeks are going to be icing on the top for this pregnancy.  The babies will be doing a lot of growing and I sure have noticed a huge increase in appetite and weight gain already!!
Earlier this week I noticed some constant cramping in my lower belly area.  It wasn't really anything I had felt before. I called my doctor tuesday morning and he recommended I go to labor and delivery just to be put on the monitor and check everything out.  So Ryan and I headed to Fresno.  They did a fern test which was negative (tests for amniotic fluid present).  They did a fetal-fibronectin test which was negative (detects preterm labor within two weeks of the test).  Those are two big tests that we wanted to be negative!!! Praise the Lord!!!  They also did a urinalysis which detected a bladder infection.  This is probably an explanation for the lower belly aches.  While waiting for these test results I was on the monitor. All 3 babies heart rates were excellent!  However,  The monitor was detecting contractions.  They were small and infrequent.  I couldn't even feel them.  We were released to go home after only being there a few hours.  I am on 7 days of antibiotics and I'm on medicine to stop the little contractions that I was having.  I also had to get my rhogam shot since my blood type is O negative.  One bonus for the trip was getting registered at the hospital and getting our name in their computer system. AND now we actually know where to go in case next time is more of an emergency situation.  (Fingers crossed we will have no such experience)

On to my stats:
Total weight gain: 32 pounds (I'm up 5 from last week!! That is a crazy big jump)
Belly Inches: 46.5 inches

This week has been by far the hardest week. Having a cold doesn't help. But I can definitly feel a decrease in energy and an increase in pain and being uncomfortable in general.  I have not been assigned to bed rest yet (which is amazing for a triplet pregnancy) However, I'm telling myself I'm on self-prescribed modified bed rest :)  I usually don't listen to myself very well though, but I have to take it easy for the "3 knuckleheads" (as Ryan calls them)

**My awesome cousin Chelsey came to visit this past weekend and helped me work on nursery decorations.  It's really coming together! Can't wait to post pictures on the blog soon**

Here's my picture from today (@30 weeks)

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  1. Oh Heidi, You look beautiful! So thankful with you that you were not in labor! Yes, resting is the best. Can you even get comfortable? As Grandma Van Essen would say: "you poor dear".

    Love Ryan's name for AB&C ~ knuckleheads. Ha Ha.

    Love you both. Can not wait to see pics of the nursery. You know I can not wait to see it in person, but right now Uncle Karl is my priority :)

    Later ~ Auntie Lorrie